Immunological Window: I invite you not to let time pass

The immunological window in the book of my days

This is an interesting focus on Window Immunology

The truth is I do not know when this post will appear published, but today is July 31 2014. This is a day I will always remember, since today, after loading a heavy stone on his shoulders and having the uncertainty of whether or not I was a carrier of HIV, now, finally, I know.

After much distress I woke up determined to do the HIV rapid test at one of the HIV specialist clinics found throughout Mexico, especially in the state capitals.

Good, now I will tell you how it went: I arrived there with many, many, many fears. When I arrived and I entered I saw the personas who were there waiting queries. It seemed almost obvious that all had HIV. There were all kinds of people: those who spoke, those who would and who did not speak and had sad faces (I understand perfectly).

As I approached the front desk guy I mentioned to him that I had come to do a quick test of HIV. He called the psychologist and this asked me to wait a moment, so I sat and waited.

While waiting, still feeling very afraid, and the idea to get out went through my mind, and so I did. I grabbed my cell phone and pretended to get a call out. Not occurred to me another excuse thus left the clinic. However, when I would turn the corner, something stopped me (I believe it was the little courage I had left), so I went back and sat down again to wait.

What Tange to the immunological window every minute is an eterminade

It took another five minutes, and the psychologist asked me to come into his office. There were only she and I, and she started asking me things about my last unprotected and other preguntas more, while marked the answers on a sheet. One thing is certain, never preguntou me my name, since the rapid tests are confidential, only asked my age and my signature. She was very kind, at no time felt judged for something. On the contrary, the psychologist supported me and congratulated me for having decided to take the test: "No matter the time has passed, the important thing is that you are here," he said.

Once this happened, did my biochemical test. It was very easy and simple, asked me to wait a few minutes 15. Obviously 15 minutes were very, very, very tense, fear and suffering.

As time passed - I believe it was actually less than 10 minutes - she called me into his office. There was me sitting still and she said, "its result was negative."

The immunological window in the book of my days

You see this image and think: What a face. And that's good too. But I want you to think; How many days and nights of fear and uncertainty will I have to record in this book. The worse notice is better than any anxious waiting, because it allows you to be able to guide and regain the "control" of your life !!! Bet your chips on it

"Mother Daughter", I thought to myself, and I felt a chill run down my spine. I felt as if a great weight leave me a great relief, something that does not know how to describe. The truth is that I cried with happiness in front of her. I apologized to him, and she said only: "Yeah, this is your space" and gave me a scarf so I dried up tears.

He congratulated me and told me that I need to continue taking care of me, and that one should never, for love, have sex without a condom. He also told me that you can not love someone more than yourself, it is very true.

I said goodbye to her, and after all, I told him my name.

Friends, as it has happened to me, I know that many people are going through the same situation, the suffering with the doubt about window period, and I would like to invite you not to let time pass, because you can not live like this, in the uncertainty of your serology. To live like this is to live by half.

Thanks for reading my testimony, thank you. It had been time I published a statement saying it was too scared to take the test, and many people here supported me to do so, I thank you from my heart.

Greetings and sorry for the spelling mistakes

Memories of Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico.

Spanish translation into Portuguese byDiana Margarita Sorgato