Immunologic window for HIV

Immune Window, the eclipse phase of about Ten Days and the Eternal Immune Window

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Before we dive into the subject Immune window an important observation:

If you think you have contacted or may have contacted HIV before 72 hours ago ignore the text below and click this link immediately!

If the three days (72 hours) have already passed, I'm sorry. That is the case of already doing a test, to know if you are already seropositive or not ....

Then wait, if you are not HIV immunological window!

Have Faith in God ... Trust in Science ... and accept the results of your exams and your immunological window!

Do not lower the brightness of your intellect by an irrational fear

Note that you must seek to inform, understand and, above all, theACCEPT THE WINDOWIMMUNE🙂.

Do not Live in Eternal Immune Window

Immune Window
Enter the eternal immune window and stop under a portal of these and howl at the moon, a hundred thousand times howl at the moon

I know people who live something that I perceive as eternal eternal window.

Expression that is a creature of mine and not a disease, as far as I know ....

On the other hand, I see people who, in a certain way, act as if they were reefs:

Tormented by waves (of fear) impossible to be overcome.

This is because, however much I say, and even more than I do, under all the scientific limitation I have

Always reiterating that I am not a doctor.

Subjective Interests and Immune Window

And I have no subjective interests.

For all that I, and I only know of myself, do is recommend.

Always as I consider ethical, moral and humanly correct.

People: "Get the knowledge of your serology, reagent or not, within the SUS qualified environment in CTA's".

Although I can say nothing about others, from me, people can easily conclude that I do not seek profits.

And though I beg, 99.999%, in vain 🙁

Nor is it possible, God knows, that someone might think that I'm looking for some commissioning.

So I can not say anything about anybody else, as for me, I'm at peace.

And let every one that understandeth God when He deems fit.

I have been seeking, after HIV, it is true, to lead me on the basis of this belief.

And even to move within it I learned wrong (I'm Sorry CGdA).

There is something very important to be said about one thing, actually a sad nightmare, called "Late seroconversion".

I see people looking for me through ZAP, and anyone who follows the rules can talk to me.

By text and not by calls or audiences, desperate "with this thing".

Well, I searched there and there, and from rag to rag I was able to collect it to try to climb

Immunologic Window and Late Seroconversion


Late seroconversion occurred at the time of testing until the 3th generation, which depended on the immune system.

As the immune system is different, about 90% of the infected people seroconverted in 30, 99,9% to 60 and the others up to 120 days.

Third-generation testing of the upgrade does not have the shortcoming of the 3 generation tests of the past.

Since no one cares about people who seek information here, there and there, I translate and explain it like this

😃😃😃 "It's _type_ a *** second generation of third-generation tests *** What kills me in this is that it would suffice to give another name and reassure people ... Right ?!"

With today's 4 generation tests (looking for the virus p24 protein and antibodies) there is no talk of late seroconversion. Note, however, that this protein may disappear shortly after becoming "vvisible" and the good and guaranteed is still and unfortunately waiting for the 30 to 60 days.

Robson (a person with a very privileged brain ... before asking me who it would be, kicked a mule and was thrown in the trash and then spam) of Disk AIDS on 0800 16 25 50 informed me, with ALL LITERS that the practice of CRT-A diagnosis is established as follows:

People who do PEP correctly and spartanly, do not seroconvert!

The diagnostic routine of CRT-A is what I have been able to determine until today, 1 of May of 2018, is of 90 days. This, rather, invoices, in CRT-A, an institution that is a reference in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is a Good Reason for you, who is "in PEP", to keep this spartan, draconian, and demonicly fanatical PEP on the instructed prescription. OK?

I know, 99.9% of the people here are able to read, write and educate someone who has been here for almost eighteen years.

And I invite everyone who wants to participate actively in the work, with credits to the name or the chosen nick, provided that something serious is done, that it does not rain in the wet and with the appropriate illustrations - To get them.

As for ___people___ with an IQ of mandruvá, it's no use. Because there are so many spammers trying to announce the cure for AIDS and the evil eye, I keep everything in moderation. It is not without reason. You can even respond. But I will never say your name and you will not be able to do anything (this feeling is great, is not it to say what you mean?) Because, in fact, I always delete it en masse, and I have already marked you as spammer with identification ID by REGEX ... - O site está em português e eu não aceito fotos com "marca d´agua". Por que eu mesmo não uso...


This is because they are no longer subject to the particularity of each individual.

But just for the sake of knowledge late seroconversion only occurs in patients who have some deficiency in the production of immunoglobulins.

Because these are detectable antibodies in most serological tests.

Autoimmune diseases, pregnancy, leukemia and chronic inflammatory diseases(another tab, another site - Tested for viruses in 01 / 05 / 2018)

Autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, pregnancy, leukemia, are some cases that can interfere in this production of antibodies. It is important to note that these are rare cases! The competent immune system is one that is able to respond rapidly to the threat of pathological agents.

To date, only 9 cases of late seroconversion have been known.

Source: Ministry of Health.

In spite of this unwelcome and undesirable guest, who does not obey the eviction orders ...

... it seems to me very sensible to disentangle his nature, or his properties, from this undesirable guest of mine, in this way, I believe that this may help more and better, to understand the phenomenon known as the immunological window determining what HIV is :

Medical Diagnostics I - Felipe Pagnoncelli Fachin

Laboratorial Diagnosis of HIV Infection

HIV is a particle spherical, measuring from 100 to 120 nm in diameter, belonging to the genus Lentivirinae and the family Retroviridae, presenting in its nucleus two copies of single-stranded RNA, encapsulated by a protein or capsid-shell, capsid layer and an outer envelope composed of a phospholipid bilayer.

Immune Window Genital and Anal Tract Mucosa - Major Pathways

Most HIV-1 infections occur through the mucous membranes of the genital or rectal tract during intercourse.

