Somatization of Symptoms of HIV Infection

Somatization of Symptoms of HIV Infection Is it somatization? Claudio speaks, but I can not believe it! I've done 15 exams but they give non-reagent. I do not trust these shit, and Claudio? Oh, he even said he's not a doctor ....
Symptoms of HIV Infection .... Symptoms .... Here is a word I would like to extinguish from the lexicon. But not softly. A pauls. One by one, for this word and all that it generates in terms of suffering, of moral pain .... Putz grilus saw !? (Quote from Paulistano ... "I do not even mine them!")

The Somatization of Symptoms of HIV Infection. The New Risky Risk

The "Coexistence with Me" and Its New Discoveries Converted into Somatizations.

When I say that some people are slow to learn and others never learn or only when it is too late and I point my finger at the noses of each of them, the first person I mention, to have the nose to be pointed, by me, I am I! Let's say that, without exaggeration, I have seen repeated, repeated, repeated and repeated times, while DJ, in the Night, people "die of it".

Somatization of Symptoms of HIV Infection

And, "nevertheless," I did not learn until I found myself contaminated and, as I was "a person's love," the world my world) collapsed

about his main inhabitant, me, who put in him who I understood well, usually female people, who later I seemed to forget "and not see more". In this way, I populated my petty world with enemies and enemies, and their natural associates who, when they finally perceived a vulnerability, "destroyed me and thus my world." And I'd give her a piece of cloth, but I still have to talk a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, and the last time I saw her, she said she might need another nine hundred sessions, and she said,

"Nine Hundred Sessions"!

Speaking of Somatization of Symptoms of HIV Infection and the Nineties Sessions ...!

And we laughed! Well, I believe that the number of sessions hangs between the endless and the unseen ....

Mouse Echo

And, once without a world, without friends, for in order to reach them I would have to cross a literal and virtually hostile territorial barrier and, perplexed by my own position, I forgot about Old Friends, Eternal Friends and A Friend with an Endless ability to forgive, Elisabete Castro, "my manager," whom I betrayed and, today I know, had been poisoned by the worst of all the people I had on my way.

And whose name will always be in the sewer of my memories. AND She knows full well that she is, what he did, how he did it, and if he gets here, and read it, he will know clearly that I speak of it.

For when I was enlightened about what, not who, she is, I left her with an eternal answer:

Having said that, as an introduction and public outburst, let us keep what matters:

The Conscious Adventurers In Renewed Raids In The Territory Of Danger And Fear!

There are people at risk of contracting HIV, and without knowing anything about it in absolute ignorance (unconsciousness) with the paternity of governments and governments, more governments and governments, and the Maternity formed by the superfluous interest of the frivolous media that refends itself by incensing people, "in fact bodies", fed what Laerte Braga (in memory) baptized of

The Society of the Spectacle.

These people come to the Internet looking for information and, Ipso Facto, I am not the only person who works on real and objective information seriously. But whoever misinforms, counter-informs, and spreads panic, like an example I will never tire of alluding to, three-year immunity window for anal intercourse, A CAPITAL LIE, which is undoubtedly stemming from the sick mind of an idiot (a son of a bitch, yes!) and I apologize to the Homophobic Sucker Club in delirium after Status Lisérgicus.

The great blessing of those who attend publicly and personally is to learn more in less time and self-increase and there are things that I pass on to people, such as my outburst, my tiredness. An endless sequence of nightmares, since two weeks ago, the natural fruits of post-therapy reflection, which I find to be natural, albeit terrifying, and the sad progression of peripheral neuropathy and its havoc, and the almost endless life-experience of pain which, today, makes me understand my empathy with the Dr ° House. In my case the "party", sinister way of experiencing something of this nature (it's Saturday, 29 / 09 / 2012) and it's been a while since I got discouraged from watching Voyager and I'm about to sleep.

The horror! Understand: - Being Contaminated With HIV Does Not Establish A Case Of AIDS In 90 Days

People came to me sometime, because of the experience of what they believe to have been "a possible exposure"Or a risk relationship and that

Somatization of Symptoms of HIV Infection

Is it somatization? Claudio speaks, but I can not believe it! I've done 15 exams, but they give reagent. I do not trust these shit, and Claudio? Oh, he even said he is not a doctor ....

have come back with new risks and all the somatization that terrible fear that this disease, in the past fatal and hoge, chronic, however degenerative and incurable (25 of September of 2018) demonstrate, in its symptomatologies, ACHE. A NEUROPATHIC PAINHIV-related needs a long, silent, dilettante and prolonged work for part of HIV, over two decades, I realize, to become manifest and uncomfortable and, in my case, the first manifestation of Immune Deficiency was viral meningitis, possibly, and I believe and launch hypothesis without scientific basis, caused pI have come to the conclusion that, WELL OF THE TRUTH I contracted HIV in the second half of the eighties and God knows how much I can ter spread it "forward"!

All I know is that I know nothing.....

And to Maira's smile I say that, in my defense, once I was aware of this condition, I never again exposed anyone to risk.

In a way, you who read me can try to interpret this text as part of my defense before that court, of the one I am talking about, where there is no agreement and is given to every one according to his works, which seemeth to me just, very just, just * in memoriam)

And I start to feel that my references in memoriam begin to multiply and this is the second sign, because the first is when we begin to see that the children of our youth and "adult lives"Grew, and this second is that we began to speak and repeat phrases created by our idols, which They did not always die from an overdose.. (I.e.

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