Immunologic window, the facts


Before we dive into the subject Immune window an important observation:

If you think you have contacted or may have contacted HIV before 72 hours ago ignore the text below and click this link immediately!

If the three days (72 hours) have already passed, I'm sorry. That is the case of already doing a test, to know if you are already HIV positive or not ....

Then wait, if you are not HIV immunological window!

Have Faith in God ... Trust in Science ... and accept the results of your exams and your immunological window!

Do not lower the brightness of your intellect by an irrational fear

Note that you must seek to inform, understand and, above all, theACCEPT THE WINDOWIMMUNE🙂.

Do not Live in Eternal Immune Window

Immune Window
Enter the eternal immune window and stop under a portal of these and howl at the moon, a hundred thousand times howl at the moon

I know people who live something that I perceive as eternal eternal window.

Expression that is a creature of mine and not a disease, that I know ....

On the other hand, I see people who, in a certain way, act as if they were reefs:

Tormented by waves (of fear) impossible to be overcome.

This is because, however much I say, and even more than I do, under all the scientific limitation I have

Always reiterating that I am not a doctor.

Subjective Interests and Immune Window

And I have no subjective interests.

For all that I, and I only know of myself, do is recommend.

Always as I consider ethical, moral and humanly correct.

People: "Get the knowledge of your serology, reagent or not, within the SUS qualified environment in CTA's".

Although I can say nothing about others, from me, people can easily conclude that I do not seek profits.

And though I beg, 99.999%, in vain 🙁

Nor is it possible, God knows, that someone might think that I'm looking for some commissioning.

So I can not say anything about anybody else, as for me, I'm at peace.

And let every one that understandeth God when He deems fit.

I have been seeking, after HIV, it is true, to lead me on the basis of this belief.

And even to move within it I learned wrong (I'm Sorry CGdA).

22:03:49     29/06/2018

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