How long a person infected with HIV
No matter how fast, or how slow the time may seem to pass. His measurement, though relativistic, can always be counted upon the fall of one grain of sand after another ad infiniyum; and this is how it has passed to me, a grain of sand each time mis slower than the other ...

How long does an HIV-infected person take to start transmitting the virus?

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How long a person infected with HIV I pass to transmit the virus

How Much Time (tic-tac tic-tac - Uni Du ni ...) Peter Castle

A large number of people who are looking for me through the Whats App do with this doubt in mind: I can transmit the virus to my husband / wife boyfriend / girlfriend etc / etc ...

The great fear of many, "transmit the virus"... I advise against contracting the virus because, now I know, this is a situation to be avoided, seroconverter for HIV ...

What they really want to know is when sexually with their peers until they become capable of transmitting the virus... That's because you can not explain the reason why they had, without that one, to go on to have sex with a condom (it's much more a way of not being caught than ...)!

Most of the people who come to me with this questioning are heterosexual men, men who have sex with other men and yet have a married life "!normal" and so on! There are also women who demonstrate this Standard this way.

But this is not confined to this particular group, women also appear here, as well as teenagers and youngsters between 21 and 30 years all with a whole range of fears and doubts on this subject and I found this text in English around the same time that people came to question me about it. It is obvious that I went after answers and found them and put them here, within reach of all who seek a solution, or at least an answer to that.

I have tried to facilitate the search for this doubt, not because I do not want to respond "personally", but to give a quick answer, because no one finds me awake after the 23: 00 from time to time and I know that a night of anguish is something Which I myself would find unbearable!

HIV and antibodies 3D
HIV and antibodies, even unequal struggle

Soon after a person becomes infected with HIV, the damn virus, begins to multiply and what we call viral load Rises enormously. I am not exaggerating to say that two or three hours later the person may be able to transmit HIV!

This is what you have to be sensible: If you imagine that you have come into contact with HIV and still feel like having sex ... I recommend using condoms.

However, with what has been learned so far about HIV, and much is known about it today, HIV infection can be eradicated, or prevented from establishing itself in the human body if the person takes the facts seriously and seeks Medical help, in any first aid worthy of mention to this name. La could pass through something we call PEP, from the English "Post Exposition Profilaxy"Which means" Post Exposure Prophylaxis ".

This is an emergency procedure and the faster you seek relief, the greater your chances of being able to avoid the serum conversion; The window of time that is from two hours to three days to prevent the person from becoming definitively Infected with HIV.

Moral Suicide is it!

Avoid unprotected sex and you will not take so many risks of becoming an HIV-infected person.

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It does not serve as a support for unprotected sex, since you have to go through a treatment 30 daysThis is a way for a person not to be infected with HIVreligiously, taking remedies, for me, that I have been living with this for twenty years and I have taken the worst of the antiretroviral drugs because of a condom-free sex, even because today's condoms are almost indefinable and do not disturb anything , if it ever got in the way - and I'm saying it - the transmission of pleasure.

Do you have 72 hours for PrEp and how long until it is contagious? Pretty little
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It is important to note that, at present, in several countries in the world adopts, and I'm not sure if this applies to Brazil (I'll try to inform myself) there is another procedure for people in situations of vulnerability to HIV such as discordant serum couples.

You are one person infected with HIV and the other is not.

Or, as a simple example, a health professional who works in a clinic for HIV positive or sick people, called PrEP, also from the English: "Pre Exposition Prophylaxis"; Pre-exposure prophylaxis, which has saved thousands of lives around the world (this must be happening here, I'm very alienated).

Especially in people with defined characteristics as MSM, Men who have Sex with Men and, however, do not understand themselves as gay and end up impervious to prevention campaigns (very rare in Brazil ...) aimed at people who fit psychologically as Gays or Belonging to the group vaguely defined as LGBT, and occasionally one of them becomes another person infected by HIV. So there are ways and means of avoiding HIV even after you have contacted it in less than 72 hours.

