Salmonella Bacterial Diarrhea

Salmonella: An important note about this article dealing with Salmonella:

Salmonella diarrhea

This image is also a link. A link to something that I consider very important because I was one of them, a "street kid." I went to escape my father's beatings, which, fortunately, the blessed law of spanking, which so abominable abhor and which, for me, was four decades late. Unfortunately, the man who wrote in a photo that, for me, would give his life, not only beat me up but sacked the FGTS and secondary resources that would be mine by right after the age of majority. Some people say that this is my resource of hate. And there was someone who meant a great friendship to me, and on the summation of precedents was one of the worst "human" beings with whom I had the misfortune to find myself in this world, who judged me without the right to defense, an accusation that I do not even he suspected. Fuck you .... But only those who lived in the street know what this is and teach the "Doctrine of the Other Face" and forget to practice the other Doctrine, Do not Judge ... Well, that's bullshit

I have a page that I would call Central, and it tries to Opportunistic Diseases.

I started working this page, in fact the complex subject to which it refers in, I believe, 2014.

And if you click on the link above you will see that many of those diseases are not yet active links.

This is due to the immense absence of reliable and accessible articles for the laity and I have finally obtained success in this search.

And I had the happiness of finding it in the Portuguese version.

So I write petrifying text about Salmonella.

Now that, finally and duly clarifying the facts in a grim incident I watched.

It was a boy's involvement from a diarrhea (actually a logger's bull).

Facts that also collapsed about his wife and daughter, all with AIDS in 1994.

In those days, I was always in the medical service, taking care of the Waldir.

When you see a whole family, sick couple and daughter the first question is if you can help.

For it is quite possible that there is no one taking care of them.

And, unfortunately, I know ...

The greatest sacrifice is always left to the woman.

It is the woman who, sick, still has to treat her, a child.

And only then, if it is possible and there is even a later one, she will be able to take care of itself.

I was a full-blown idiot and did not see it at that time.

Well, I think maybe, somehow, do not be so late ...

The pain in my heart

The thing that cut my heart the most, in fact, was in pieces, was the sadly sore cry of that girl of little more than twelve weeks of life.

It was as if she asked me about why ... I could say nothing

She played my eardrums (I was a sound engineer, audio operator and DJ.

And, I inform ... I have heard it absolutely and it was clear that she expressed such sufferings.

And even on those sad, painful and gloomy days, I would rather have them mine.

The will of God

It was not so God wanted ... Anyway ... Anyway, at some moments I feel like going to the door of His Castle and kicks it until he answers and asks the question:What is necessary to please You"... (...) ...

Well, the girl, I do not know whether happy or unfortunately, did not complete six months.

And the "lad", well, the lad was a man of almost a hundred and ten pounds.

And I, who rarely feared anything, went through it with the caution of one who does not want to annoy a hornet.

Well ...

But in fact

  • The hygiene of food products must be treated with extreme rigor from the slaughter to the table of who will use the product. So, because a snake-bitten dog is afraid of sausage, I advise everyone who reads me, in this image, to treat the "processing of this food" as if it were a matter of life or death because, in fact ...

Well, actually ....

One day he got there with salmonellosis.

And it was crazy diarrhea, caused by Salmonella, something that, here in São Paulo, in the low slang, we call "fuck." (...).

And the nurse explained to me that there would be no new dawn for him, and, in fact, there was not.

The Fungal Diarrhea Salmonella Causes

The diarrhea he had, I finally know, may have been triggered by Salmonella; but may also have been caused by cryptospirosis.

And as I've read the text, I know that dogs, cats and birds can be vectors of Salmonella.

Yes, the boy died yes, and I have the vague impression that his body had changed.

Yes ... in its dimensions, reduced in volume, due to the extremely violent dehydration.

And that's why I "got my money" by putting some of the text on this blog, telling a tragedy:

In the eagerness to, presumably, try to save a single life that is ...

Salmonela is a genre of bacteria, commonly called Salmonellabelonging to the family Enterobacteriaceae, being known for more than a century.

It has, in its name, a reference to the American scientist called Daniel Elmer Salmon

It was he who associated the disease with the bacterium for the first time.

Salmonella-borne and food-borne diseases are considered the most alarming public health problems.

They are bacteria gram-negative, in the form of bacillus, mostly mobile (with peritrichal flagella), non-sporulated, uncapsulated, most of which do not ferment at the lactose.

Salmonellas are an extremely heterogeneous genus, composed of three species:

  1. Salmonella subterranea,
  2. Salmonella bongori
  3. Enteric salmonella.

The latter, 2610 serotypes .

Classification in serogroups depends on O antigen, whereas classification in serotypes depends on the antigen H.

The intestinal tract of man and animals is the main natural reservoir of this pathogen.

Foods of avian origin are important transmission routes.

Among the Salmonella strains of major importance for human health, the following stand out:

  • Salmonela typhi (Enteric enteric salmonella serovar Typhi), which causes systemic and typhoid fever.
  • and Salmonela Typhimurium (Salmonella enterica enterica serovar Typhimurium). It is one of the causative agents of gastroenteritis.
Virulence Factors
  • Endotoxin, LPS - lipid A of the lipopolysaccharide released when the Lise bacterial infection is responsible for the characteristic symptomatology;
  • Catalase, superoxide dismutase e ATR gene - in particular the gene ATR (acid tolerance response gene) protects the bacteria from the corrosive action of either gastric or phosomic acid;
  • Survival within macrophages;
  • Type III secretion system, used to inject virulence factors inside eukaryotic cells. By segregating these effector proteins (Sips or Ssps) injected by SPI 1 into the M cells present in Peyer's plaques do ileus. SPI 2 is responsible for the subsequent systemic disease.
  • Antigens: somatic - antigen O, flagellar (protein) - antigen H; capsular (polysaccharide) - Vi antigen

Salmonella, after being ingested by the host, passes through the stomach.

And they multiply, sticking and penetrating the epithelial cells of the ileocecal region.

They migrate to the lamina propria leading to the inflammatory response mediated by release of prostaglandins ...

Risk factors
  • Advanced age
  • Immunosuppression
  • AIDS
  • Leukemia
  • Anemia
  • Less gastric acidity.
  • High fever
Disease and Symptoms

Pathologies such as gastroenteritis, seticemia, enteric fever cause the symptoms of salmonellase. The rest of the text, indeed important, but you will have to go to the Wiki, you can find here: Salmonelose

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