There is life with HIV

How long does an HIV-infected person take to transmit the virus?

How long until I pass on the Virus

A large number of people who are looking for me through the Whats App do with this doubt in mind: I can transmit the virus to my husband / wife boyfriend / girlfriend etc / etc ...

The great fear of many, "transmit the virus" ... I advise against contracting the virus because, now I know, this is a situation to be avoided, seroconverter for HIV ...

What they really want to know is when they will be able to relate sexually with their peers until they become capable of transmitting the virus ... This is because they can not explain why they had to have sex with condoms. Most of the people who come to me with this questioning are straight men, men who have sex with other men and yet have a married life "!normal" and so on! There are also women who demonstrate this Standard around here.

But this is not circumscribed to this particular group, women also appear here, as well as teenagers and youngsters between 21 and 30 years, all with a whole range of fears and doubts on this subject and I found this text in English more or less in the Same time when people started to question me about it. Of course I went after answers and found them and put them here, within the reach of all who seek a solution, or at least an answer to that.

I have tried to facilitate the search for this doubt, not because I do not want to respond "personally", but to give a quick answer, because no one finds me awake after the 23: 00 from time to time and I know that a night of anguish is something Which I myself would find unbearable!

HIV and antibodies 3D
HIV and antibodies, even unequal struggle

Soon after a person is infected with HIV he begins to multiply and what we call viral load Rises enormously. I am not exaggerating to say that two or three hours later the person may be able to transmit HIV!

This is what you have to be sensible: If you imagine that you have come into contact with HIV and still feel like having sex ... I recommend using condoms.

However, with what has been learned so far about HIV, and much is known about it today, HIV infection can be eradicated, or prevented from establishing itself in the human body if the person takes the facts seriously and seeks Medical help, in any first aid worthy of mention to this name. La could pass through something we call PEP, from the English "Post Exposition Profilaxy"Which means" Post Exposure Prophylaxis ".

This is an emergency procedure and the faster you seek relief, the greater your chances of being able to avoid the serum conversion; The window of time that is from two hours to three days to prevent the person from becoming definitively Infected with HIV.

Avoid unprotected sex and you will not take so many risks of becoming an HIV-infected person.

It does not serve as a support for unprotected sex, since you have to go through a treatment 30 daysThis is a way for a person not to be infected with HIVreligiously, taking remedies, for me, that I have been living with this for twenty years and I have taken the worst of the antiretroviral drugs because of a condom-free sex, even because today's condoms are almost indefinable and do not disturb anything , if it ever got in the way - and I'm saying it - the transmission of pleasure.

how long until it is contagious
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It is important to note that nowadays, in several countries of the world is adopted, and I am not sure if this applies to Brazil (I will try to inform myself) there is another procedure for people in situations of vulnerability to HIV, for example , Whey discordant couples.

You are one person infected with HIV and the other is not.

Or, as a simple example, a health professional who works in a clinic for HIV positive or sick people, called PrEP, also from the English: "Pre Exposition Prophylaxis"; Pre-exposure prophylaxis, which has saved thousands of lives around the world (this must be happening here, I'm very alienated).

Especially in people with defined characteristics as MSM, Men who have Sex with Men and, however, do not understand themselves as gay and end up impervious to prevention campaigns (very rare in Brazil ...) aimed at people who fit psychologically as Gays or Belonging to the group vaguely defined as LGBT, and occasionally one of them becomes another person infected by HIV. So there are ways and means of avoiding HIV even after you have contacted it in less than 72 hours.

If you, who asked this question, have some suspicion of having contracted or, unfortunately, having transmitted, perhaps (and that is why I am writing so much) there is still time to avoid something that, after all, is still a Difficult way to live. There is a motto on my website, created by Paula S.'s team, in her Course Completion Work, which generated a book with the same motto:

"There is life after HIV" that an old friend has revised to "There is life with HIV."

So, you, who, casuistically read me, if you are in a situation that is the same or even vaguely similar to the ones I described here, run! Because there may still be time to prevent another person being infected with HIV.

And if you do not give more time or you just discovered that you are a carrier or carrier of HIV click here!

I'm putting some links in this site lead to information that can clarify what I dimly outlined here.



The Hospital Emílio Ribas, in the center of the City of São Paulo has a first aid that works 24 hours a day, every day in the week and is the most suitable place that I can provide in São Paulo. I ask health professionals working in other cities to inform me at least one point of care in your city and I will insert map by map here, as long as it is sensible to do so


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