In the first few hours after sexual infection, HIV and infected cells cross the mucosal barrier, allowing the virus to establish itself at the entry site and continue to infect CD4 + T lymphocytes (T CD4 +), as well as macrophages and dendritic cells.

Immune Window, the eclipse phase of about Ten Days and the Facts

After virus transmission, there is a period of approximately 10 days, termed the eclipse phase, even before viral RNA is detectable in plasma.

It is important to remember that immunological window is the duration of the period between HIV infection until the first detection of HIV antibodies, which includes the acute phase and the eclipse (acute + eclipse) phase.

However, the exact time for its appearance depends on several factors, related to the host and viral agent, among others. More recent trials, including third-generation sandwich-type assays, can detect antibodies at 3-4 weeks after infection.

Immunologic Window, Active Viral Replication and Free Virus Circulation

A in the blood stream cause a peak of viremia to form around 21 to 28 days after exposure to HIV (Note to me: This clearly explains that it is not sensible and, in fact, it is a waste of values ​​in invalid assault ...) This viremia is associated with a marked decline in the number of CD4 + T lymphocytes. In the systemic expansion and dissemination phase, there is the induction of the immune response, but this is late and insufficient in magnitude to eradicate the infection.

  • Diagnostic errors and errors:
  • Immunological window
  • The occurrence of infections caused by viral strains with genetic variations that are not detected by the tests in current use.
  • The existence of "immunosilent" individuals who have low levels or even absence of specific antibodies and, therefore, are not detected in the serological tests.
  • Individuals who have an infection without viraemia, or with very low viraemia, referred to as Elite Controllers.
  • Errors that occur during the process of performing the laboratory tests and their causes are of human or operational origin.


So most cases go unnoticed and therefore should not be a reason for a life close to paranoid delirium, as I see in my zap, people who after endless hours of conversations with me simply disappeared and I keep wondering if they will ever cease to suffer like this or if they will live in "Eternal Immune Window".

I found something there and here, I learned a few more things and did not see how to edit the previous paragraph.

This, somehow, repeats itself.

On the other, not so much. And you see, acute infection is not something to be dismissed.

It could end in death ...

Acute infection and early symptoms (the nightmare of all) of HIV

Picture: Google:

A second after the contact begins to fall the sand of the hourglass. 72 hours for PEP! Up to 60 days for the final diagnosis

After infection, the HIV virus remains undetectable within the body, over a period of three to six weeks until the initial symptoms appear.

I, Claudio, did not realize anything that could lead me to believe that I might be sick.

To be honest, I behaved in my life as someone with a "closed body"

And from what I learned, they are very similar to those of an ordinary flu, or any virus.

Watch the video It's only four minutes and I know that many reads and re-read this page.

I work for you and, well ...

"I need help ... One hour the house falls for me"

The only companies that support and value me, after 18 years are the Automatic and A Nephew Aquariums. Is that you?

I, Cláudio Souza, have already been here, from What's App, Primary HIV infections are dismantled after much sadness.

  • In a lot of pain,
  • anguish,
  • and sufferings,

Once I considered it unnecessary and, irony among the ironies, today I know that these transes made these people love each other more ...

And respect more people who love them and who believe they are loved and preserved from all evil.

Amarilis did not have this luck.

And look!

She gave her face a blank ...:

"I know how men are" ... Whatever you do, use a condom ...

And the scoundrel did not even have the decency ... Son of a bitch!

And this is what they come up with, sometimes, after they find out that at best it was a rapid rotavirus infection.

Along with a very large sequence of somatizations, desperate illusions, stupid things done and said, "late regrets" ...

Shameful Attitudes (always according to them):

"For me, some say, okay! I worry about my wife, my daughter! I deserve it!"

Well, in this sentence he puts me in the position of deserving ...

And you do not even realize that No one, not me, deserves to be sick.

Source:Department of Surveillance, Prevention and Control of STIs, HIV / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis

"Symptoms" of HIV Infection (...)

"Feeling like eating chips is not a symptom of HIV infection"


  • The first symptoms in these 30 days are very similar to those of a flu, such as a virus, such as rubella or chickenpox.
  • And ... however, you should not be looking for symptoms as you will generate them in you.
  • This is a phenomenon that causes many people to look for me through the ZAP that is psychosomatization.
  • Unfortunately there are many people who do not accept the non-reagent.
  • And they are searching the network for information about the immunological window!
  • And there are sites (rs, rs ... sites ... rs, rs) that I can not tell if they are old and their creators abandoned them or simply died.
  • And they report immunological window lapses of up to five years !!!
  • And that one, from the Homophobic Son of the Whore, teaching that in case of anal intercourse, the window is three years ... Certainly a tightrope ... 🙂

The repressed and the Homophobic (human clap)

I still think of those people who are often repressed or homophobic, who amuse themselves with the suffering of others (I think they masturbate only by thinking of the suffering of those who receive their counter-information) by stating immunological windows of two, three, five, and ten years! At the very least it's something of damn sadists.

And it goes further. There are people who tell me, to my utter astonishment, information given by "" SPEAKERS OF SACUID "" that report outrages such as those in the paragraph above. Poutz ... What damn people. When I got in touch with the Ministry of Health in 1999, when I started studying HTML and the content that should, for good and good, publish, I received a very interesting book that had the emblematic title:

AIDS: READ BEFORE WRITING. And there is even one who has a sense of things and has the ability to write that:


Life for people with HIV has changed. And changed for the better. But...

Yes! Life has changed for people living with HIV and my infected told me something that inspired me to write this text: Now, AIDS! No limits to dream! But I want to reinforce that this is a word of hope for those who have already contracted HIV ...

Like me, for example ...

