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The Great Throw of Fear

The Great Throw of Fear is that it leads us to believe that we are always at the edge of the abyss ...

Fear ... The big mess

Scared of nothing

Well, I'd talk to a friend and we'd talk about boring health issues. Boring for being too unpleasant and long intermittent.

And also because of their inconvenience.

Then she told me about a feeling.

You say that the doctor sees you from time to time noticed that you have changed and, if understood well, for the best and, and see, this is good!

And I began to respond, but quabdo vi, the answer seemed to me a candidate for publication and, vesa alone:

"Here we are."

You talk about five days' hospitalization and have apresentiment this will not be necessary ...

It is a foreboding or, let's say: Your fear itself self-personalizing and telling you that all is well and that would be "unnecessary."

Your answer to this will probably be an evasive one. And if this answer came, well ... It is rather your fear in control.

One of the things I've learned in my life, because she. my life, did not always seem nice to me and often only gave one acceptable alternative, since the other would be death.

In this way I learned that despite my fears, the only coherent way to face a problem is to look at it from the front and find a solution for it there, in its territory, so that I would have no other choice than to win , and in fact I believe I won most of the chances and, when I did not win, I at least managed to tie and then, at the time of counting the dead and wounded, the tie could somehow solve the problem, he became insignificant and succumbed to himself, given the fact that he had no power to recover.

Translating the metaphor, perhaps the candidiasis of now is something manageable, that can be destitute of its powers while they are small because all small stingray ends, of leaving it at will, it translates into another arraia:

Degree and chatelaine. And in these cases, the fight may not be only five days ... And, perhaps, it may have become an unresolvable problem for the rest of your life.

Fear, Fear and fear ... The great enemy!

This line of reasoning, I see now, yielded one thing that can have many meanings, and can be applied to many life situations, and now that it's written, I believe it's worth a blog post!
Naturally, I will have to tell you the reasons why I am saying these things and not even the person we know, Laura Almeida, needs to be declared the guest who gave the start up to these thoughts, which makes me happy and grateful, since , if I had the unsettling question of always: "What will I post today"? It seems settled, if you will give me your consent to publish it.
So I believe that although I have woken up irritated and sad, for the lack of movement in my left hand makes it unusable, and because the cursed one still manifests pain and, believe me, I have already thought of amputating it, a dozen times, has improved my state of mind, which does not, for the time being, exclude the dark idea, suspended, temporarily the decision.
So, mon cher, I am grateful for this and recall an interesting teaching, dictated by Emmanuel:

- "In the service of helping others, you end up finding, yes, it is true (!!!) the solution, even temporary, for your own problems.
"That's nice and amazing."
Think about it.
Hospitals, and I attended much more than I would like are also schools, and yes, you can bet everything you eventually have in that.

: )

Of breaking, a very interesting and laughable text on the neura:

I think this is the standard of psychosis:

  1. 0 day - Hey there, Ui Ui!

  2. 1 day - "Gave shit!"

  3. 2 days - Examination to rule out previous infection

  4. 30 days - 4 generation exam

  5. 31 days - End of psychosis

  6. 32 days - Return of the psychosis

  7. 60 days - Exam of any generation (if you have not done with 30 days)

  8. 61 days - End of psychosis !!!!

  9. 63 days - Return of psychosis and begins to think the 0,0000001% of late seroconversion

  10. 90 days - Examination of any generation (if you want to make the MS happy and / or the owner of the lab with money to eat in Japanese).

  11. 91 days - End of psychosis

  12. 95 days - Back from psychosis and start thinking of being the 0,00000000000001% of late seroconversion.

  13. 120 days Exam of any generation (it is already intimate of the people of the cta / lab, calling general by name).

  14. 121 days End of the psychosis.

  15. 122 days The psychosis is over but ... "Damn the MS, the people in that boring community and the science ... and I can be the 0,0000000000000000000000000000001% and there is a spine on the sole of my foot !!"

  16. 123 days The psychosis came back

  17. 180 days Examination of any generation (the people cry for joy when they review it, ask the family and it already feels at home)

  18. 181 days Ahhh now the psychosis is over!

  19. 182 days

  20. It's not over ... the friend's cousin, from the brother of my sister-in-law's manicure, has heard that somewhere he mentioned that the neighbor of a super-known guy was seroconverted with 365 days

  21. 365 days (and after some 4 exams) Exam of any generation EVEN (Already a moneylender lending money at interest of 15% / month - after all he goes there all himself -, was called to be the best man of the son of the receptionist and is included in the hidden end-of-the-year friend of the galley)

  22. 366 days If you think a jerk might have stopped there with 60 days (90 forcing), but okay .. at least made new friends, and as a team that is winning does not move, next month will be there firm and strong!

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