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Ozone therapy and the homicidal lie about the cure of AIDS!

In this my mister of trying to go, at least giving some emotional support to people who, in one way or another, but usually around the drama of the immune window to HIV, which is properly postulated in this blog, among other articles in which go to the link here:

Immune window, the facts, which is a text where I make inferences about the immeasurable myriad of blunders, and I am using a civilized term, for the only words adequate to what is said and which could refer to intellectual and possibly amoral qualities, in adjective thesis, would reside in the low slang, and would become incompatible with minority and would certainly hurt the eyes and spirits of the most sensitive people and, carrying, I abstain from them. Such people have already informed me, in tears, of the need for periodic examinations, and a relationship unprotected by the REST OF LIFE

Well, once I had the luxury of anonymizing one of these conversations and I sent my psychiatrist, who is the person with whom I work this sad thing that was, one day, my psychiatric health today, after almost twenty-one years , is somewhat balanced but is balanced at the apex of a pyramid and therefore subject to rains and thunderstorms, but somehow relatively stable.

In order for me not to flee from honesty, the last crisis occurred less than forty-eight hours after I discovered that a "determined activist" disparaged my needs and, after a little more than twenty-four months, made it clear that in I have spent all these months in the vain and thriving hope of being able to inject into the financial reserves of this family, me and Mara, my wife, who had done nothing and who had been, and is still, in pose of my documents, that she requested to deal with pension rights that she treated as if they were things of the child's interests of a child and could have caused me financial losses of high that I could keep in my own pocket for almost eighteen years. (I am writing this on February 3, two thousand and eighteen. it's not hard to see the truth about it by just clicking here.). This is for you, friend activist, to be able to measure what you set out to and promised to try and did not move. Like I told you. just tell me you could not. Time to call me an inconvenience because I sent you a short message by ZAP on a Saturday night, you had it.

I have not yet come to the conclusion about taking it or not, indifferent to the possibility of becoming unpopular amid activists that I love, but who can not feed our box, so sadly crippled. Yes, I have escaped the basic scope of this article, but I will not edit this part of the text. This is a personal blog and it is not uncommon for the texts to reflect my state of mind.

Returning to the subject, my psychiatrist read one of these "long dialogues she answered me:
"Claudio, you're already a psychiatrist! If I do not solve a case, I'll send it to you. " Evidently she was a joke.

The fact is that I end up "dealing with a lot of people", that after my usefulness, Father Fábio, Father Fábio, usefulness even passes without our aging ... disappears without even saying goodbye.

But there are those who end up discovering in me a little more than an emotional sparing and become friends. Among these lies a girl, whom I will call Gabriela Mistral, in honor of her and the great spirit that immortalized this name.

This my friend, Mistral, has a relative, whose degree of kinship I conceal, not to avoid cheers. It is good that there are some scourges in this area, I believe.

The ill-said relative tried to preach "OZONE THERAPY," a creation of unoccupied people, or even with unconfessable ambitions, who has a notorious clown and deceiver with decades of crimes perpetrated and that our justice is not determined to cage and play the keys outside, because in this case even the body should decompose in the cell and the skeleton should still be kept there until the building was demolished and the skeleton was taken as rubble in the rubble. Well, I looked for something that dealt seriously with ozone gas and I found this: What is Ozone:

Ozone is an unstable gas made up of three atoms whose chemical symbol is O3. It is produced naturally in the stratosphere (layer above the earth's surface) after the action of ultraviolet rays on the oxygen molecules (O2) separating the two atoms, which, when individually associated with other molecules O2, produces ozone.

Ozone has bluish color, strong smell, is highly reactive and therefore, a toxic element. It is harmful to any living being. Exposure to ozone seriously damages humans (affects the respiratory organs after inhalation, causes skin cancer, blindness, etc.) and nature, preventing the growth or even destroying the vegetation. Industrially, it is used as a bleach, oxidizing and sterilizing agent in air and water.

If you want to read more about it, follow the link

A little more:


Ozone (O3), is an unstable, diamagnetic gas with PE 112 ° C. It is an alotropic form of oxygen, consisting of three atoms joined by single and double bonds, being a resonance hybrid with mean bond length of 1,28 A °, forming an 116 ° 49 'angle. The binding angle determined experimentally is in accordance with that predicted by the model RPECV (120 °). is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent, weaker only than F2 reacting much faster O2. Its high reactivity turns it into a toxic element capable of attacking proteins and harming plant growth. It is a gas at room temperature, pale blue in color, due to the intense absorption of red light, reaching a dark blue color when it transits to the liquid state, in which it acquires explosive properties.