And even the author of the barbarity above, before this my link. What is important to say is that you who read me have every reason to be worried about not seroconverter that, even with a life expectancy of up to ninety years, life with HIV and / or AIDS is not a walk to the square and, for example, one of the remedies used as treatment of 1ª line has these predicates:

  • severe depression.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Strange thoughts.  

You can see them here (Opens in another tab)

Or this one:

Suicidal ideation and its successful or unsuccessful effectiveness prove that HIV treatment with efavirenz can have side effects and lead to suicide (which you can see here(also in another tab).

One medication!

These are effects of only one of the medicines and Dolutegravir starts to go the same way (another flap).

Someone told me that I like the "doctrine of fear". I deny that and declare that clarifying is not scare. Omitting can be a criminal action. Perhaps not before the laws of men, but I report a Higher Intelligence, which I try to be worthy to serve and, at least, I know that I am responsible for what I generate in people's lives. Then it is as follows;

If you have, treat yourself. And monitor your thoughts and your life.

If you do not have HIV: Take care, because I reinforce. I have lived 23 for years with HIV and will be 24 in 1 in August of 2018 (if I live there) and it is not a walk to the square.

At the end of each text, a little below, there is my somewhat lagged medical history ...

And see below

Well, by way of illustration, in the city of São Paulo people died 11.000 (number rounded) in 11 years. 1.000 per year and, say, next to 3 per day! And still says a barbarity of these !!! I can not help but notice that these people are dying in general terms because they pushed the test belly and were only effectively tested when harvested by an opportunistic disease! And that complicates everything!

If you think you may have contracted, test yourself.

If you have had unprotected sex: test yourself!


If you are married, good, test yourself because: one in five men contracted HIV from other men(Yes !!!) Yes .... Yes .... Despair, as it may be and I raise this alert because I make a chorus with Dr. Maria José, consultant of the project sunflowers that refers tomarriage as a life threat to women (Opens in another tab)

What I want you to understand is that no one has contracted HIV and has an opportunistic disease likeCryptococcal Meningitis!AIDS is a disease of slow evolution in its beginning and that is exactly why we do not tire of saying to you:

"Test yourselves!" And accept their results if they are unreactive

After you test yourself, having taken into account the immunological window, accept "unreactive" after the full immunological window period that the Ministry of Health states is 30 days after the risk ratio and 60 days to the "remaining". Before these periods the equation is not solved!

I wanted to get into a CTA and have a non-reagent ... 

This is not going to happen to me. And, accept this, do not think so miserable that even the tests would not detect the antibodies only for you to have a sadder than expected death. All the deaths are sad, no matter what dies (I have an aquarium and every fish that dies seems to me a failure, a negligence, a disaster and always causes me pain), who dies or what "thing" that dies of way indene to what death means, because I attest and I give faith - I have already died a thousand deaths ... and certainly I will still die a thousand more of them.

With frequent attack, the defense cells start to function less efficiently until they are destroyed. The body is increasingly weak and vulnerable to common infections. phaseinitial symptomaticIs characterized by the high reduction of CD4 T lymphocytes - of the immune system - that fall below 200 units per mm³ of blood after years and years of untreated infection.

So you should test yourself! And so it must accept the test result and, take care of itself if reagent or, take care of itself if not reagent.

Opportunistic diseases do not appear in a few months !!!


It all depends on a prolonged process in which cells CD4 of the individual are reduced to the point of insufficiency, but this aspect is to be dealt with in other Articles.

In healthy adults, this value varies between 500 and 1.200 units and, in fact, this count may vary even with the time of collection of the material being examined.

The most common symptoms are: fever, diarrhea, night sweats and weight loss. And in the meantime, I've become this down:

The low immunity allows the appearance of opportunistic diseases,After years and years of untreated HIV infectionwho receive this name because they take advantage of the weakness of the organism.

With this, the most advanced stage of the disease is reached, theAIDS. Those who reach this stage, because they do not know or can not follow the treatment indicated by the doctors, can suffer from viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, toxoplasmosis and some types of cancer as wellOpportunistic diseases.

So whenever you fuck without a condom or go through some other risky situation if you think about it in the first seventy-two hours of the possible contact and click here:

Post Exposure Prophylaxis

After this period, take the test to determine if you are already a reagent and in this case it is up to you the hard and sad need to make contact with risky contactors. If you only fell on yourself after 72 hours and after doing the examination already suggested, in case there is a non-reactive result,wait 30 days and take the test and in case of non-reactive, wait another 30 days for a definitive examination. It is necessary to observe this deadline.

Immune window of 30 days
30 days to 99% of people. The remaining% 1 must wait for 60 days. But see, 99% of possibilities have been eliminated. This is very important!


What was a period of 30 days to 99% of people and more 30 days to the remaining one percent is, as of this month of May of 2017, treated in the manner below:

If you are at risk, you must take an exam immediately (in case no more 72 hours have passed since the relationship where the risk occurred) To try to assess whether it is still feasible to try the PEP (On this, "PEP-Mania"I still have to write an article that will be a good tug-of-ears."

If the period of 72 is over, all that remains is to take a test to see if the person who is there is or is not HIV positive.

It is important to say that if you have exceeded seventy-two hours before taking the exam this first part of the procedure can be "skipped".

But the test needs to be done to gauge whether or not you were HIV-positive prior to this relationship and seek the sexual partner (s) they deserve and have the right to know so that you can start treatment as soon as possible, as it was found to be much more advantageous, according to the study START.

I recommend caution with PrEP (women, care) (...) e TASP (Treatment as Prevention).

