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Whatsapp App by Cláudio Souza Use it. But do not abuse it. Try to give support. I do not live in poverty. And neither in difficulty. But I do a job that generates costs and the smallest amount is good, like any other. What matters is your good will. And nobody is so poor that I can not give up one or two cans of soda, once in my life, I've been checking here.

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Contact by Whats APP by Cláudio Souza

Look that…. Please. I am leaving this page, and only on this page, a way for you to contact me.

I have received countless billing links.

And I need to put an end to it. After a LOT OF THINKING I finally hooked up with cré and uga with buga.

From this I concluded that there are people using my cell phone number (which is the same and, for good of the truth, the only one I have) to defraud "reputable lending institutions" that, operated by idiots, me it seems ..., they do not call the number in order to verify that the number is authentic.

So let's see. I tried a small "app" that asks me if I want to record the call that I am about to answer. Strange numbers will be recorded. In cases of collection, the first thing to be done is to place the recording here, with the full name of the complainant.

Well, one way or another, I'm going to continue this job of serving people. I intend to make this work available to all. On all pages, between 14: 00 and 20: 00.

        <h3> I thought of charging, about R $ 20,00 / month </ h3> And despite the regrets, and I verify and give my word of honor when I say that, in order not to err, I certainly have more than "five hundred < strong> contacts </ strong> that, without that one, disappeared without even saying until one day ..., or: "I'll see you around."

Curiously, there are those who judge me, saying "I do things expecting something in return.

I say that it is very easy to talk like that when you breathe the atmosphere of serenity, but I wanted, I really wanted to see how these people would behave if they were in my place and, by the way, I am without benefit (or malice, I do not know ), because, it may even change the shit, but the flies are always the same ....

From 31 / 12 / 2009!

It is very difficult to improve the work, because I have to "roll, roll and roll to go, as the traitor brother I loved so much (Mauricio, do not look for me, you are technically dead to me),playing the funeral.

That's because, in his wise words, there is a great truth that I apply to this blog.

Burial is, like this Blog, something that, once started, can not be stopped any more, until it comes to an end!

I think that whoever reads me at this moment understands well what I am trying to say

If you can help, even with what, to you, it may seem an insult, to me, it will not be. And even if it was an insult, 🙂 from insult to insult I would be receiving an incitement:


Come on man, you're shivering.

If you can and you want to do it and do it, very much!

May God give you 77.7777 times more.

And any other conditions, thank you very much for the visit and stay at home, because the furniture that carries me is well or is quite another !!!

But always keep in mind that from this terminal communicates a person who is not a healthcare professional under any circumstances.

You will be talking to someone who has, yes, a great good will and a desire that I can not explain to help.


        <h5> + 55 11 994 649 941 </ h5> 
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Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED

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