Immunologic HIV Window and Quick Test! The End of Doubt!

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Immunologic window of HIV. Everyone is afraid! And everyone Ignores, for example, the Danger of Hepatitis C.

The Immune Window is a sort of unresolvable "enigma" in the minds of people. THE Immune Window in itself is it!

Before you create, in your head, a self-generating inferno see what is transmitted and what does not transmit AIDS and keep in mind that this is also true for viral hepatitis such as Hepatitis C which is also a Sexually Transmitted Infection

Maybe this is the only thing that will calm you down:


I will come back to this in due time; However…. However the overwhelming number of people who come to me with doubts about "immune window" it's terribly scary!

There are people who come to me with more than twenty tests of all kinds, telling me that they have "ALL SYMPTOMS". Someone who had all the symptoms of AIDS together would be in the ICU, tubed between life and death, with both feet in the pit and the gravedigger drumming on the handle of the shovel.

They say they took high sensitivity tests, PCR, ELISA H1 and ELISA H2, western and blot etc, and are not convinced in any way that they are really unreactive. There are those who arrive without at least understanding what is unreactive and, on account of this, even raise absurd hypotheses where "non-reactive"Would have the meaning of having a" non-reactive immune system, "and therefore conceive that their days are numbered and that some of them prefer suicide to" die like that. "

The Immune Window According to the Ministry of Health:

Thirty (30) days. Regardless of tests with potential detection in smaller windows, since all of us, dealing in the area, we already know the endless dilemma of all, and thus, has set itself based on science and practice the 30 days. They are good enough for public system exams (rapid tests do not differ in generations) and all that is said above is "overzealous" or bad intention. I do not work for anyone. Except for you, who reads me at this moment. And if you want to support, support. If you do not want to, the text does not disappear and it does not become inaccessible for that. This is a voluntary working relationship between myself, Claudio Souza, and God. How You act in relation to it is between Him and you.

The Immune Window does not oscillate according to your sins and complexes of guilt.

Your fear and doubt are the ones that generate your Personal Inferno. Remorse and Guilt do not expire this deadline! And I, who live aware of the presence of HIV in my body I am not being punished for anything. I just got sick! And nothing else. I did not take care of myself, I was frivolous and careless of my health and this result was clearly foreseeable for me! And that's all.

It is your ability to accept or not that changes when you believe that AIDS is a punishment!

If you do not want to experience it again, simply use condoms in ALL your relationships. Even in the marital relationship. I know many reasons for "advise this,According to account Amaryllis!

Use a condom in all your sexual relations and live your life in the best way you can and do not suffer with doubts of immunological window

You can view this information on the site supported the STD / AIDS National Program, specifically in this

The text excerpt below, in red, speaks of the Immunologic HIV Window and was written by CRT-A Health professionals working exactly in the HIV, syphilis and viral hepatitis testing field, near a subway station in Santa Cruz, in Sao Paulo city. In the same property is DISK AIDS, whose phone number is 0800 16 25 50

From this point forward the writing is not mine.

Immunologic window. this text was written by the professionals of this treatment center
The professionals who work in this place are very proud of it and if the AIDS home closes, it would be the only place I would feel safe if in treatment there - The Image opens the page of the center itself, in another flap

It's not me, I'm writing. This information was provided to me by CRT-A Healthcare Professionals and not only "treat" the HIV Immunology Window. But, like syphilis and other STD (or STIs) sexually transmitted diseases such as viral hepatitis.

According to the Technical Manual for HIV Infection Diagnosis published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Surveillance Secretariat of Health Ministry of Health in December 2013:

HIV Immunological Window

The window period is the period between infection with HIV until the first detection of HIV antibodies.

This manual is intended to improve the diagnosis of HIV and there were elaborate flowcharts being 5 2 rapid tests and laboratory 3, based on the classifiação of Fiebig. With the development of new technologies today we have 3ª tests and 4ª generation that allow further reduce the window period.

3ª generation tests are the most widely used, detect only anti-HIV antibodies and the window is, on average, from 22 to 25 days; 4 generation tests simultaneously detect the P24 antigen and anti-HIV antibodies and the immunological window is approximately 15 days.