If you, who asked this question, have some suspicion of having contracted or, unfortunately, having transmitted, perhaps (and that is why I am writing so much) there is still time to avoid something that, after all, is still a Difficult way to live. There is a motto on my website, created by Paula S.'s team, in her Course Completion Work, which generated a book with the same motto:

"There is life after HIV" that an old friend has revised to "There is life with HIV."

So, you, who, casuistically read me, if you are in a situation that is the same or even vaguely similar to the ones I described here, run! Because there may still be time to prevent another person being infected with HIV.

And if you do not give more time or you just discovered that you are a carrier or carrier of HIV click here!

I'm putting some links in this site lead to information that can clarify what I dimly outlined here.



The Hospital Emílio Ribas, in the center of the City of São Paulo has a first aid that works 24 hours a day, every day in the week and is the most suitable place that I can provide in São Paulo. I ask health professionals working in other cities to inform me at least one point of care in your city and I will insert map by map here, as long as it is sensible to do so

Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED


  1. I am a carrier of HIV do not know how I was infected tou taken 3e1 discovered at the beginning but my husband did the rapid test and was negative it and camioneiro senpre was womanizing and never used a condom but I never betrays appeared with the disease and not Pudi explain to he as caught now he left me since descubriu I was with the virus never touched me, nor had sex with me was cold and left me suffer sen know how I caught the disease I you quwro whether he trasmitiu me if he can have the disease and no. I find it strange he appeared senpre had sores in the mouth sore throat Edor of intenças head .eu never tuve nafa that take the medicine and never gave me reaction. Some. Tou worried he would like to know an answer !!

  2. What answer you wanna? I believe ve think vc contracted it, yes. Go with him and do the exam. If is negative, I do not know what to think. I think you have to regain control of his life and output, ask separating bodies (he on the street) and arranged a divorce with with all their rights ...

  3. I met a man and fell in love with him, live together for a year, he told me he was sick of the column I loved so much he never suspected him .He left me when he noticed my first symptoms lost 4 kl, then came came febrfebre pain neck and even my tongue was all White .After these symptoms did the test and gave negativo.Mas'll do it again 'cause I feel a lot of pain in my forehead and hj of nowhere dysentery.

  4. I found the exact two months that I am HIV positive. I'm doing all treatment already, by dreadful signal in the first week. More My question is how much contamination; before receiving the result of my examination, I had sex twice without a condom with my partner, he's done two tests and was negative. It is possible that I have not contaminated it?

  5. Jhulia. Good evening.
    I'm sorry for his discovery and, believe me, I live with HIV for 22 years (there was no medicine) and I saw a lot.
    Women are more vulnerable to HIV than men. To say anything to u the reason is to 1 10, where those who have ten times more vulnerable is the woman.
    I am preparing an article that touches it, somehow, and you can better understand all this follow this site.
    Despite all this advantage he has, it is necessary that there is a window that goes from 30 days to 99% of cases, the 60 days for the rest of the cases, so that you know whether or not he is HIV positive.
    Mentally I did the math, and if I played well what u wrote, for more than 60 days between the last unprotected intercourse and this time I write to you.
    He needs to do a survey on 8. If it nonreactive, this nightmare is over.

    What comes after that, between you two, only time will tell.
    But be aware of one thing.
    In spite of everything, HIV is an excellent examiner of conscience and you will soon know who is really your friend, girlfriend and who loves you, the next few days
    Tell me if you need to talk

  6. This change, Elisa, I regret to say that is not a good sign signal.
    I can not dizr anything about it other than what I have already spoken. The question is whether he loves you anyway.
    See that if he did not love you and leave, legally you are entitled to a pension for the baby and if it is away from u, believe me, he does not speak the pain of living with him. :O)
    Enjoy and watch this video:

