There is life with HIV

70 years !!! People with HIV can now expect to live there ... Or, with antiretroviral ART

70 years !!!!!

Can now expect to live up to the 70 years using the

Living up to 70 years is, finally, a real possibility.

Living with HIV until the 70 years or even more ... 90 years, may
live up to the 72 years, with this bad hand or worse, it does not matter. I love life, I love Mara and I want to, yes, be very old on her side. I remember, still, a person who without, called "cow"! would be an insult to the cow club, watched a video where I am interviewed in ESPM's "Linkado na Área" program, which was a great kindness from ESPM, especially from Elisabete (???) and Daniel Ladeira. The "nefarious person" said that he saw me on the program and said that I was "very well for those who have peripheral neuropathy and made a malkito kkk and blocked me." I sometimes feel like having her name available to the public, instead if people would like to talk to her. " Well, I could now, the video, at the end

Yes ... a person whose IQ can be ambiguous and doubtful based on this one interaction once said that I offer the doctrine of fear.

I answered, and I reiterate, that I prescribe "caution and attention with what is written for others to read!"

I like, yes, to give hope.

But I only give when I feel, finally, that I can.

My experience of the HIV positive diagnosis offered me a prognosis of six months life expectancy ... And I can reach, perhaps, the 70 years ... If so, I'll pee in the grave of the guy who told me iso ... rs, rs, ...

The article below had already been read by me a long time ago, but I thought,

"Who lives will see". And look forward to seeing (...).

And now I see and I've even seen someone over 70 for years !!!

And I do not count who, because I know she would not be very happy about it. But it is one of the models of humanity and humanism.

And these are traits of character that make me still believe in hope and a better future.

On the other hand, the Bob Volpe it is another great model of wealthiness, good humor, good nature, decency, loyalty to the test. And I would say:

If I grow up, when I grow up, with minimal but basic differences, I would like to be like him. And I have said

Good reading

So I finally dare to publish it.

Anyway, there it goes:

70 years ...

70 Years (seventy years old) and beyond! Or forwards and upwards! :-). Until the 70 years or more!

One study provided evidence that people on HIV treatment can expect to live up to 60 years and beyond!

And yet, the study showed that an individual starting ART with 20 can reach 63!

What's more, a patient starting ART from 35 years could live up to the 67 years and beyond.

A continuing reduction in the risk of death among people with HIV, provided effective HIV treatment is available.

In addition, the researchers found that starting treatment with a CD4 cell count above 200 cells / mm 3 would mean that a person with 20 years old can live up to the 70!

And that starting at 35 years old could survive in his 70 years of LIFE !!!!!!!!!!

Even the most optimistic show themselves ten years shorter! It's But 70 years it's time to bessa ...

70 years
Even the driest land can support germination

Even in the optimistic estimates, the life expectancy of HIV-positive and ten years younger.

But even so, the author of an editorial calls these discoveries "stimulants."

And he believes they emphasize the importance of immediate diagnosis and treatment of HIV.

He also suggests that the risk of death would be diminished.

And the overall prognosis improved with onset ART with a CD4 cell count of 500 cells / mm3.

It all started with beginning of Combination Therapy, with 3 medicines having been made available in 1996.

Yes, I remember: Boys, I saw!

Doctors have observed drastic reductions in disease and death rates in HIV-positive patients treated thus.

It improves the prognosis of survival!

Several studies have shown that antiretroviral therapy has the potential to improve the prognosis of HIV-positive patients.

Therefore, researchers from the Cohort Antiretroviral Collaboration, which involves 14 large HIV cohort studies in Canada, Europe and the US, analyzed mortality rates and life expectancy of more than 43.000 patients who started treatment for the first time between 1996 - 99, 2000. - 02 and 2002 - 05.

They also looked at whether there was any characteristic of the patient that affected the risk of death and / or prognosis.


illustration of 3d image of light coming out open door

A total of 2056 (5%) patients died ... Yeah, but people die ...

The death rate fell from 16 deaths by 1000 people / year between 1996-99 and 10 by 1000 people / year between 2002-05.

They also noted significant improvements in the prognosis of HIV-positive patients in the 10-year study.

In general, it would be expected that with ART started at 20 years between 1996 and 2005 for another 43 years.

Between 1996 and 1999, they calculated that this patient would live up to 56 years of age.

And in the period from 2002 to 2005, that number improved to just under 70 years.

The prognosis of patients at 35 years

There were also impressive improvements in the prognosis of 35 patients years who started treatment, with an expectation of more 32 years of life following the initiation of antiretroviral therapy.

But again, the prognosis has improved over time from an expectation of more 25 years of life in 1996 - 99, to 32 years in 2002 - 05.

Patients who started HIV treatment with low CD4 cell counts (below 100 cells / mm 3) had much higher mortality rates than patients who started antiretroviral therapy with a CD4 cell count above 200 / mm 3 (20 - 44, 20 for 1000 people years vs. five per 1000 people / year).

In addition, an early treatment with 20-year-olds with CD4 cell count below 100 cells / mm 3 would have a life expectancy of 54 years compared to a life expectancy of 70 years for an early treatment of 20 years with a CD4 cell count above 200.

The Importance of CD4 Count

But the importance of CD4 cell counts at the time of initiation of prognostic therapy was also observed in people with 35 years of age with patients with CD4 cell count below 100 cells / mm 3. expected to live up to 62 years, compared to a prognosis of 72 years for patients with CD4 cell count above 200 cells / mm 3.

Drug: "The end of the sting."

The researchers also found that women had a better prognosis than men.injecting drug users had a life expectancy that was up to 20 years shorter than non-injecting drug users.

Combined therapy. The change that brought me a lot of light in 1996!

to live 70 years need to love very much
To arrive until the 70 years? lol

Improvement started as soon as Combination Therapy was implemented.

"There was an improvement in results with combined antiretroviral therapy between 1996 and 2005, characterized by a marked decrease in mortality rates."

Researchers attribute such reductions in mortality and improvements in life expectancy to "improvements in therapy during the first decade of combination therapy"

Normal (???)

Not yet similar to "normal"

But they note that the study suggests that the prognosis of people taking antiretroviral therapy is still not normal. Taking the point, the author of the accompanying editorial highlights the results of the SMART study, which showed that patients with lower CD4 cell counts had an increased risk of serious non-HIV-related illness.

The Smart Study

The findings of the SMART study were one of the factors that led to HIV treatment guidelines, recommending that antiretroviral therapy should be started with a count of 4 CD350 cells.

The author notes the "clinical damage of untreated HIV infection" and looks forward to the results of a clinical trial that could show whether there is any benefit at the onset of HIV treatment in u

CD4 cell count of 500 cells / mm


Antiretroviral cohort collaboration. Life expectancy of individuals in combination therapy in high-income countries: a collaborative analysis of 14 cohort studies. The Lancet 372: 293 - 299, 2008.

Cooper DA. Life and death in the era of ART. The Lancet 372: 266 - 267, 2008.


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