Rapid HIV testing is not classified based on generation but resembles 3 generation tests, whereas HIV rapid tests using oral fluid may have the immunological window up to 30 days. It is important to note that oral fluids, including saliva, do not contain the HIV virus, and what is sought and what will or might have existed are HIV-specific antibodies and therefore the KISS NOT SPREAD HIV OR AIDS

Immunologic window - The Facts


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of viral hepatitis infections published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Surveillance Secretariat of Health Ministry of Health in December 2015:

In 18 manual page describes the incubation period of the different viruses that cause hepatitis and diagnostic window to the tests in Brazil for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis, respectively.

Table 4: incubation period, prevalence of jaundice way and chronicity of infection by different viruses that cause viral hepatitis.

Etiologic agent Incubation period Jaundiced form Chronicity
HAV 15 45 the day 5% to 10% in children under 6 years; 70 the 80% in adults There are no reports of chronic forms
HBV 30 180 the day 30% 90% in newborns, 5% to 10% after 5 years
HCV 15 150 the day About 20% 70% a 85%
HDV It is similar to hepatitis B, but smaller in superinfection: the 15 56 days Variable Variable
HEV 15 60 the days (mean 42 days) Variable Chronicity reports only in immunosuppressed individuals


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Syphilis published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Secretariat of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health in May of 2015:

Primary syphilis

The antibodies begin to appear in the bloodstream about the 7 10 days after the appearance of the chancre. So earlier this stage, the immunological tests can not present reactivity. The first immunoassay reagent to become around

10 days of evolution of the chancre and the FTA-Abs, followed by the other treponemal tests and

not treponemic. The treponemal tests are the first to make positive after infection and is common in primary syphilis positive result in a treponemic test (FTA-Abs may become reactive about three weeks after infection).

Secondary syphilis

In secondary syphilis all tests that detect antibodies are reagents. At this stage it is expected to meet senior titles in non-treponemal quantitative tests. The presumptive diagnosis and based on the presence of typical lesions on the skin and mucous membranes that often exuberant that stage. Confirmation occurs through the treponemal and non-treponemal tests.

After the treatment of secondary syphilis, the treponemal test reagents remain throughout the life of the user, and non-treponemal tests may have variable behavior. In some individuals become no reagents, and other reagents remain indefinitely in low titers.

Latent syphilis

Without treatment, after the disappearance of signs and symptoms of infection, syphilis entered the latent period as recent in the first year and later after that period. Latent syphilis shows no clinical manifestation.

At this stage, all the tests that detect antibodies remain reagents, and observed a decrease in securities in non-quantitative treponemal tests.

Tertiary syphilis

At this stage, tests that detect antibodies are usually reagents, especially treponemic tests, and the titles of nontreponemal tests tend to be low.

Advisor - Technical Support Management Center for STD / AIDS Reference and Training STD / AIDS State Program - São Paulo R. Santa Cruz, 81. Vila Mariana. Sao Paulo . SP CEP: 04121.000

I want to thank the Bstar Pacheco for giving me the link below, which is Odin's gift to those who run the risk of living in eternal window period:

When the mind manuca the disease

This article is a great light (or a "hand on the wheel") if you have "symptoms".

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In no other interview have I been treated so well and never been in an interview where no issues had occurred, with the exceptions of MTV's Astrid and Erotika

You can look for some NGOs that I know in São Paulo

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Chris Cornell 3 03America / Sao_Paulo March 03America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 06: 33

I agree with you, Claudio. Most experts outside the country adopt a window of 4 weeks for the tests of 4ª generation and 8 weeks for the ones of 3ª generation like definitive. Past of that is exaggeration or outdated information. In my opinion, from what I studied a lot during my anguish, if you took a VERY HIGH risk (unprotected against someone known to be infected), redo after 60 days to eliminate the 1% of failure (both test and possible delay in creating detectable antibodies). If the relationship was low risk, 30 days may already set off. Congratulations on your blog and for helping so many people, depression kills a lot more than HIV nowadays has seen ...

Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 3 03America / Sao_Paulo March 03America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 09: 52

Well, let's start at the end. The WHO declared, in the twentieth century, that depression would be a major scourge in the 21st century. Zero. After that, the "X" of the question: You have determined that there is a need for a second examination.

