AIDS Overview - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

AIDS Overview

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I decided to rework this thing: AIDS the overview, because in the experience of "giving affective support" to people, I realized that they confuse, very much, what it is to have HIV and what it is to live with AIDS. Most of them, those who "come to me", thinking of immunological window, already "manifest symptoms of AIDS"! It is the cursed omission of the institutional media (the whole shit) by absolute lack of interest. I wanted certain sporting presenters to have the same "uranium fury" about public health policies and, in particular, the AIDS epidemic in relation to criticism of football players. It is much easier to find better support with the Devil himself

AIDS Transmission Mode

  • sexual: both homosexual and heterosexual. Transmission occurs particularly easily in sexual intercourse where one partner engages in receptive anal sex. Vaginal transmission to both partners is a common mode of transmission. O oral sex is a much less effective mode of transmission, although there have been documented.
  • Transmission through blood products contaminated with HIV.
  • vertical transmission from the mother to the fetus (through placental blood) or childish (through breast milk).
  • There is no convincing evidence of transmission through other bodily fluids (eg, saliva).

Madam: Dr. Vera Paiva of NEPAIDS considers that the marriage a threat to women's lives, I did a poll about some doubts about AIDS, HIV, the immunological window and this caught my attention: "I'm married…"

Another picture trying to expose AIDS. Overall, well explained.

Do you understand? Assessing "AIDS" or HIV Reagent Serology in Hemogram is stupidWith that, and so many things I've been researching to help people living in dark zone of doubt about the immunological window. I hope, over time, to go linking translations from one point to another and clarify, and perhaps convince, people who between having contracted HIV and start having problems with opportunistic diseases related to the fall of T cells expressing the protein CD4 a period of Five years to ten years. If you are among the people you experience this terror. I know it's scary, I've lived it, they use CTRL + D and record the address of this text and come back from time to time. I work alone and I only type with the indicators. Image is clickable and can be better viewed than in this "media"! Astrid is the ESPM were the two big exceptions!
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome occurs as a result of untreated HIV infection.
This image was clipped, with all its contents around, from the page that deals with HIV in Wikipedia . It is a public domain image and is the AUTHENTIC photo of a Lymphocyte EXPRESSING PROTEIN CD4.HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) belongs to the human retrovirus family and to the lentivirus subfamily.
There are 2 types of HIV that AIDS in humans:
HIV-1: common
HIV-2: Africa

[TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon = "ts-ionicons-quote" size = "40" color = "# dd3333" background = "# 2d9332" hoverchanges = "true" hoverbackground = "# eded00" bordershow = "true" bordertype = "double"] Mechanism of evolution of HIV disease for AIDS Overview

This is the first time I have decided on the idea of ​​facing the editing of an image, bringing it to Portuguese. I did this with an evaluation version of Adobe Photoshop and if I succeed in a few more, I will certainly strive to acquire a license for the "program itself."

In short, this is what happens. But between the first invasion, the establishment and development of AIDS the minimum time would be four years, and it could reach longer deadlines. It is no use to think that after three months you have developed immunodeficiency and are having manifestations of opportunistic diseases. IT IS NOT SO THAT HAPPENS! UNDERSTOOD? And more: It is not the best of the worlds, and it is wise to use the condom in all relations, otherwise, unfortunately you candidate or candidate receives this diagnosis .... But, see, I'm living with HIV, aware of this, there's almost 1 / 4 of century .... Therefore, you receive a diagnostic reagent without claim. And if you are like this, reagent, this is not the end of the world

The resulting FINAL HIV disease is a profound immunodeficiency resulting primarily from a progressive decrease in the amount of a T lymphocyte subgroup referred to as auxiliary T cells ou inducing T cells. This subset of T cells is identified by the presence of a molecule CD4 on its surface, which also serves as the primary cellular receptor for HIV.

This is the thing that "we all fear". It's because. It is the great certainty that we have. We can not just be relapses and neglect ourselves. Rubem Alves wrote, and defined life very well:
"Life is an aesthetic entity. Die our ability and understand ...

[TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon = "ts-ionicons-quote" size = "40" color = "# dd3333" background = "# 2d9332" hoverchanges = "true" hoverbackground = "# eded00" bordershow = "true" bordertype = "double"] Clinical picture of people with AIDS Overview

  • Initial acute retroviral syndrome: affects 50% of infected and initiates 3 to 6 weeks after the primary infection. Retroviral syndrome presents with fever, lymphadenopathy, sore throat, rash, myalgia / arthralgia, diarrhea, weight loss and headache. And a great pilgrimage to the pages of the Immune Window.
  • Asymptomatic stage
  • Generalized lymph node enlargement
  • Symptomatic infection:
    • constitutional disease (fever, loss of 10% of body weight, diarrhea).
    • neurological
    • secondary infection
    • secondary neoplasm
    • other

Diagnosis and Testing

Using the CDC system for AIDS diagnosis, any HIV-infected individual with a CD4 + T cell count <200 / ml has AIDS by definition regardless of the presence of symptoms or opportunistic diseases [1].

The currently used testing methods include various ELISA techniques which may require confirmation with Western Blot or other tests, third generation rapid tests, and fourth generation tests with p24 antigen detection.

[TS_VCSC_Icon_Font icon = "ts-ionicons-quote" size = "40" color = "# dd3333" background = "# 2d9332" hoverchanges = "true" hoverbackground = "# eded00" bordershow = "true" bordertype = "double"] AIDS Treatment Overview

Currently there are no cure for AIDS or HIV vaccine. Treatment consists of the prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections, as well as the use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), which slows the progression of the disease. In previous decades, the success of these antiretroviral treatments has been successful in prolonging and improving the quality of life of people with AIDS.

I would not stop writing if I were to talk about the importance of nurses in my life. But I'm going to talk about one. No names. Diagnosed as having HIV, I felt "bewildered." And I had thirty-nine million questions. And she, no answer. But she gave me the most important. Her lap, where I put my head and cried for hours and hours. After that, I could never find her again. Life is like that, certain angels come and go!

Current HAART combinations or "cocktails" consist of at least three drugs belonging to at least two classes of antiretroviral agents such as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) and protease inhibitors. Patients in such treatments are known to repeatedly test "undetectable" for HIV, but discontinuation of therapy thus far has caused all viral loads of such patients to increase readily. There is also concern with these regimes that drug resistance will eventually develop.

In recent years, the term HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) has been commonly replaced by another:

Antiretroviral Therapy | HAART

Most infected individuals in the world, unfortunately, do not have access to HIV and AIDS medicines and treatments. And that sucks.

There is ongoing research into the development of an HIV vaccine and the development of new antiretroviral drugs. Human trials are currently under way. Research to improve current treatments includes simplify current drug regimens to improve adherence and reduce side effects.

Translated by Cláudio Souza do Original on 13 October of the original 2018 in

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome overview what was thesectioned to: 04 November 2017

I had to do "framing issues". This is because the text seems to fall short of * our reality *.

If someone observes something like this, below and our reality that I have not noticed, I strongly urge you to send me a message by the form immediately below.


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  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Laboratory tests for the diagnosis of HIV infection: updated recommendations. 2014 jun 27; Provides up-to-date recommendations for HIV testing by laboratories in the United States, including an algorithm for detecting AHI.

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