Therefore, the first test should be done 30 days after exposure to risk. And it's no use getting tootted money in private laboratories before that, because the immune window is 30 days, and in the lab, before these thirty days there are two possible outcomes:

  1. Not applicable. After all, immunological window is of up to 60 days and it is "expected" (I do not know if it is a neologism) that the result is non-reactive ... (...)
  2. Reagent: This will happen if you have been exposed before, in another relationship (perhaps the one you did not remember any more, the one you did not remember using the condom and receiving this diagnosis inside a private laboratory is the same as receiving a chicken soup from a freezer ...

This Immune Window is the time elapsed between HIV infection and the first detection of HIV antibodies produced bydefense systemOf the organism.

In the overwhelming majority of cases the duration of the immune window is 30 days.

However, the duration of this period may change depending on the reaction of the individual's organism to the infection and the type of test (method used and sensitivity).

If a test for detection of anti-HIV antibodies is performed during the period of the immunological window, there is the possibility of generating a non-reactive result.

Therefore, it is recommended that in the case of tests with non-reactive results in which the suspicion of HIV infection remains, testing is repeated after 30 days with the collection of a new sample.

It is important to note that,In the immunological window period, the HIV virus, the AIDS virus, can already be transmitted, even in cases where the test result detecting anti-HIV antibodies is unreactive.

Fourth generation tests

On average, the immunological window of the fourth generation assays is 15 days and in special cases it may take up to 60 days after exposure to get reagent at most do not wait. Therefore, I think it is best to do this exam between two to three, up to four weeks.

After that, it's best to wait for the window period, because it will not pacify you to take this exam, since the initial immunological window is of 15 days, but the full limit is 60 days ...

Factors that may interfere with the test result:

  • Antimicrossomal antibody;

Examination of antimicrosomal antibodies measures anti-thyroid microsomal antibodies in the blood. The thyroid is a gland located in the neck that produces hormones that help regulate the metabolism. The body produces these antibodies when the thyroid cells are damaged.

Your doctor may order this test along with other tests to help diagnose thyroid problems or other autoimmune diseases ... Learn more here: Antimicrosomal antibody:

Support for the diagnosis of autoimmune liver diseases can be done by investigating autoantibodies that are present in most cases of autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis, the main autoantibodies being associated with:

  • anti-core antibodies,
  • anti smooth muscle,
  • anti-actin,
  • anti LKM,
  • anti mitochondria,
  • anti SLA and anti LP.

Anti-smooth muscle antibodies are predominantly of the IgG type, and their research is an indirect way of investigating anti-actin antibodies. It is performed by Immunofluorescence in sections of the stomach and rat kidney, looking for reactivity against structures in the muscularis mucosae ...

To learn more, click on the linkSmooth Muscle Antibody

  • Antibodies HLA (class I and II);
  • passive acquisition of anti-HIV antibodies (from mother to child);
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis;
  • Autoimmune diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, connective tissue diseases and scleroderma);
  • acute viral infection;
  • Multiple blood transfusions;
  • Other retroviruses;
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome;
  • Interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients;
  • malignant tumors;
  • Influenza vaccine A H1N1

For you to test for HIV the ideal is that you wait for the immunological window

Lookwhere. [Opens on another tab and on another site]

The following, marked with the red color, was written by Health Professionals from the Public Servants of the State of São Paulo Trained for Screening People with HIV / AIDS serology Syphilis and other STIs
 Immunologic window for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis

According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis Infections published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis

- Secretariat of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health in December of 2015:

In 18 manual page describes the incubation period of the different viruses that cause hepatitis and diagnostic window to the tests in Brazil for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis, respectively.

Table 4: incubation period, prevalence of jaundice way and chronicity of infection by different viruses that cause viral hepatitis.

Etiologic agent Incubation period Jaundiced form Chronicity
HAV 15 45 the day 5% to 10% in children under 6 years, 70 to 80% in adults There are no reports of chronic forms
HBV 30 180 the day 30% 90% in newborns, 5% to 10% after 5 years
HCV 15 180 the day About 20% 70% a 85%
HDV It is similar to hepatitis B, but smaller in superinfection: the 15 56 days Variable Variable
HEV 15 60 the days (mean 42 days) Variable Chronicity reports only in immunosuppressed individuals

Elite, Immunosilent Controllers
Elite, Immunosilent Controllers

All this according to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Syphilis published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Ministry of Health Surveillance Ministry of Health in May of 2015:

More information below:

Advisor - Management of Technical Support

IST / AIDS Reference and Training Center

State STD / AIDS - São Paulo

Santa Cruz, 81. Vila Mariana. Sao Paulo . SP CEP: 04121.000

This ends the work of the Public Servants of São Paulo

Added 02 January 2018 shortly after 22: 30

Editor's Note

Given the huge number of people who have all of them in immense suffering because of unfounded fear, I have searched for something about these entries

  1. "Immunosilent"
  2. "elite controllers"

I went "to the tasting of information" and it was not so, so difficult to find reliable source.

Speaking from a reliable source, I advise you to take the exams (ALL)in the environment nonprofit SUS and I inform, reiterate and reaffirm:


As I was informed and drafted the technical part of this article (in red) by highly qualified CRT-A Health Professionals that is located at Rua São Judas (if I were to speak in Judas in the context of this text ...).

The DISK AIDS (0800 16 25 50), which informs you that the immunological window is 30 (thirty) days, is also included in the set of small buildings mentioned above.

The disparity between one information and the other is that I do not have the time (I spend almost all afternoon talking to people about Zap) to get in touch with these professionals.

The moment God smiled at me and said,

"Go Claudio, call them," I will!

Slot machines

Do not be silly.😜😜😜

Do not do tests in the network of private laboratories.

They, in these places, collect their material (this is what they call their blood), examine it, draw their conclusions and give them a closed envelope.

After you open the envelope, either for the non-reagent result or the reagent the verb is "FUCK YOURSELF". (I.e.