  7. Maria, I'm very sorry for this situation and I urge you to try to convince your husband that this infection may have been prior to his marriage to him. I had to tear off what was still in my account to buy a new one and it should be delivered within two or three business days.
    Then he should get here between Thursday and Friday and I notice vc, or already beginning to talk with you once he and I set it
    Windows, where an alternative

  8. Hello .. Good evening. I met a guy and started to get to him a few days have passed, had relationship with him without a condom, we each 4 times. And I find out that he is HIV positive. I made the first examination and the resulting gave "not reagent." I wonder if in a woman who already had relationship with soropositvo man not caught the disease ?? And I've been having lately many severe headache, I'm not alimemtamdo me well. So I am thinking about it. And waiting for the result of 60 days. And a 30 days. The worst that anyone of my family knows. I'm still young and do not know what to do. Can you help me ?

  9. Well, I do not know what to say to him, 'cause I do not know if there was penetration, and in this case there was ejaculate inside you -I hope this stay was only an exchange of caresses, as if there was a sexual relationship without condom thing can become worrying. I do not want to pile on vc vc and ask you to define better what was this stay (...) and, in certain cases, I very much hope that you have used a condom

  10. Hello good night Claudio. Yes we respect, we come penetrate. Not hear ejaculate inside me. It was in the belly. We not use condoms. In any of 4 times. And I do not know whether I should not talk to him. What's more afraid of him lying to me who has no disease.

  11. If you have already done at least thirty days since the last unprotected relationship, you can already do the test, always remembering that the immunological window is 30 days for 99% of cases and 60 days for the remaining 1%, and therefore if there is more Of forty days that you had the last relation, I would advise you to try to keep calm, I have reasons to poer try to believe that you are not contaminated, and kill two rabbits, doing only one examination, at 60 days, well, you would solve This once and for all. Be that as it may, get rid of these days of anguish, I know what you're going through, and do a little overhaul as to how you express your sexuality and establish a security pattern where, at least in penetration, this is done Just in a safe way, and besides the fact that I do not know you know your position in relation to people living with HIV or AIDS and therefore can not be incisive or assertive with you, I suggest that if, somehow, Have you felt or had any negative thoughts or reactions when you hear or know, or even hear, about someone living with HIV or AIDS, try to understand our struggle for life with quality and not just "survival and, That you do not want or can not do something to minimize it, simply move away, and not aggravate this person's situation even by their mere presence. Sometimes a "little scare" is a severe warning shot given by God, so that we stop and think better about this or that subject and, even more, about certain ways of thinking or believing everything that is said there And I would like to say that during this last dawn I did some research and found in none of my sources what I consider to be serious any mention of the events that have been decanted here and there on an "eventual cure for HIV. Certain news has to be filtered "n" times before being taken for granted and believing in these things or not and acting in accordance with these feelings or feelings (of security for example) can become something true and definitely unforgettable for you or any other Person who comes to read what is written here, always remembering that I would very much like to be able to announce this cure, but the Mississippian Baby, for example, was one of these cases of cure that ended in great disappointment and the Berlin patient was one case it was tried to replicate several times, all to no avail, since it is a extremíssima extent of which in five such procedures, carried forward ended in death still on the operating table or postoperatively, and the who survived, did not live long enough to be able to determine whether the treatment was or not successful and I would ask you if I asked to go to a "playground" where their ability to survive the adventure in each of toys were of 2o%, if you would. No need, if you do not want to answer it. But I invite you and others that may read this, seriously think about it and patients who participate in research

  12. It is a reasonable fear. Well, if I understood correctly, you were related in the old system of "coitus interruptus." Let me tell you something. I have a friend who had true devotion for the woman I'm going to narrate here, but she will not have her good name registered here (believe me, when I like a person, she happens to be someone I protect at what price). She and my friend used a similar scheme, but the move was "on the thighs." And it's not Tata, a stubborn sperm who managed to find her way into the vagina and went on her way, madly and blindly, until she found an egg! To which he joined and helped bring to light a girl.
    I'm not sure about her age.
    If a sperm can do this, the idea of ​​the interrupted tale is the worst possible of all circum- stances since there are a number of factors that can lead to contagion

