Discrimination against HIV and AIDS patients is a crime under the 12.984 / 14 Act.

Although I can say that, in truth, I did not hit pots, and last week I was at the Free Fair, which most resembled "Bar Esperanza, when it was time to wash the dishes and / or glasses, clean the tables and chairs , where he did not even shout because there was no one to shout at, and I, who passed the potato stall three times and was almost laced by the owner of the stall, and minutes later, having contacted him that 1Kg of plums was "coming out" to R $ 30,00!

And for the first time in my entire life, I heard the seller explain to me the price of the plum based on the origin, USA, and, on account of the price of the dollar, the price of the plum, and that a dozen bananas were costing R $ 9,00 (!!!).

So I decided to remind you that, in the midst of all the pocilguice, in 02 / 06 / 14 the president re-elected Dilma Rousseff, somehow, some time later, was defenestrated, before that, in respect and defense to us, people living with HIV or AIDS, and what brought, see in AIDS and Legality Sonegada, with the achievements of the organized movement in search of rights for people who were literally dying like flies, in a sad and gloomy humanitarian crisis, which I watched, with frightened eyes, fearing the chord of my fall, which, was held back by Divine Goodness, without even daring to say that I deserved it, and all representatives of groups of people, also left to their own devices, who suffered from other pathologies, organized themselves in movements that I, as a joke, but legitimizing them, began to demand:

"We want too," and, coming out of the prolonged flashback, I repeat:

In 02 / 06 / 14, one year ago and 1 month, the re-elected president Dilma Rousseff sanctioned the 12.984 / 14 Act.

That defines the crime of discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS.

It is therefore a criminal offense punishable by confinement of 1 to 4 years, and fine, the following discriminatory conduct against the holder of the HIV virus and patient of AIDS:

"Art. 1o Is crime punishable by imprisonment, 1 (one) to 4 (four) years, and fine, the following discriminatory conduct against the and the AIDS patient, due to its condition of carrier or patient:

I - refuse, procrastinate, cancel or segregate the enrollment or prevent it from remaining as a pupil in day care or educational institution of any course or degree, public or private;

II - deny employment or work;

III - exonerate or dismiss from office or employment;

IV - segregate in the work or school environment;

V - disclose the condition of the HIV or AIDS patient, with the intention of offending his dignity;

VI - refuse or delay health care. "

Criminal protection is due to the constitutional principle of our Democratic State of Law, which has, among other things, the dignity of the human person and the right to equal treatment and, indirectly, to honor.

Discrimination and segregation of HIV and AIDS sufferers is an unfortunate reality in our society and the 12.984 / 14 Act makes an important contribution to protecting the rights of these people.

I, the scoundrel, make some considerations. I stayed a week between publishing or not publishing this text, but I decided to do it because, although the guy is a murderer, this has no forgiveness, there is in this story a desperate sequence of violations and violations of human rights.

I'm not going to tell you about what happens in India, in the hard face, trying to say something good "from here", "du Brésil", then, let's see ...

Is it not in this country that blond people declare themselves black to enter colleges by means of a quota law?

Is not this a "cut of expenses, with the dismissal of three or four employees" to "send along", a person with HIV?


Sorry, I went into the wrong room ...

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