SUS is the Best Environment for HIV Serology Testing - For not scrapping the SUS

Within the SUS network the exam is given with the support of a professional who, for this or that result, will have a word of instruction or friendship (relative of course) and you can always look for me in the Whats App to talk, since you have in mind two things

  1. I'm not a health professional. This way I can not evaluate exams
  2. I have lived with HIV for almost 24 years. This borders on ¼ century, and there was a lot of health professionals who lived a little longer than that, and while I cleaned and changed diapers patients in the CRT-A that was still in Rua Antônio Carlos, I gave water to one, helped another to eat and learned in terms of humanity and humility, and made friends that fate would lead me, without any warning, to the other side, and I hope, even, that it is the upper side, because, I reaffirm, there was a time that was a funeral a day and unfortunately, in a few days, two, and if I had the time, I would still have the unfortunate opportunity to go to a third, certain people were still, of course, using pacifiers and eating dirt around
Human Freezers

In another context, I would not understand why it is recommended to have the examination done in a human freezer.

This to the detriment of an environment we say "warmly humane" because I know:

There are health professionals and health professionals, and I know it's not always like that.

Anyway, I left my message and the troubled ones to move.

Because this site has been here since 1 of August of 2000!

Only a lack of resources can cause it to die out.

Below, the considerations of the Ministry of Health regarding reliability and which are the effective results in the very rare cases of immune-deficient.

See below:

Errors and Faults

Yes! The diagnosis of HIV infection is susceptible to flaws and errors.

With the exception of the diagnostic window period discussed above In this Manual, there are other causes of failures that may exceptionally occur when the diagnosis of HIV infection is made.

The first is the occurrence of infections caused by viral strains with genetic variations that are not detected by the tests in current use.

We cite, as an example, the modifications that have been made over the years in serological tests to include HIV-2 and HIV-1 antigens from group "O" (outlier).

That previously were not detected by the tests available in the market.

The ready recognition of these strains by the scientific community and the rapid response of manufacturers in the development of new, more sensitive and specific tests are decisive at this time.

The second cause is the existence of "immunosilent" G individuals who have low levels or even absence of specific antibodies and thus are not detected in serological tests.

Except for individuals with other causes of immunodeficiency, the occurrence of these cases is very rare, making it this kind of contemptible failure in the context of collective health. Other exception are individuals who have an infection without viraemia, or with very low viraemia, called Elite controllers.And, because of this, they may not be detected by molecular testing.

These individuals, however, have intact immune humoral immune response.

Thus, they do not present a risk of not being detected when subjected to serological tests of human or operational origin.

Already the errors that occur during the process of execution of the laboratory tests and their causes are human or operational.

It is estimated that in the preanalytical phase approximately 60-70% of laboratory errors occur.

Thus, the adoption of good laboratory practices contribute to minimize such errors, improving the quality of the sample to be tested.

These errors include the lack of calibration or equipment maintenance.

The exchange of samples and the use of volumes (of samples or reagents) other than that recommended by the manufacturer of the diagnostic set. *

Typical of those who aim at profit, just as it may be the intention, even if unconscious, of who indicates them.

For the purpose of perhaps, perhaps with some luck, still, perhaps, on the plane of the subconscious, get "our daily profit."

I, Claudio Souza the Immunologic window and the "SinToMaS." (I believe I started to hate this word (please do not hate it!).

Many people say: I HAVE SYMPTOMS.

And they unload a list of unimaginable enormity of symptoms that, aligned, all side by side.

Or one over the other, or even wide.

And in so many other ways combination of data could be estimated as the symptoms of a flu (yes! YES! YES).

Or an infection with the damn "rotavirus" ... (...) ... Or anything (sic).

As well asQUALQUERVIROSE!!!!!!!

And I suggest you to read this matter. You can click on the link and open, and I'll stay here on this tab. (I.e.

A little more about the advice given on this page about Immune window needs to be from 30 to 60 days

If you're so afraid of contracting HIV and you're scared to the point of freaking out the next day, see this:

    1. Delicate things that are not risk behaviors for AIDS
    2. AIDS: Table of risk assessment for the spread of HIV Virus
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    Good afternoon, I did a quick test on the Alere brand CAT with 57 days and a Bioclin brand with 93 days after the risky behavior. Both gave non-reagent for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C. Are these quick tests even reliable? Shall I dismiss the matter? Thank you very much.

    1. Claudio Souza |

      Hi Lucas, good night! To clarify you and who else you can see, the name or brand of the tests does not matter. I'll end up digging deeper and writing something about it. The fact is that after 90 days you can, yes, "breathe back in peace" ... I put the quotation marks to get your attention and that of whoever else passes through here because I wanted you, as well as everyone, to reflect on at least two levels.
      One of them is your personal life, you who, for some reason, read me. Think of everything that you have suffered. Fear of the future; the axiom of the ossibility of a "different result," the concern of how to explain the possible reality that has vanished from the people you love and, as I, one day, have to see who is who and who really loves you, who is your "friend" and that I your FRIEND. There is a lot more to think about at this level, but I give you these three realities and, I believe, you work and have "co-workers." I have an offline article that deals with the sad reality, I will rescue it, to have to ___ face these people____ knowing that 30% of them, almost an 1 / 3 of the people who have coffee have coffee, they would simply refuse, tomorrow , *** work at your side ***, share with you the same room, even if it has, or had 90 square meters or more. Think of people who, unlike me, who have paid a very high demand for my decisions, are afraid every day of to be discovered! As if they had committed, by contracting a virus, a virus of a virus which, in a gore of blood, fallen to the ground and exposed to the atmosphere, would die in three minutes, was something repugnant, vile and degrading. As if an STD, or another stupid virus, could say, give news of its character or, as my friend Sílvia Almeida says wisely, HIV does not change a person's character ... Think of all this and, yes, I think you might think, "Phew, I escaped!" And then think of the nearly forty million people who have not escaped and are alive ... and in the others almost forty million, who "have died." Do not make this your way a vain thing. Make it good for you, and if you can, get people around you too.