  13. Bruno, how long has it been since vc was related to this woman? And, yes, the woman can transmit to humans, but this is not so, fuck today and look bad the next day, I think u are feeling some kind of guilt, and as far as I can see, to relate sexually with someone it is no reason to blame. I suggest you to wait until complete thirty days from this contact and take the exam.
    Meanwhile, I suggest you read this article in my blog
    And please, try to calm down

  14. Claudio, I receptive anal sex without penetration without ejaculation (only one leaning slightly into the anus without force) for a short time, but from what I understand even in these cases there is a risk of HIV? I think we are very misinformed about the risk of sex, because even this without leaning penetration apparently is dangerous. I'm doing the PEP.

  15. How much later did you find out you could be at risk?

    Well, I'm sure it did not take more than 72 hours, or you would not be in PEP. I'm not judging you (I know my story well enough to judge someone). But I do not think you were misinformed, as you fired toward PEP. Your case, to me, is emblematic and I ask you a question, which I hope you will answer with sincerity, because I assure you that I will not omit it if you did not know that sex, especially the anal, is a factor (and I know you do not) as all other individuals (who also do not know) have a responsibility to use a condom to break the chain of infection and that this is a immense importance for us to "dream" of a world without AIDS? I did not know that, I confess, and I do not condemn you for not knowing it. But now you know and I used your case only and only to establish this parameter: "It is more in our hands than in that of scientists, to end AIDS and, for that, it is enough not to have sex without condoms. After 22 years paying high prices (and you have no idea (note that it's almost two in the morning and I'm still awake) I'm sure of this and all I can say of myself is that after knowing my condition , I never connected with anyone without a condom and after three months of coma in which I vegetated and for almost ten months I lived without the courage to hug anyone and no one had the courage to give me a hug .... It's soft ?


    [Wpvideo Haj3oTH1]

  16. Hi Claudia, I would like to know if a person has just been infected by the virus hiv, sex in another that does not have the virus on msm day that was infected and that person on msm day transa in another, the second person transmits the disease to the third person ?

  17. Look at Rosani. HIV is not a virus that "coats." It starts acting and attacking CD4 cells as well as other cells immediately upon contact. At this moment, a war is waged that is usually lost by our body. With exceptions. After the discovery of the PEP, an acronym for an expression in English that, in free translation would be:
    Prevention after Exposure. From the moment one comes in contact with the virus it is as if an hourglass, with sand for 72 hours, begins to pour sand to the bottom and every grain of sand that falls, diminish its chances of preventing infection Established.

    I do not know how they came to this number, but, I believe, like everything in science in the face of the unknown, it was on the basis of empiricism, experimentation. And while it is possible to prevent the infection from completely establishing itself (a process that I can not explain either), it is possible, and I do not know why, to transmit HIV to another person.
    The scenario you painted me looks like a lot of others. Things in Dante's Inferno.
    But in such circumstances there is much to take into account.
    Look at this. It depends a lot on the amount and time of exposure to the virus, and women, you are ten times more vulnerable to HIV than men and a deplorable practice on the part of some "hOmEnS" that is to remove the condom (by God, I wanted To understand why) of Withdraw the condom at a time when you can not see what's going on.
    Well, the subject is delicate and this is a little wandering, an ancestral behavior, very remote and the fucking, four, is very pleasurable for most women and I am eyewitness to it.
    Avoid this and any and all positions where you do not have visual control of the condom.
    A hint (all of them, leaning against the wall or the head of the bed, sit on it. You'll be surprised at the pleasure it gives both of them, without him being able to screw you.
    Or tell him you do not want a condom and be ready with your female condom.
    Is it possible to get HIV in the way you have told? IT IS. But you can avoid

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