HIV positive?

Surely the vision of my life has changed, this vision has certainly changed ...

I would like to share this testimony, also in thanks to a great friend, Claudio, who helped me in every possible way.

I've always had a fanciful idea of ​​life, I think a lot because of the way I was created, quiet in my corner, working and studying, like most people, faithfully believed in my guilty responsibility in everything in my life, when at some point she failed in a relationship without a condom, well ... at first I was inert to what I had done, but with the passing of the days came the despair of a possible contamination.

And with that, all my questions ended in death within my mind, the dreaded fear of HIV came to the fore, as if the other STDs were less important, it was in this 1the moment I met Claudio's blog and got in touch with him, and the courage of the examination came after numerous conversations with him.

And the courage of a second examination, too, after countless conversations, the fear is devastating, so far the results have been unreactive and, deep in consciousness or unconsciousness, uncertainty is still throbbing in tomorrow.

But I wanted to tell you what left me standing beyond the help of my friend Claudio, my faith in God and in life, today I see that I had such a small vision of life, a mentality so small in relation to the suffering of others, today after it is experience until that plant down there in the backyard has another value.

And you must be thinking this disease (HIV infection) will never come to me:

"I'm not going to die ..."

I thought so too and it fell to the ground ... we are bound to be affected by anything.

Have you ever thought that you could die for innumerable situations ... well of course not, after all the world revolves around our navel.

In any situation in your life, your fear should never be greater than your faith, live the present, the past that is gone, and the future, which we do not know how it will be. Maybe I'm healthy or sick I do not know ... but my way of seeing life and for sure the vision of my life, this has changed and changed for the better, and I am deeply grateful to who was part of this change ...

Thank you Claudius

Jackie Out The Box