Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC)

Mycobacterium avium complex Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a pathogenic bacterial species in the family Mycobacteriaceae and the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis

What is Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC)?

Mycobacterium avium Complex (MAC) is a serious illness Caused by common b .

O Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) is a serious illness caused by bacteria common, present practically in any and all "BIOME. The MAC also é Known the MAI (Mycobacterium Avium Intracellulare). known such as MAI (Mycobacterium Avium Intracellulare). MAC infection can MAC infection can ser localized ( limited to one Part of your body ) or located ( limited a part his body ) ou disseminated spread through your whole released (scattered over all the his body , sometimes called DMAC). body, sometimes called DMAC). MAC infection often MAC infection often occurs in the lungs , intestines, bone occurs our lungs, intestines, bones marrow , liver , and spleen . marrow, liver e spleen.

Tea b that cause MAC are very common. As bacteria that cause MAC are very common. They are found in the soil, in the water, pthe way e foods. Almost Almost everyone has Them in Their everyone them em their body . bodies. A healthy Um healthy immune system will CANTONI immune control MAC, but controls the MAC, more people with weakened people com weakening No. immune systems can CANTONI immune can develop MAC d . develop disease MAC. Up to 50% of people with AIDS can develop MAC, especially se a Count of cells CD4 é less than 50. MAC almost never cause diseases em people with more than 100 cells CD4.


Tea symptoms of MAC can include high fevers , chills , d , weight Os symptoms of MAC can include fevers high, chills, diarrhea , weight loss, pains of stomach, fatigue e anemia (proportional and percentage presence of red blood cells de red blood blood cells ). cells).

Blood Cells are morphological units of the red blood series, also referred to as erythrocytes ou red blood cells, which are present in the blood in number from about 4,5 to 6,0 x 106/ mm 3,[1] under normal conditions. They consist basically of globulin e hemoglobin (composed of 4 protein molecules of tertiary structure and 4 heme pools containing iron, each iron ion is able to bind loosely to two oxygen atoms, one for each molecule of hemoglobin), and its function is to carry the oxygen (mainly) and carbon dioxide (CO2) (to a lesser extent) to the tissues. The erythrocytes live for approximately 120 days.[2][3] Source: Wikipedia - Blood Cells

When MAC spreads in the body , It can cause blood

Watch out! Not to Be Touched About Mycobacterium Avium

The Mycobacterium avium complex can become a very serious, life-threatening complication and must be constantly monitored!

If this infectious agent spreads through the body, can cause blood infections, hepatitis, pneumonia and Outros problems of health serious.

Many different Many other opportunistic diseases as well can cause these symptoms . symptoms. Therefore , Your health Therefore, it is very plausible that your doctor may ask for several tests, such as blood, urine and other tests. The samples will be exposed to tests to detect which bacteria would be attacking the organism and, thus, to define the nature of the disease and which line of treatment should be adopted and if there is a need for a possible hospitalization and all this process certainly it takes weeks and weeks until the identification of the bacteria, because it is necessary to make "crops", almost like small farms to be able to identify the etiological agents (organisms that cause a certain disease) in action at that moment.

If your CD4 cell count is less than 50, your health If your count of cells CD4 é less than 50, your Cuidor of health might treat you for MAC, even without a definite can However, lo for MAC even PULL um definitive diagnosis . diagnosis. This is Because MAC infection is very common but isso occurs because MAC infection is very common, more can can be estar Difficult diagnosis. difficult to diagnose.

Mycobacterium Avium Complex May become drug resistant?

The MAC b A bacterium MAC can can mutate e develop Resistance to some of the drugs resistance some drugs used for combating these micro-organisms, which are extremely resilient. Health professionals these antibiotics are used to combat the infectious agent that triggers the manifestation of the Mycobacterium Avium Complex.

Given this extreme resilience of these micro-organisms, they are any less, two drugs in combating this disease.

In general, the use of azithromycin or ou clarithromycin plus up to three clarithromycin and in some cases hair menos three, or even more others drugs . drugs.

MAC treatment must continue for Life , or O combat MAC, after it has been manifested It must remain perpetually, unfortunately until the end of its days for the life , ou else the d if no a disease will or return . turn back.

People react People react differently to anti-MAC differently athe medicines anti-MAC. you and your health You and your caregiver health can ter that try different different combinations combinations before before you you edo not enter one that work for you to smaller number de collateral effects.


Tea b that cause MAC are very common. As bacteria that cause MAC are very common. It is Note Não is possible to avoider possible avoid the exposure. The best way to Prevent MAC is to take The best way de avoid the MAC is avoid dropping your CD4 cell count by taking your Antiretroviral Therapy medication (ART).

Even if your CD4 cell count Even if your count of cells CD4 is very very low , there It has drugs That can stop MAC d from developing in up to 50% of people . low, there drugs that can halt the process of Mycobacterium Avium Complex up to 50% of people.

Tea antibiotic O antibiotic drugs drugs azithromycin , rifabutin , Azithromycin, rifabutin, e clarithromycin can be used for prevent the manifestation of MAC. Thesis These drugs generally are 規定の forum people with less than 50 CD4 cells . prescribed for people com less de 50 cells CD4.

Combination antiretroviral therapy can Antiretroviral Therapy can make your CD4 cell count go up do his count of cells CD4 move up. If it goes over 100 and stays Se forum more than 100 and stay há hair menos 3 months, may be sure to stop take medications to Prevent MAC. drugs for prevent MAC. Be sure to talk with your health For example,se de talk with your doctor to take Any of your 規定の any of yours medications.drugs.


The various drugs drugs Used to treat MAC Interact with many other used to treat MAC interact with many Outros antiretroviral drugs, known as TARVs, drugs antifungal e drugs , and birth drugs contraceptives.

This é especially true forum rifampin , rifabutin , and rifapentine . true for rifampicin , rifabutin e rifapentine.

Be sure your health For example, be sure to talk to your doctor so thatdo not know todos os drugs that you is taking for InteractionsInteractions can can be considered.considered.


MAC is a seriousdMycobacterium Avium Complex, or MAC, is a disease severe Caused by common b . caused by bacteria common. MAC can cause serious weight The MAC can cause severe weight loss, diarrhea e Outros symptoms . symptoms.

If you Se you develop MAC, you develop MAC, probably willbe treaty com azithromycin or ou clarithromycin plus one to three clarithromycin one more boost until three other other antibiotics . Antibiotics.

you You will that continue with the use of These dthese drugs forum Life to avoider a recurrence of MAC. drugs for all your life, with the objective of avoid a relapse to acute manifestation of the MAC.

People with 50 CD4 cells People with 50 cells CD4 or ou mit is us shouldnt should talk with Their talk com their doctors about us the plug drugs to Prevent MAC. drugs for prevent MAC.


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