It is produced naturally in the stratosphere by the photochemical action of ultraviolet rays on the oxygen molecules. These rays are intense enough to separate the two atoms that make up the molecule of O2 thus producing atomic oxygen.

The production of ozone is carried out at a later stage, resulting from the association of an oxygen atom and an O2 molecule in the presence of a catalyst.

Infant mortality due to respiratory complications.

The second role that ozone takes on lies in another layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, which is the layer in which we live. In the image at the top of the page, this layer corresponds to the red, orange, and yellow region. Tropospheric ozone can occur naturally at low concentrations. What makes ozone a highly toxic pollutant is the presence of other pollutants that cause the imbalance of ozone consumption and formation processes. These pollutants are: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) other than methane, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2). From them, photochemical smog (smoke - fog fog) is formed, a type of pollution that is triggered by sunlight and generates ozone as a product (learn more about the greenhouse effect).

Because of this imbalance, the ozone concentration in the troposphere increases, making it toxic to living things. The effects related to ozone as pollutant are vast. Plant growth is affected, decreasing agricultural productivity, mainly of bean, soybean, wheat and cotton crops, thus causing considerable economic impacts in the present and in the future. For humans and other animals, ozone can cause eye and respiratory irritation, decrease lung capacity, intensify cardiovascular problems, and increase infant respiratory mortality on days and places with high levels of pollution, according to research by Prof. Dr. Paulo Saldiva.

Ozone in air purifiers.

Third, ozone is a highly reactive and oxidizing gas. In the market, it is used as an agent that possibly acts against pollutants that pose health risks and that are present in indoor air (home, offices). However, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH), tests have been performed with air purifiers, also known as ozonators, and have shown that air purification by ozone is ineffective. For both the permissible concentrations and the above concentrations, ozone is not an effective air decontaminant. Because, for concentrations above those permitted by law, the negative health effects of ozone are worse than the effects of other pollutants in indoor air.

This is the thing that has been proposed to cure AIDS. (I.e.

All Might Dollar

It's these ... of many of these they like!

Well, there are a lot of lies on the internet, dealing with everything, including this other lie that is Mutamba (interestingly the Word reviewer suggests muamba

But it's not the mutamba (another shit) that is in focus.

In this text I want to signal that in my modest and limited capacity to see, understand and write that the procedure of ozone therapy (bullshit) with or without abandonment of ART can, yes, lead to death.

If you have learned, with some of these pullets, that "ozone therapy" can cure AIDS, stop.

If you live with HIV and are offered this, move away.

There is, and still unfortunately for many, the cure for AIDS.

I personally do not live in the desperate search for this cure and this is publicly manifest here: Cure? Honestly ... I .... Because anxiety and the search for it can lead you to paths like the one outlined here and this is one of the shorter shortcuts to death ...

People. I was diagnosed 1994. There was no treatment. And what was there, did more harm than good, according to a doctor, yes, a serious and honest doctor, that the patients who took AZT arrived in his office, in some chaos, and hemoglobin in "six." I could not understand, because it might be medical jargon, if it would be 6.000 for hemoglobin, the 6 for hemoglobin. But I do not think anyone can live with "six hemoglobin." Guys, I tell you: Watch out!

A lot of unscrupulous people, completely amoral, who only knows, as God the "All Might Dollar", that does not hesitate a single minute to create a lie to skin sick and desperate people, and offer them a cure that does not exist, with any shit (you can not choose a word) because they themselves are made of psychic shit.

My consolation is to know that, yes, there is a God. And God will know how to deal with these people in a timely manner because, even if they do not want to, they do not have fixation privileges and, more day, less day, they will happily leave this world, and the path they will go to Hell will be paved with ozone tubes. And each one of them will explode in their ass, after each of them has passed through the tube. Tube to tube ... It's ... I know ... I even left a "contact" form here, a bit lower, to allow primitive intelligences (...) to try to insult me. But, please, insult me ​​with arguments, because with cursing is cabaret thing from fifth down and even I, when I was a DJ in cabaret, I was a DJ in a cabaret where "bitch" did not speak dirty words.

It's for the few ....


And this one ... For good, good, and very good less! I am very proud of this diploma, for I remember well the path of eighteen months between letter, interviews and panels where I passed and was sabatinado to exhaustion to deserve it

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