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The Ballad of an HIV-positive - Persevere in the Good, with the certainty that you will live forever

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The Ballad of an HIV-Positive!Everything is as God wishes! Persevere in Good and you will live forever.

I remember ... After receiving the diagnosis and the "terrible confirmation" with a prognosis of six months of survival, already surpassed by at least 4400% I felt more lost than a blind in shooting in "I remembered the Spiritism".

It is important for you to know that when I was taken to study and be able to make the first communion I went to the first class of "catechesis" without understanding Jesus and, much less God ... and sticking Renato, "How can it be that a God, who is at the same time three, still was killed by you, is not it evil, to leave such a sad God?"

"Daddy from Heaven" was not like that, so much Daddy and much less from Heaven, because he was furious with you because of silly things (this is the syntax of inarticulate thinking that made me ask my mother not to go any more. told me to go one more time and I wanted to leave the catechesis class before! And my mother saw that I would not even be "a good Christian".

So much for me, I met atheists much more generous than a very fervent Catholic, who admired the steps and acts of Christ, but who did not accept, did not accept and never accepted the cross itself!

"If there are two crosses to carry, Lord, let me carry the Two." Someone who eventually comes to read this will know what it is, but this person seems to have forgotten that we are and have always been friends and, frankly, I do not know what is said ....

With just over eight years, I have found, and do not ask me how, "The Book of Spirits", authored by Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail!

Allan Kardec Allan Kardec, codifier and systematizer of the Spiritist Doctrine Full name Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail Known for coding, systematizing and propagating the Spiritist Doctrine; to propagate the "Pedagogical method of Pestalozzi" 3 October 1804 birth Lyon, France 31 March death 1869 (64 years) Paris, Ile-de-France Nationality French Occupation Pedagogist, teacher, grammarian, translator, linguist, philosopher, educator Magnum opus The Book of Spirits (1857) Signature AllanKardec Assin.png Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (French: [ʁivɑj]; Lyon, 3 October 1804 - Paris, March 31 1869) was an influential French educator, author and translator . Under the pseudonym of Allan Kardec (French: [kaʁdɛk]), [1] was noted as the encoder [note 1] of Spiritism (neologism he created), also called the Spiritist Doctrine. He was a pupil of the educational reformer Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and one of the pioneers in scientific research on paranormal phenomena (most notably mediumship), subjects that used to be considered unsuitable for an investigation of the type. [2] [3]

And I, who had not yet imagined that an HIV-positive find it: The Book of the Spirits

Well, the expression, "The Book of Spirits" whetted my curiosity, and I was advancing, without any interest, an important part of the book for skeptics, for it proves there by A + B that (a +b)3= (a +b). (a +b)2.

1I felt in myself that I already knew this or, much more probably, that this was not the part I should read until it came to coding and to Denizard's first question:

What is God?

And the devastating answer:

"The Supreme Intelligence! Primary Cause of All Things ".

This God, who later I discovered that he loves his children and does not punish them and, indeed, educates them, this God who cries with our mistakes and who feels our pains, this God that gives us, absurd as it is it seems, as many trials as every creature wants or needs for its evolution, growth and perfection, well, this God I accept and submit to Him

When I tell people, as I have to say today, 30's March 2018 day, as I have said and penalized, often through tears, and in so many other solutions I say, also to me:

"All is as God desires"!

In this way, inarticulate and in the meantime submissive, I accepted exile adolescence, street dwelling, hunger, thirst, violence, abuse - make a list of abuses that you, you read to me, can imagine and it will be very difficult you remember one, one that I have not gone through ...

But I accepted, inarticulately, what was given to me, and with this, this person who spoke to you, who begged, was ashamed to eat, but also to buy books and, as far as possible, educate me. I, with the help of my spiritual friends, have been educating myself and absorbing knowledge. I read the Bible three times from Genesis to Revelation, read almost everything from Machado de Assis ....

... "God is the Poet! The music is of Satan, Young Master of Great Future "....

Also known as Samael, the Bearer of Light ....