And after that the person must TOUCH THE BOAT AND LIVING THE LIFE

Anyway, it's playing the boat and having faith in science that's all. Well, Chris I have to do something here and I hope you do not feel offended;
The blog generates expenses, the mobile phone pays them, generates expenses, I have no benefits. Neither LOAS nor Sickness aid. The situation is difficult and there goes the image
Help us make the site and continue making them the best possible

And see, in the field Health, DST / AIDS only this blog has what goes nextIt is not any blog that has one of these! RsrsRs And it's not anyone who has one of these hereWe need help

Carlos 5 05America / Sao_Paulo March 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 15: 42

Hello Claudio, first of all congratulations to the blog I met you recently and it sure is very well done!
Please can you give me an orientation? in 2016 I undertook a preventive examination for hiv, in which 48 days of my relationship were passed and I went to do the test, the electroluminescence test of 4 generation in which gave non reagent, I did the test because I am very hypochondriac and anxious and that is something that disturbs me a lot in my personal life, even having used a condom I was afraid that it had burst and I did not notice, 1 year after the event a blood count was performed and my defense cells were in normal levels, Do you think I should close the case and stop hammering it in my head or should I take another exam?

thank you in advance and congratulations again for the work.

Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 5 05America / Sao_Paulo March 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 19: 34

Hello Friend.
A point to be clarified right out of the way. Blood test of the blood type does a generic analysis of the blood and, say, if you had a low white blood cell count, it would not be a sign of the presence of HIV in your blood and even less of defining AIDS, AIDS is a complex state involving a without a lot of details and, as my Infection taught, AIDS is the "pinpoint" to ICEBERG that comes into existence in the human body after HIV has entered your body.
When your exam, with 41 days, nothing is set, as I'm stuck to the usual question that I'll link to you, with it opening in another tab.Before, but I'd like to ask you for some help, because this site has no support from any institution of any kind, except for the support of a person who, like a swallow, alone, "is not summer. I know Marta here and here is my official request This site needs your help to be able to help othersBecause I do not change the immunological window on my blog for 60 days.

How is HIV transmitted? Am I Infected with HIV? How to know? '_ Soropositivo.Org is not the end Reagent 19 19America / Sao_Paulo March 19America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 17: 11

[...] Immune window, the facts. Revised, Enlarged and Reissued in 03 / 03 / 2018. [...]

Bmr 22 22America / Sao_Paulo March 22America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 10: 16

Claudio read your site a lot. Very good, very enlightening. Then test after 60 days of the risk situation. Being a 4 ° generation test (search for antibodies and antigens). Case closed. Thanks.

Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 26 26America / Sao_Paulo March 26America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 18: 56

Thanks and yes, case closed. Just do not forget the lesson. the fear, all that you lived, the fear of prejudice and look from this your point of view as I look from here, behind the walls ... If you can help at work, all and what help is welcome

Anonymous 26 26America / Sao_Paulo March 26America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 18: 39

Thank you for your support and guidance Greetings from Mexico

Fábio Nescla 26 26America / Sao_Paulo March 26America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 20: 37

Does Claudio, Pep after window and 90 days? Does it have to be 4 generation test, as infectologist Keilla Freitas says? Or can it be a quick test after 90 days after PEP?

Claudio Souza 1 01America / Sao_Paulo May 01America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 22: 02

I do not understand this person. I looked at her curriculum and she did have a great education. But I personally consider it somewhat, I would say ... elitist. I know the neighborhood where she clinics, I know how much the square meter of that region costs, and therefore I know avaliat "all the rest". I love my Dr. Angela Naomi Atomya and she guides me to do everything in the public network and, if you can, at the Hospital das Clínicas, whose outpatient clinic, now called euphemistically "SEAP". But that has in its structural basis a very specific doctrine where the well being of the patient is the goal of all. This is the House of AIDS. If you are in Sao Paula, capital, I indicate that you do it there. But you did PEP and I would suggest that the best choice is to take the exam in the same service that guided you and prescribed the PEP. The one who was told, here behind the scenes "A Robson of Such" works, for clarification, in Disk AIDS and he gave me two information. One of these is:

