Being Undetectable does not allow vacillation with medication


Undetectable Viral Load. Capable of "Almost Miracles?"

Undetectable Viral Load. Capable of "Almost Miracles?"

The longer the viral load is undetectable, the less chance of a rebound.

The longer a patient is on HIV HAART and maintains an undetectable viral load, the lower the risk of HIV rebound, Canadian researchers report in the online edition of Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Suppression of viral load Obtained still require very high levels of adhesion

"We found that once viral suppression is initially achieved, high levels of adherence were still needed to, at least during the first year, gain some" resilience to dosing errors.

Over time, however, the risk of viral rebound decreased gradually with sustained viral suppression, regardless of the level of adherence, "the researchers commented.


Nevertheless, the researchers emphasize that patients should take all their doses correctly and not make "misuse of this knowledge."


These are the remedies I take. Most of them are not for HIV. But it is a consequence of "things" that I survived but which could not go without sequels. What each person has to keep in mind is that today, medications are better, cause fewer side effects, and rarely cause any greater harm to overall health. Each person with HIV has a different history with the same HIV infection. My case is this. But it's mine!

I put here, the next. Talking to a health professional that I have in a position that I admire, not only by the professional rigor coo by love to the cause, who told me that the "goal" is 95% of the taken. Poorly in mathematics I started to try to caucular and when the first rush of gray smoke came out through my ears she smiled and said.

"You can lose one shot in a month!" But do not make it a habit.

I did not do it, I would not do it. When I failed, it was a tragic accident. C'est la vie!

Note: It is not because a thing can be made that it should be done. This is repeated peremptorily in the question "undetectable is equal to non-transmitting, since it is already known that even with undetectable viral load in the blood plasma there may be sperm virus - to be translated.

Treatment with antiretroviral therapy may extend the life expectancy of HIV-positive patients to almost normal levels. My Infection, Dr A. already mentioned a patient close to 90 years!

Militating on its own, undetectable viral load does not prevent, for example, progression of peripheral neuropathy. And mine is "sweet."

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