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"Almost with AIDS", by Madame Mim ...

Hello! Good morning, good afternoon, good night, good morning is what you want, now ... me! Madame Mim and I will tell you how I met the blog Soropositivo.Org

Anyway, it's my turn. Yes, I will be able to tell you here how helped me in the most distressing moment of 2017, and as the creator of the site, my then friend, Cláudio Souza, contributed to my growth and helped me to understand certain things that I already told which I did not understand before.

Do you allow me to use a fictitious name? Thank you. "

I am Madame Mim. One day Claudius called me Madame Mim, I never questioned him, but I accepted because I like the character. And why am I here by that name? Well, I come from an extremely conservative family. For a long time, it was a rigid education and full of setbacks, but that I was able to reverse the situation, favoring me a few times. I have 28 for years. I live here in the Midwest. And it's damned hot!

At some point in the year of 2017, I had unprotected sex. Yes, I was wrong. Siiiiiiiim, condom use was mandatory but how come I was to leave the most important detail aside ?! Believe me, I've asked myself millions of times and it will not be here that I'll self-judge again. Until then, no nonsense. All right. But then, I began to think not only of pregnancy but also of syphilis. Days and days later, with the pregnancy discarded, I invented a new concern: syphilis. I began to see spots that I understood to be of the secondary stage of the disease. Some time later I decided to do a VDRL. Luckily, negative.


But like me, I was not satisfied, I began to worry about HIV. Now begin my hell. I did not live any longer, I started to have ALL the symptoms possible.

I do not know why ... But it was difficult to find Seropositive.Org

At each reading in the Dr. Google, every symptom I discovered on the internet was a martyrdom and I began to feel what I read. Until I got tired of that and exactly 110 days after the contact, I did an Elisa in the lab. I arrived there thinking that I was going to waste my time anyway, because a hundred and ten days was almost nothing and, to make matters worse, the girl who answered me said short and thick, "It's 90 days!

You see, my neura (the worst of all) started in the same lab. I was thinking that if the immune window (damn window!) Was 90 days, then 110 (!!! ???) it is still a considered short time and probably I would not get a conclusive result. But since I was there, I did.

Precious and precious information on Soropositivo.Org

The other day, my "No Reagent" was already on the site. I was happy ... for a few days. Worry comes back. And I go back to the Dr. Google. Who said I found the immune window of 90 days? My friend, I found FIVE window (PLEASE!), I said FIVE years! And then I went crazy. And now?

I could not do another exam. And to make matters worse, I could not get out of the internet and to each site, a different torture. In each site, a different immunological window. Professionals, laymen, curious, dogs, parrots opining about immunological window, Elisa's and their generations ... I had no life left. I had already signed my death sentence.

And I even accepted that I had HIV. From then on, I felt a fever, I stopped in the middle of the street looking for spots on my arms, 24H a day with a mirror looking for an oral candidiasis, I cried, I looked for spots, I cried, I thought it was diarrhea, I cried every hour with my hands on my forehead and face thinking it was a fever, she cried ...

Close-up of red AIDS Awareness ribbon with pink rose on white background

And, finally, in my Dr. Google, I found the

I found a post about immunological window! But, wait ... 30 to 60 days? Do you have sources? Teeeem! Look, trustworthy! Rolling a little more, I found the contact of the creator of the site. I thought a lot about adding and chatting, will he lose his temper? I fucked the site up a bit, read and reread everything I could. All very interesting and I decided to add Claudio.

And look, he answered me. I told Elisa and her 110 days. I told him about the symptoms and the concern. I remember well, he said: - Somatization is your face!

Then he completed:

"Girl, forget the generations of exams. And I explained that 110 days were enough. From then on, I gained a very special friend. Claudius taught me many things and with his calm and serenity he made me understand the meaning of "Non-reagent".

I did not count a third of what I went through (and what I still do), I had panic attacks at night, I heard voices, had night sweats.

Claudio also talked to me about it and we enjoy seeing the good side of the baseless crises of nerves that I had and still have today. Today, I've got a boring hangover from all this, I still have some nervous attacks and sometimes anxiety and nervousness come to mind.

But Claudio is always there. Even with my "No Reagent," he's always there. And it helps me get through this trauma.

Seropositivo.Org demystified the thesis of The rest of Life

What I mean is that despite coming from a conservative, rigid family, I knew a little bit of HIV and thought I knew everything. At some point in my life, I heard someone say that the 1individual who has undergone a risky contact, should perform tests annually THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. And I thought that was a knowledge of respect for HIV.

After going through the Soropositivo.Org, I understood a lot but a lot of things and even when I could not understand (because I was nervous), Claudio showed me and indicated the sources.

And so it was, whenever I had a nervous breakdown, that I thought about killing myself, he would show me the text that I had read millions of times but that has the power to calm me down (that of the immunological window, which is here in the site), and he added that it was written by AIDS and CRTA professionals.

And so I was calming down. In fact, all my fear comes from my family situation.

I only got a good understanding through

From my lifestyle. I did not know much about HIV, I started to "study" more about the virus, after that contact that brought me all this chaos. And I affirm that I only got a good understanding through, because here, there is no interest behind the site, there is someone indicating 30 exams in 180 days $$$$$$$.

There is no one making up the truth. And this is so real, that at that time, I did serology for viral hepatitis, I did 120 days and I questioned Claudio because here on the site the window for Hepatitis C is 180 days and I wanted to hear from him that it was 120 days, but he told me clearly that he could not lie, and confirmed to me that they are 180 days.

1I do not know when I'm going to get rid of 100% of this fear and this agony. But I know that for days I have been relieved with the help of Claudio and Soropositivo.Org.

I already feel satisfied because when I found Soropositivo.Org, I did not find another site that gave me information, I found a site with good references, with truths that other people do not say, I do not know why. I also met a friend and then I, so poor of friends, it seems that I have someone to turn to whenever I need and I feel happy to be able to send good energies and to worry about him constantly.

I think it's worth researching Peripheral Neuropathy Where are you from? Read, understand.

I think that's what we're missing ... Understanding more about the pain of the other, about what he thinks.

Getting to understand their anguish, their fears. And always, always help whatever it takes. I was helped ... I am being helped.

But I had to get the hell out of here. I only got a good understanding through

A very tight hug in you that you read to me. I do not know why you're here. Just feel embraced! Everything will be fine…

Madame Mim.

I get this little bit of her text:

- "To understand more about the pain of the other, about what he thinks."

I wish they would look at me that way too.

The other day someone told me, "You're a warrior."

And every time I hear that phrase, I remember the old scene still preserved in my memory where Lucky Skywalker tells the "little green creature."

- "I'm looking for a Great Warrior! "

And Yoda says:

- "Wars do not magnify" ....

And I think that in this conversation is all there is to say about war and warriors.

I am not like this, I want to be great in the eyes of God and this is all the approval that I seek.


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