  • It is common ground that whoever does PEP correctly does not

The other point is on the Immune Window (opens in another tab). So if you did the PEP correctly, forgive me for the delay in responding. The thing has not been easy and, let's face it, I've been living with HIV for almost 24 years and growing old with HIV (I'm doing this together with my beautiful wife who also has 54). But I think you did the PEP correctly and you can breathe. If you did not, you will need to hold your breath and have a little more faith in God😌😊

Nescla 26 26America / Sao_Paulo March 26America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 21: 28

Good night Cláudio
I want to know if a quick test after 90 days Pep, or just a test of 4 generation and valid for the 90 days post Pep? I say, this, why there are doubts! Definitive after 90 days Pep, 4 generation or a quick test?

Claudio Souza 6 06America / Sao_Paulo April 06America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 16: 18

The immunological window post PEP is the same as before the pep, with the general consensus, also of the "Robson tal", of the AIDS dial, which has as a consensus that pep successfully prevents seroconversion

The Mantra of the Immune Window: from 30 to 90 days. Then it's over ... | Seropositive.Org 4 04America / Sao_Paulo April 04America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 14: 31

[...] Immune Window, the fa ... IMMUNOLOGICAL WINDOW Important Note: If you ach ... 2.958 views | 3 comments | by Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org | posted on February 22, 2018 [...]

Luciano Sabino 5 05America / Sao_Paulo April 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 16: 57

Good afternoon, I did a quick test on the Alere brand CAT with 57 days and a Bioclin brand with 93 days after the risky behavior. Both gave non-reagent for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C. Are these quick tests even reliable? Shall I dismiss the matter? Thank you very much.

Claudio Souza 1 01America / Sao_Paulo May 01America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 23: 12

Hi Lucas, good night! To clarify you and who else you can see, the name or brand of the tests does not matter. I'll end up digging deeper and writing something about it. The fact is that after 90 days you can, yes, "breathe back in peace" ... I put the quotation marks to get your attention and that of whoever else passes through here because I wanted you, as well as everyone, to reflect on at least two levels.
One of them is your personal life, you who, for some reason, read me. Think of everything that you have suffered. Fear of the future; the axiom of the ossibility of a "different result," the concern of how to explain the possible reality that has vanished from the people you love and, as I, one day, have to see who is who and who really loves you, who is your "friend" and that I your FRIEND. There is a lot more to think about at this level, but I give you these three realities and, I believe, you work and have "co-workers." I have an offline article that deals with the sad reality, I will rescue it, to have to ___ face these people____ knowing that 30% of them, almost an 1 / 3 of the people who have coffee have coffee, they would simply refuse, tomorrow , *** work at your side ***, share with you the same room, even if it has, or had 90 square meters or more. Think of people who, unlike me, who have paid a very high demand for my decisions, are afraid every day of to be discovered! As if they had committed, by contracting a virus, a virus of a virus which, in a gore of blood, fallen to the ground and exposed to the atmosphere, would die in three minutes, was something repugnant, vile and degrading. As if an STD, or another stupid virus, could say, give news of its character or, as my friend Sílvia Almeida says wisely, HIV does not change a person's character ... Think of all this and, yes, I think you might think, "Phew, I escaped!" And then think of the nearly forty million people who have not escaped and are alive ... and in the others almost forty million, who "have died." Do not make this your way a vain thing. Make it good for you, and if you can, get people around you too.

jair 4 04America / Sao_Paulo July 04America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 10: 14

Good morning, I had a risk situation where I broke the condom in sex with a woman that I do not know the serology, I performed tests fast with 62,84,130,150 and last with 185 days and a fourth generation with 102 days all negative, only with more than 100 days my throat is getting inflamed, can it be false negative results, or can the fear be causing these symptoms

jair 4 04America / Sao_Paulo July 04America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 10: 22

Good morning I went through a risk situation where I broke the condom in a hetero trance, I performed tests fast with 62,84,134,150,185 all negative days and a fourth generation with 102 non reactive days, with more than 100 days I started to feel sore inflamed frequently, it can be these tests false negative or can I be creating these symptoms by fear?