Well, all this was forgotten after Fatima put me back "on a plateau of human dignity" and I fell into the night, but on that I say elsewhere


What I want is to show you this text, so wisely written that I had never seen it before, which helped me to find HOPE at a time when hope was all that you did not have or could have and ... Here I am in the Ballad of an HIV-positive, with the certainty that I will live forever in their hearts. Yes! Yes, that of you, that you have read me, I seem to be able to help, even when, like Marcia, I could do little!

It's true, and yes, the times are different and she, a friend, had already fought enough and, with a tanned mind, somehow, as in Bushido

You will live forever
Francisco Cândido Xavier

Meditating on death, honor, serving, the carnal resort in which you stay for some time.

In it you will often find those who make irony about the faith; those who refer to virtue as being a farce; those who speak of a race to power, trampling the hearts of their fellows at their feet; those who mock loyalty and those who improvise havens of fanciful pleasure, mopping them up with the weeping of widows and orphans.

You are not standardized by the moral costumes that they present, so what happens to you, even if you do not want to, remain on the earth, and each one will give an account of himself at the right time.

If the seed could hear us about the valuable task of feeding the people, when it is turned into a tree, it might deny us the predictions, and if the caterpillar could hear us about the future condition that awaits her, within the which will fly in space with butterfly wings, would probably play us crazy.

Do not be bothered by the childish considerations of the brothers who seek to transform earthly life into a forest of wild impulses, spending their lives hunting and fishing for inferior emotions.

Stay in the right conscience and do your best.

From the Superior Plans, the friends who preceded you in the Spiritual Homeland accompany you the triumphs ignored by men and bless you the sweat of patience in the necessary struggles; Encourage you in the cause of pure love and sustain your energies so that your hopes do not fail; share your joys and sorrows, teaching yourself to sow happiness in others, so that you may reap greater happiness; if you stumble, stretch out your arms, and if you weep, wipe away your tears; especially, expect you, confident, when you finish the task, to embrace you, affectionate, with the joy of receiving a dear companion, back home.

Persevere in goodness, knowing that you will live forever.

And if you feel alone in faith, remember Jesus.
One day he was abandoned and crucified on the top of a hill, contemplating deserter friends and gratuitous killers, ungrateful beneficiaries and unconscious adversaries ... In human conception, he was fully alone; yet he with God and God with him formed a majority before the mad multitude.

Public meeting of 20-2-61, 1ª Part, chap. II, item 3


3 thoughts on "The Ballad of an HIV-positive - Persevere in the Good, with the certainty that you will live forever"

  1. Today was a difficult day Vivian., This is the name of my daughter, in honor of an actress for whom I sighed muto called Vivian Leigh! My daughter does not know this, and since she is not interested in anything I do, she will not know it here. The fact is this that you have exposed so well:

    There came a time when he either stopped believing in God, or became a Spiritist.

    With me it was different, I only survived because, strangely and mysteriously, the "Book of Spirits" reached my hands when I was about eight years old. This, after I went to a second catechism class, guided, still by my mother, to see if I did not want to. And I did not want to. If I was mature, I would have left before the "class" was over. What I can say is that I did not keep "active memory" of what I read, but something in me always made me think that "everything has a purpose." God knows what I went through and the devil chrou in certain circumstances ... (...) ...

    I'll take the liberty of sending you an email and you can choose to have or not a contact closer to me. Bacci There came a time when either he stopped believing in God, or became a Spiritist.

  2. Hi Vivian, sorry for the delay in replying. I was having some problems. Thank you very much for your opinion. (I.e.

  3. Hello! I'm not seropositive, but as a nurse, one day studying HIV I found your blog and found it super legal, of immense value. Certainly it brings comfort and guidance to many people. In addition, his life story is an interesting book. I read in one of my sleepless nights. Since then, admired of her willpower in life, one time or another, I take a step to read. I almost feel like I know him, and I still hope for the success of the blog and for his health. Ahh, I'm a spiritist too. There came a time when he either stopped believing in God, or became a Spiritist. One day I stopped to think critically. Then I will become a spiritist. And everything has finally been explained, and I evolve a little more. A hug, stay with God. Vivian

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