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  3. Good night Cláudio
    I want to know if a quick test after 90 days Pep, or just a test of 4 generation and valid for the 90 days post Pep? I say, this, why there are doubts! Definitive after 90 days Pep, 4 generation or a quick test?

    1. Claudio Souza |

      The immunological window post PEP is the same as before the pep, with the general consensus, also of the "Robson tal", of the AIDS dial, which has as a consensus that pep successfully prevents seroconversion

  4. Does Claudio, Pep after window and 90 days? Does it have to be 4 generation test, as infectologist Keilla Freitas says? Or can it be a quick test after 90 days after PEP?

    1. Claudio Souza |

      I do not understand this person. I looked at her curriculum and she did have a great education. But I personally consider it somewhat, I would say ... elitist. I know the neighborhood where she clinics, I know how much the square meter of that region costs, and therefore I know avaliat "all the rest". I love my Dr. Angela Naomi Atomya and she guides me to do everything in the public network and, if you can, at the Hospital das Clínicas, whose outpatient clinic, now called euphemistically "SEAP". But that has in its structural basis a very specific doctrine where the well being of the patient is the goal of all. This is the House of AIDS. If you are in Sao Paula, capital, I indicate that you do it there. But you did PEP and I would suggest that the best choice is to take the exam in the same service that guided you and prescribed the PEP. The one who was told, here behind the scenes "A Robson of Such" works, for clarification, in Disk AIDS and he gave me two information. One of these is:

      • It is common ground that whoever does PEP correctly does not

      The other point is on the Immune Window (opens in another tab). So if you did the PEP correctly, forgive me for the delay in responding. The thing has not been easy and, let's face it, I've been living with HIV for almost 24 years and growing old with HIV (I'm doing this together with my beautiful wife who also has 54). But I think you did the PEP correctly and you can breathe. If you did not, you will need to hold your breath and have a little more faith in God😌😊

  5. Claudio read your site a lot. Very good, very enlightening. Then test after 60 days of the risk situation. Being a 4 ° generation test (search for antibodies and antigens). Case closed. Thanks.

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  7. Hello Claudio, first of all congratulations to the blog I met you recently and it sure is very well done!
    Please can you give me an orientation? in 2016 I undertook a preventive examination for hiv, in which 48 days of my relationship were passed and I went to do the test, the electroluminescence test of 4 generation in which gave non reagent, I did the test because I am very hypochondriac and anxious and that is something that disturbs me a lot in my personal life, even having used a condom I was afraid that it had burst and I did not notice, 1 year after the event a blood count was performed and my defense cells were in normal levels, Do you think I should close the case and stop hammering it in my head or should I take another exam?

    thank you in advance and congratulations again for the work.

    1. Hello Friend.
      A point to be clarified right out of the way. Blood test of the blood type does a generic analysis of the blood and, say, if you had a low white blood cell count, it would not be a sign of the presence of HIV in your blood and even less of defining AIDS, AIDS is a complex state involving a without a lot of details and, as my Infection taught, AIDS is the "pinpoint" to ICEBERG that comes into existence in the human body after HIV has entered your body.
      When your exam, with 41 days, nothing is set, as I'm stuck to the usual question that I'll link to you, with it opening in another tab.Before, but I'd like to ask you for some help, because this site has no support from any institution of any kind, except for the support of a person who, like a swallow, alone, "is not summer. I know Marta here and here is my official request This site needs your help to be able to help othersBecause I do not change the immunological window on my blog for 60 days.

  8. Chris Cornell |

    I agree with you, Claudio. Most experts outside the country adopt a window of 4 weeks for the tests of 4ª generation and 8 weeks for the ones of 3ª generation like definitive. Past of that is exaggeration or outdated information. In my opinion, from what I studied a lot during my anguish, if you took a VERY HIGH risk (unprotected against someone known to be infected), redo after 60 days to eliminate the 1% of failure (both test and possible delay in creating detectable antibodies). If the relationship was low risk, 30 days may already set off. Congratulations on your blog and for helping so many people, depression kills a lot more than HIV nowadays has seen ...

    1. Well, let's start at the end. The WHO declared, in the twentieth century, that depression would be a major scourge in the 21st century. Zero. After that, the "X" of the question: You have determined that there is a need for a second examination.

      And after that the person must TOUCH THE BOAT AND LIVING THE LIFE

      Anyway, it's playing the boat and having faith in science that's all. Well, Chris I have to do something here and I hope you do not feel offended;
      The blog generates expenses, the mobile phone pays them, generates expenses, I have no benefits. Neither LOAS nor Sickness aid. The situation is difficult and there goes the image
      Help us make the site and continue making them the best possible

      And see, in the field Health, DST / AIDS only this blog has what goes nextIt is not any blog that has one of these! RsrsRs And it's not anyone who has one of these hereWe need help

  9. Claudio. I will once again thank you for your attention even by the ZAP. Your job is beautiful and important to pass knowledge to people who are searching for information on the internet. Anyway, I did today after 60 days as you directed another test in RJ's CTA (manufacturer Bioclin) and gave non-reagent again.
    I also want to leave the amount of deposit I made (R $ 50,00) (I could not attach the voucher) I gave my heart to keep your site in the air that might serve as an incentive for other people to do the same. Stay with God and know that you have just gained one more admirer of your work.