Claudio Souza 5 05America / Sao_Paulo July 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 21: 37

Look, Jair. I am working to put the blog texts in alignment with the information I received from CRT-A, and you can corroborate this information in 0800 16 25 50. Immune window of thirty days is final. And in cases of PEP there is a period of observation of 90 days. If fear can make someone experience a bad experience? Well, I'll give you a link to read about it. But do the reverse. Think of something good, whether it be making love to a beautiful nurse who has entered the room in which you are hypothetically hospitalized and have been endless hours of complete idyll. Sounds good does not it? Ai turn the nurse into the Frankenstein who appears in the film of Val Velsing, but not in the room of the hospitalization! And, yes, indeed, in the dungeons of the Inquisition ...
Does it seem scary to you? Was that pleasant feeling of blood being bummed gone? Yes, I'm sure…. (I.e.

alemao2017 31 31America / Sao_Paulo August 31America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 22: 02

Good night Claudio, I've been here on your blog in the past and I came back because I'm distressed, I had a relationship with a program girl last weekend, I received oral sex without a condom, and the rest of the relationship, vaginal sex with a condom, and I also kissed the girl several times during the relationship. It turns out that I have candidiasis problem in the recurring penis, and the foreskin was a little reddish due to inflammation. This week, precisely 5 days after the occurrence the candidiasis came back very strong and I started a very strong pharyngitis as well. Do you believe that it may be related to the occurrence and these symptoms are from the acute phase of HIV infection? In some website I read that the acute phase starts with 5 days, in others after 14, 5 days would be little time? Thanks in advance!

Claudio Souza 7 07America / Sao_Paulo September 07America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 21: 09

Good. The bad part 've let the girl do oral on you, with you aware of being with candidiasis (...).
The issue of kiss as a risk factor for HIV it's just you click.
You say:

In some website I read that the acute phase starts with 5 days, in others after 14, 5 days would be little time?

And I would not know how to respond, because, myself, I did not experience this phase and, if I lived, I did not realize, given my unconsciousness regarding AIDS. You know, I knew that AIDS existed and that it was deadly.

Fear to die? I? No way! I did not believe it was worth living. My first wife, she co-opted with a desqilificado and held him in jail with my money. When I found out, I cut off the supply and he decreed my death. I do not have afraid to die. But I knew that I would be tortured before 4 died, and although I know and can handle torture (I have been psychotically and psychiatrically for that since the days when I was a homeless person).

And I did not find that, the best time to die. I escaped, I survived, and I'm here. I get HIV. I am writing a text that takes the responsibility of having deliberately transmitted me HIV from Flavia's back. I believe she may have transmitted it. But I was certainly the bearer of the time I worked for VP ....

There I painted and bordered!

And to be honest, I suggest you take the exam, after you have taken the immunological window.: 30 days and pont

Honestly. I think it's outrageous to be aware of having candidiasis and to admit that she did it oral in you without preservative. I think you've mentally verbalized what a lot of canaha thinks: "IT'S A FUCK, FUCK"

Well, I do not pay attention, in my research, on primary infection. Even because it looks like anything, even with a cold. And what I suggest to you are two things:

  • Call the girl, be honest and give her the chance to work and live with a minimum of dignity.
  • Speak a test now and see if you are no longer HIV positive, because you have a pattern of behavior that, if not changed sooner or later, will come to live here from the other side of the wall
  • After that, if still not reagent, wait to complete the immunological window, 30 days - 0800 16 25 Disk AIDS - and take another exam
  • Learn to live, because, yes, it is necessary to know how to live.

After all, no one passes STD to other people, no more that if it is minimally human and to think that it can have a daughter or that even has a sister, In any case, read on PEP and avoid becoming a "PEP Maniac"

Concerning me and my hard discourse, read this text of mine, about me, Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org

Immunity window every minute that passes do not waste time solve this 2 02America / Sao_Paulo September 02America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 02: 32

[...] Immune Window, the facts, once and for all [...]

