"Blood Biopsies" Blood Test Can Help Detect Eight Types of Cancers

A new blood test can help detect eight types of cancer before metastases

Researchers believe that the Cancer-SEEK will save thousands of lives and is expected to be widely available in a few years. Researchers have said a new groundbreaking blood test that can detect eight common types of cancer before it spreads and can countless lives. They said that "liquid biopsy" - developed in the US - would be a change of game in the fight against cancer.

And they hope it can be widely available within a few years.

The test was able to detect tumors at about 70% of the mean time in more than 1,000 cancer patients still in the initial stage! Crucially, this made it possible to detect and treat before cancers spread, giving patients the best chance of overcoming the disease.

This test works by looking for DNA that has mutated and moribund cells accumulate in the blood and the biomarkers of proteins associated with bowel, breast, liver, lung, esophagus, ovary, pancreatic and stomach cancer.

1Professor Peter Gibbs of the Walter and Eliza Institute in Melbourne, who worked on the test, dubbed Cancerseek, said he thought it would save thousands of lives. He hoped it would be widely available, and accessible, before long.

"For the first time, we are seeing a potential for a blood test that can detect many types of unpleasant cancers by now, we had to wait until the symptoms [arose] and diagnose quite late," Gibbs told ABC.

It has proven to be effective in detecting cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, which often result in few symptoms, if any, until the disease is well advanced, often signifying inexorable fatality to the patient.

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Gibbs said many more people will be willing to take a simple blood test than undergo unpleasant and invasive screening procedures, such as colonoscopies.

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With cancer risks from the age of 50 years, he said (Gibbs) the test would be most important in people who are coming or already living in middle age (Eu and Mara for example) but also for younger people whose family histories could be placed in a high risk category. 

The test, developed by Johns Hopkins University in the US, is being tested on more 10.000 people.

"The big question will be the cost," Gibbs said. "I suspect you're currently looking at a stratospheric cost (my own words) $ 1.000 or something ... but like with most technologies and manufacturing to scale, things become accessible to the population over time ... and I expect it to fall to a few hundred dollars. "

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The research was published in the journal Science. Fri. 19 Jan 2018 01.48 GMT


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