  10. Cláudio. Congratulations on the blog and great information.
    Can you help me with this doubt? I had a relationship (I received oral sex) without a condom and 25 days later I had a CTA test in RJ (manufacturer Bioclin) immunomatographic. The result was non-reactive. I asked the psychologist in the same place if it was necessary to review it and she said no. Do you think I need to do another one?
    Regarding the CC and agency to help with your work, is there any minimum value?
    abs and thank you

    1. Hi. See, I recommend 30 days to 99% of people, and the remaining "60 days. I go for a link here, so you can read why do I keep an immune window like this, from 30 to 60 days. You will see that I can not get out of it from the ethical and moral point of view, as well as what concerns my principles. So, I can only guide you to take a new examination after completing 30 days and, to tackle any shadows of doubt. As for donations, I would have to be a big FDP, you will see that I paid $ # 1,00 for EVERY PHOTO I put here because, in fact, this thing of taking pictures of third parties in the bucas, which I have done, is immoral (and I finally understood that). Any help is help and I'm going to enjoy the ride and for an image here. The photo is mine, from when I was with 52 years ago., On March 2, I complete 54. I do not think I'm that bad.
      This one in the photo, it's me, with 52 years. And the other icon deals with me, I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and, believe me or not, I live in pain

  11. Hi Cláudio I had an oral risk relationship with a day gp 18 / 11 / 2017 did the test 4 generation hiv siflis gonorrhea and hepatitis abc 37 days later gave no reagent, my infcto saw that I was distressed and asked me to do another method that was the viral load pcr and gave not detectable it released me and said I had to do another 120 exam days only per protocol. In the meantime I went on a test and I took 75 test days and non-reactive syphilis also obs my wife also did and gave non-reagent tbm but she is pregnant. I am worried about seroconversion because at that time I did an endoscopy and I had esophagitis. I think that because of the stress I had, I was not fed by the depression. Thanks Claudio and God can always enlighten you because I see that you created this blog just to help people who do not have information like you have. Hugs ..

      1. Ok Claudio thank you very much for the help. So I do not need to do any more tests, or do you think you should do one of 4geracao? Since the quick tests are from 3 generation? Is there a difference? Thank you, God bless you.

        1. Testing, regardless of generation, detects the presence of antibodies to HIV. The window is from 30 to 60 days.
          I advise you to clarify and read the texts below. 70 days is more than necessary to have the definitive result.
          However, read the articles at the bottom of the page of the immunological window.
          I would not do another exam, if it were for you, and for a read on what goes below.


          I'll be succinct. Whoever needs it can ask me for ZAP.

          11 994 649 941 XNUMX

          And I will also be succinct. This site has a benefactor. Without it, nothing would be possible. I have no benefit. My wife helps me with her retirement.

          This site, I believe, helps you.

          Help him too, because it's almost 20 years already


          Claudio de Souza Santos

          CC Agency 0935

          CC 770000104

  12. Hi, this doubt still does not leave my head ..
    I have antimocrossomal antibodies, that is, I have subclinical hypothyroidism (hashimoto thyroid). I had a quick hiv test with 150 days after the risk situation and gave non-reagent. The question is that thyroid antibodies can alter my test. With 150 days I can already trust? Can I still give late seroconversion?

      1. I'm getting neurotic about it .. my risk was not even in sexual intercourse. I just touched a blood that was in a plastic, at the time I did not even call it, but after a few days, I was thinking about that blood, I did not notice if my finger had a cut or if I maybe put the finger in the mouth for example. Is that a form of risk? I called pro diskaids, they informed me that hypothyroidism does not change in nda. But I think even so, I'll make another and take my doubts in the cta to end the paranoia.

    1. Well, I already went to have a doctor in fact two one said it was already definitive with 60 days and another said with 3 messes, and I have a negative exam with 130 days only that with test of 3 generation.
      The truth is hard to believe what I have in my hands.
      What I am most concerned about is that it is someone who is wisely positive. I'm freaking out
      . Claudio second with his research during this time that you have the blog already had some case that was positive after 130 days?
      Thanks for the reply

      1. In a very distant past, yes.
        Today, sixty days is the maximum for "normal people." It would be a 180 days window if you had an autoimmune disease. But I believe you are over 20 years old and you would already know if you had any such illness. Believe the exams.
        They are not a toy and this testing is a serious thing, in which people would need to demonstrate a little more confidence, because if these tests were not reliable and were being used, the health professionals themselves (I believe in them, in those that are good people) would have screamed. Accept your result. It's not that difficult ... And ... if a doctor tells you different, to him the address of my blog, so he can inform me, my friend, if there is something that I am, he is well informed 🙂

        Needing it, I'm always here and if you want, get my ZAP. And if you can consider the possibility of an aid, a little collaboration, I'd be grateful. This site is kept from my personal resources, which are meager and the support of people who, like you, sometimes come to me and help as they can when they can. But do not think that this is a sine qua non condition for me to help. I'm here for everyone

  13. Good afternoon, Claudio. I've already read your comments and it has been helping me a lot.
    My case is that I had a partner who discovered that it is hiv + since then I did 5 test the first with 45 days another with 60 days all tests fast. Dai for not believing did a laboratory of microbiology tests with 80 days fortunately gave non-reagent but in the exam comes (elisa hiv-spot determine) the last exhibition was 18 of September 2017. And on 2 day of this month I made a quick ja with more than 120 days, what is your argument

    1. My argument is this that is in the article that I assume you have read before you cast the question.
      An immunological window established as follows:

      • 30 days to 99% of people
      • 60 days for 1% "resets

      Always remembering that I am not a doctor and that I strongly recommend that you seek a doctor who can guide you better than mine. As a plus for this I invite you to read this excerpt of other comments in the texts below:

      I ask that you read the articles in these links, if you have not read them yet
      Regarding already immunological window of 60 days
      Ignoring a problem does not solve it. On the contrary, the trend is likely to worsen
      AIDS, immune window and other bugs.

      And ... In the good ... Condom in the face! (I.e.