Discordant relationship. Renata. An act of contrition 4 04America / Sao_Paulo September 04America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 21: 12

[...] Immune Window, the facts, once and for all [...]

alemao2017 7 07America / Sao_Paulo September 07America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 22: 42

mr claudio I agree with almost everything he posted, but I am not scoundrel, nor promiscuous as his speech transpired.

you should not have let the girl do orally in that circumstance, but I am passive to mistakes like any other person, and on the day in question was under the influence of alcohol, which did not justify, but ended up harming my critical ability.

I treat candidiasis daily with ointments and also take fluconazole, but unfortunately it ends up being recurrent, 3 urologists have stated that it is not a dst and yes of fungus that anyone has in their body. I have done more or less 10 serology tests after the first time the dandruff of candidiasis appeared, in addition to having completely withdrawn in relation to sex, so much that I was around 2 years ago that I did not have sex.

the candidiasis was controlled at the moment, but unfortunately I have the inflamed penis because it has been recurring, not that it was present at the time, so much that I say that after 5 days she came back.

I am very sad about the situation, I really do not want to harm my life or anyone else's, I know my serology until the moment of the relationship, so I was worried, unfortunately I have no contact with the girl.

Thank you very much for your advice, I know it has to be hard.

Claudio Souza 8 08America / Sao_Paulo September 08America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 00: 00

I was reading my answer to you and did not find, among the my writings the phonemes that assemble "promiscuous" or "scoundrel."
I lived in the night and learned a lot from her. This is an application of things that I learned at night. Nothing is said and one sees how one reacts. You felt yourself being called a promiscuous, disgusting thing to say, if said by me, or scoundrel. You read this between the lines of what I wrote, for I wrote with heavy revolt about your indifference in transmitting a yes STI, which in some cases is an opportunistic and AIDS-defining illness. I lost a great friend, and her story is here on the site, because she could only have been diagnosed for HIV + when in a private hospital, she found intra-vaginal candidiasis - I went to get a picture, but in the name of the peace of mind of others people. And I, personally, consider it a great chase to allow a person to have oral sex on you, with you aware of being with candidiasis.
Would you like me to do this to your sister? Your cousin? Your niece? Or you do not have any female characters in the family. If it is ...

Please, have a minimum of decency and humanity in dealing with women. For that is what, in my view, you lack ... You do not stop to think for 15 seconds about what would have been the sequence of disasters and tragedies that may have occurred, taking it downhill until it was seen, no way out Are you living this way? I KNOW EITHER ALL ARE VICTIMS AND THERE IS THOSE WHO LIKE. And respect for them must be the same, because you pay for pleasure. And not to infect. And given your patterning I would be able to bet that ... Lets go there ... Let's see what time says

What are CD4 exams and CD4 cell tests for? 14 14America / Sao_Paulo September 14America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 21: 10

[...] 26 of August of 2018 in Immune Window // Immune Window, the facts, once and for all ... [...]

Undetectable Viral Load is not Cure The test will be reagent · 7 07America / Sao_Paulo November 07America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 13: 36

[...] Guaranteed, safe and definitive Immunity window is 30 days. Whatever you say, I'm publishing a text [...]

John 25 25America / Sao_Paulo November 25America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 04: 59

Good night
Very interesting your site. I congratulate you for this
I am in China and a dinner with lots of alcohol was the target of oral sex. When I became conscious I had ejaculated in the lady's mouth. I think she is very likely to have diseases (maybe Sida) .I am in total despair. I already informed my wife - the reaction. I already asked for a quick test when I arrived in Portugal but the health authorities advised only at the end of 44 days (as I have read in some comments)
At the end of 2 days my penis already shows spots and I have some heartburn-sign of some venereal disease.
This anguish of knowledge drives me crazy but the worst was the family. I had to inform the reason for not having sexual practice - I could not hide.
I understand the possibility exists but it is more remote but even so I think I will not have hypothesis and my life ends here with 42 years and never have had this behavior. My wife was always the only woman who maintained relationships and now I screwed up everything in 2 minutes (which was almost unconscious)
Pray at least for reading my outburst

Claudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 25 25America / Sao_Paulo November 25America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 12: 06

Good morning! I think it's already midnight for you, and it's Monday. And I believe you will only see this answer "tomorrow".
Relativisms ... Well, oral sexual intercourse implies relative risks, always for the person who gives the caress in itself. You, and your penis, were not at risk. But the woman does! And you see, she does not even know the risks, or you do not mind, like I someday did not care. And I tore it all into a wall with which I hit 300 KM / h. Do not worry, this was not a risky time for you. Forget this moment as a risk factor. But think about it. Review this event and note what allowed you, regardless of the risks involved, to accept these "risks." And police yourself! That's the best I have to tell you.