  14. Claudio's work helped me a lot. I went to my city and the professional said that only the doctor could tell me the window of the fourth generation test. I went to the other room and the nurse told me that the window depended on the type of exhibits. I found his work and decided to believe only in him. I follow only to your site and nothing else on the net. I will not tell my wife not to expose the professionals. Thanks

    1. Hi Thais, I've been so clumsy, my life has been in such a way that I could not resonder to this day. Save, I operate my website on the screen of a notebook and I did a screenshot of your comment and I'll advance because as your city is not mentioned, and you know the comment would appear, I'll put this screenshot along with some others, on the page who we are. You have no idea how you helped, lass, to close this day for me.

  15. Good morning, I'm the ricardo, I put my mouth on a penis for a few seconds. There was no ejaculation. I did a 4 test run with 22 and another with 31. Both negatives and made an elisa of 3 older generation with 38 negative days tb. I can rest rm in relation to hiv thanks

    1. Look that. The activity you described is of minimal risk. But the information I was instructed to give me advises you to hold your wave wait the sixty days. This would be, or will be, the last necessary examination. Without wanting to pull the coals to my sardine, avoid researching around because what you have of shit written by shit (shit writes? Yes, writes yes) that will only lead you crazy.
      I ask that you read the articles in these links, if you have not read them yet
      Regarding already immunological window of 60 days
      Ignoring a problem does not solve it. On the contrary, the trend is likely to worsen
      AIDS, immune window and other bugs

  16. Hi Claudio !
    Well, in the year of 2016 I put myself in a situation of risk relating to a person who supposedly would be a seropositive, I had oral sex and I received without protection, but every practice after that was with the use of the condom.
    After this relationship I entered into a neura and tested myself 3 or 4 times in two months, I do not remember very well, but the last one I did was with 61 or 62 days after a (unreactive) risk situation.
    Today after a year I will go back to a health post and test me again, can these tests be positive?
    I did not put myself in another situation of risk!
    Sorry for the question, but fear consumed me at that time and your site so far was one with better HIV-related content.

    1. Claudio Souza |

      Hi Pedro. I tell you that this comment appeared to me just today. I apologize for not having responded. But the truth is that no., You, I believe you already know, do not have and did not even have to worry about the scenario presented or you

  17. Thanks for your work I had done some 5 tests by the SUS, the last one with 100 days gave negative, and guess what? Still worried and scared, but reading your blog and all the information you gave so far helped me a lot, especially the ACCEPT your outcome. Accepting that I made a mistake is easier than accepting that I am negative ... today when I remember this (which is not more every second) I always come back and I say, you have already tried it already has gone through it and you have already learned through it all. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.

    1. I thank you for your words that are the true and true salary I like to receive. This means that each sleepless night in the 1999 / 2000 biennium is perfectly justified, and that every madness, and even some infamy (...) was worth it. You say:

      Today when I remember this (which is not more every second) I always come back and I say, you already have already passed it and you have already learned from all this ...


      This is the most important thing that a person who has lived through the situation you have lived has to seek to understand. And you show that you did it, and I would dare bet, you will not take any more risks. That's great ... Thank you for saying so, that makes me see that my work is still important, although I've flirted melancholically with the idea of ​​stopping ... It's seen that it's not time yet. And, I do not know, maybe I have to go on, even to feel useful, as far as God wills, as long as God allows, as long as God understands that it has to be this way ... Sometimes I use a word to, in a way or other, try to relieve some heart: Maktub. And all this is only possible because I have an Angel by my side. Mara T. de Macedo

  18. I did not understand Claudio, my partner did a quick test at 30 days (negative) and remade now after my symptom and again gave non-reagent, but I'm very desperate thinking he may be immunosilent ...

  19. Merry Christmas Claudio, I am so agonized that I did not even consider the date. When I did the quick test I had pain in the throat and a few days after the test I went to the otorhinolaryngologist who said if it was a pharyngitis, what worried me because I read in Google that it would be a symptom, agr I'm feeling again and I'm very nervous, n I can concentrate or eat right, I've probably lost weight ....

    1. I've probably lost weight ....

      Today I answered with an audio to this question. But the person who received the audio is a friend (or was, I do not even know) and the audio I sent was, say, very authentic and not very subtle. I have the audio here, but you would judge me crazy. see, it's a thing of losing weight, pharyngitis and all this symptomatology, pharyngitis (I had pharyngitis at 4 years ago and I remember that I was panting like a dying dog and everyone was afraid of me and, unfortunately, I had to spend some time away from school.

      You see, contracting HIV and losing CD4 until it reaches below the CD4 contagion that characterizes something is a long way, which goes back years, years and years, something that can happen in a belt period to, perhaps, eight or ten years. HIV disease (HIV infection) is a slow, gradual and gradual process. Not like Barry Allen, "in a flash" ...

  20. Good morning Claudio! I had a risk relationship in February and I did a quick test in the CTA in April (65 days after) gave non-reagent, but qnd I did the test showed symptoms that disappeared and now 10 months later returned. I do not know if I'm somatizando, should I close the case?
    Thank you, God bless, smp.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too. People now ask me if they can "close the case, go on freight, forget about it." From what you tell me you CAN be somatizing "symptoms of HIV infection". But the thing does not stop there and you should look for a general practitioner, tell your story. Surely he will ask you for "n" exams and it is not impossible for him to ask for a new HIV test (it is pro forma but do, because he will not "hit the hammer, if he is a serious doctor, without seeing all exams). Tvz you can, yes, close the case (...) and yet I suggest you reflect on this, about something called "self-love", because it was this thing that gave me HIV. Nature (a feminine name for God, give some warnings, and many of them are imperceptible.) This is what caught your eye. Pay attention to it ... pay attention ...

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