Andrade 25 25America / Sao_Paulo November 25America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 15: 00

I had sex with a girl with a condom but I did oral on it and received it without a condom.

I took a 4 exam with 17 days and gave negative.

am I at risk?

Ricardo Rossato 27 27America / Sao_Paulo November 27America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 10: 51

Mr Cláudio.
Good day.

If you say at the beginning of the text that the immunological window was written by four hands.

Because in the course of the answers, does Mr. still speak in 60 days?

Could you please give me more clarification?

Claudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 28 28America / Sao_Paulo November 28America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 07: 10

Hi, Ricardo. I do not understand the relationship. In fact the text was written to 4 hands! or more, was written by the CRT-A diagnostic team of the City of São Paulo. There was even, a few minutes ago, the assertion of 60 days. I regret the inconvenience. I already corrected it. The fact is that I do what I can in the manager to manage, alone, a blog with more than 700 publications and, given my human condition, I did not see this error. Thank you very much for letting me know. Att. By the way, the site needs financial support, if you can, make a donation for it. Grato, Cláudio Souza

Claudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 29 29America / Sao_Paulo November 29America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 03: 34

I would like you to read the dates of these comments and answers! I could give you the right to access the data and put you with access to this data and edit it for me. But I do not know him, and so this access is forbidden. It would be good, I think it would be great, or rather great, if you observed the dating of these answers! It's less work than writing for me! (I.e.

thi công sàn gỗ cầu thang 1 01America / Sao_Paulo December 01America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 01: 33

Hiya! Quick question that's entirely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
My web site looks like when viewing from my
iphone I'm trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this issue.
If you have any suggestions, please share. Thank you!

Leonardo Campos de britto 5 05America / Sao_Paulo December 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 18: 55

Oii I did a test with 45 and another 65 days after the risk exposure and gave negative. Is this window reliable?

Cláudius of Macedo 6 06America / Sao_Paulo December 06America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 01: 34

Hello Leo! Good night. It took me a while to answer. Sorry. Yes. 30 days is the immunological window term that is enough. Maybe you can find some text of mine by saying something different, and I'll ask you to show me the links, please! It's me who does everything here. From translation to purchase of photos, and everything. And the blog has almost 700 publications and, it is not difficult to have some outdated publication. But you can move on. I sometimes jest, saying that if I were Jesus I would say, "Now go and sin no more" ... And the idea is more or less this. (I do not judge here, see my position in life!) I live with HIV But I think it's almost suicide attempt It's serious, see, it's getting harder to cure gonorrhea. that she does not kill.I do not know if she kills or not.It is always a disease.EW, even if she does not kill.Well, did she have gonorrhea?

The Immune Window is 30 days! A chat with Geraldinho 9 09America / Sao_Paulo December 09America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 21: 11

[...] Immune Window [...]

Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 1 01America / Sao_Paulo March 01America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 19: 34

Thank you very much. God give you a hundredfold

Claudio Souza 5 05America / Sao_Paulo May 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 07: 46

Hi Pedro. I tell you that this comment appeared to me just today. I apologize for not having responded. But the truth is that no., You, I believe you already know, do not have and did not even have to worry about the scenario presented or you

Cláudio de Souza 20 20America / Sao_Paulo May 20America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 09: 53

Thank you very much

Cláudio de Souza 20 20America / Sao_Paulo May 20America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 09: 54


Cláudio de Souza 21 21America / Sao_Paulo May 21America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 22: 22

Hi Thais, I've been so clumsy, my life has been in such a way that I could not resonder to this day. Save, I operate my website on the screen of a notebook and I did a screenshot of your comment and I'll advance because as your city is not mentioned, and you know the comment would appear, I'll put this screenshot along with some others, on the page who we are. You have no idea how you helped, lass, to close this day for me.

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