I could not finish my career ...

Healing HIV? To be honest, I do not think of a cure for AIDS.

The cure for HIV, in my modest and poorly read way of seeing life, the world and the facts, should and must be the object of obsession and persecution of doctors and scientists. Ours, I am referring to people living with HIV, should be the search for life, even if with HIV because I say and insist repeatedly, repeatedly and repeatedly:

"There is life with HIV"!

Healing HIV?

If he monitored for three months and only tested positive in the third month of the two one:

Or is he a sadist liar. Or is a person who often runs the risk of contracting HIV.

There are people like that. I, twenty two years ago was something like this, except that I never worried about the possibility of contracting HIV. This was because I had never afraid of death and, in my ignorance, believed that contracting HIV would be like being hit by lightning ...

SEE Digital Collection - Digital Pages - 10
SEE Digital Collection - Digital Pages - 10

The fact is that I saw all the agony of Cazuza (which in my opinion is the Master Resilience) and remained impervious to all the warnings I received, for all routes ... To give a general idea of ​​the thing, I mention one occasion where I was in a motel and at the time of penetration I hit with her eyes on one side of the bed, a pile of condoms looked, do not know why, to the other side and another pile of condoms. I thought:

Fuck! Catch, caught!

Was not fuck it - it was "I fuck you!

And I took it! Just it was not that relationship was another, much later, after a number of suicidal acts I contracted HIV ...

And that's when I began to understand that "AIDS die was at the time, a painful process of gradual organic degradation where, for example, I was likely to stay alive and lose sight of one or both eyes" ...

Besides, I met a person, a guy ... A guy that I, who at the time weighed 100 kilos and was basically muscle, thought: "Pow, to hit this guy I would rather climb him ... But he had a cryptococcal intestinal infection, an etiologic agent that can also attack the lungs, and he had devastating diarrhea, and I saw him lose almost 4% of his weight in 50 days (diarrhea dehydrates and the human body is formed in its composition by water in a volume of 65%) and die in an unprompted manner, without anything being done because, as far as I can remember, it was not known how to combat cryptococcus.

Cryptography, the cure of HIV and the HIV / AIDS epidemic is not coming to an endthe HIV / AIDS epidemic is not coming to an end

Understand the etymological root of the agent's name: "Crypto". Does not that make you think of cryptography? Does not that refer to indecipherable? Well ... Cryptococcus can also cause meningitis and extinguish human life in less than 48 hours. "Luckily I had two viral meningitis and the first, it was believed, had been caused by HIV itself."

Which, in fact, was a stroke of luck, and although there was no combination therapy (the cocktail), which became extremely potent after the creation of the "Protease Inhibitors".

Protease Inhibitors and the ridiculous "scientific journal" headline: 1% of the HIV Healing

Healing HIV? I do not think about it ..... HIV cure, lol .... Life is now
Does it look scary? It's just a bitch. The photo was made at home and is the only "weapon" I would need, if I had to, and I would not come to defend my house. It is important to say that the photo was created in a late afternoon where two people I loved and who, I foolishly also believed to be loved, had been making a fool of me for almost four years. This is the sad lesson I received from trusting without reservation. Quoting Sid Nick: "The last time I trusted anyone, I lost an eye." Trust, my old starch Paulo Domingos, is like "gourd". It only breaks once! Sad truth. Badly wired, and sexist, I know, but sadly real

Since protease was the final phase of the virus replication cycle (viruses do not reproduce, they are asexual and need to find a "favorable organic environment" so that they can replicate using the cell doubling mechanism as the basis. HIV, after invading the cell, "dismounts" and, in the process, integrates its RNA converted into DNA into the cell's DNA (this is irreversible) that starts to make other viruses.

That said, it seems a long thing. In fact, without treatment, it happens trillion times, maybe more, every day, causing the death of T CD4 cells (CD4 is the name of a cellular receptor necessary for cell functions and I do not know, because I'm not a doctor, which the original function, but that is one of two "locks" that HIV uses to "open the door of the cell."

The other lock is called coreceptor CCR5. There is a human mutation that exists, as far as I was informed, only in humans "Caucasians" who does not have this co-receptor, and this led to the cure of the "Berlin Patient," which lived long enough to have much, but muuuuuita luck .

One in Five Would Die Trying

He contracted HIV. And lived I do not know how long with HIV. Then he developed leukemia. I needed a bone marrow transplant and to do this transplant, it is not enough just to find a compatible donor; it is necessary that the immune system (the white cells, among which are called CD4) is decimated completely. The doctor who did this transplant had the wherewithal to risk everything and was able to find a compatible donor, with the mutation that I mentioned, and that only occurs in 1% of the Caucasian population and was able to do the transplant (which is, in fact, a desperate measure of trying to save a life, since of each 5 procedures of this type, four end up in death in the operation or in the post-operative. All attempts to replicate the process ended in death in the mentioned conditions or the postoperative. who survived these two stages did not live long enough to prove themselves efficiency of the process and I say, if I were offered this risky "cure" I would go through because after so long living without fear of death I have gained such love for life that to be honest I do not think about healing.

Not for me. Perhaps for Mara. But for me…

Renata Cholbi: Tantum Nominum Nulum pair Elogium

Renata Cholbi. Activist of Human Rights in the fight against AIDS
Renata Cholbi: Tantum Nominum Nulum pair Elogium

I fear a process of loss of identity (I think after reading all this I've written so far, you know I've studied the "thing" a lot and somehow accepted my condition.

And I do not think about the cure for HIV, which may come tomorrow!

Or not!

I think of today, yes, it's true, I'm a nostalgist and I miss "those times".

But it's in today that I seek do all right, so that when I go to bed, and if I can sleep (my average sleep is from 4 to 5 hours a day), deserve God to consider it fair that I live another day.

Nevertheless, despite everything, I plan to live at least another thirteen years, to see my city, São Paulo, complete 475 years!

Even the cigarette is bad. Truly poor

This is because I use the 4 line of the subway in São Paulo and when you through thresholds Qualquer metro station that integrates with the 4 line the change of environment, the luminosity, the information panels and everything, even the energy that emanates from these places is completely different from everything I've seen in São Paulo and, if there is a city that I know well, this is where I was born. But I think of healing ... To you who read me and unfortunately way picked by HIV infection.

"My HIV Healing"? Should I seek her out? Honestly, I no longer know if I would.

I would like to be able to give this news, maybe firsthand 🙂 (Vanity of vanities ... It's all Vanity), and I would be happy to show up, but I do not know if I would seek the "my cure... ".

From the beginning of my life with HIV I did not bother with the HIV cure in me!

I feared death. Today I understood that this, to die or not to die, of this or of that, is not quite a "my subject". This is a lot more, actually completely under the discernment of the "Little Pig up there".

All this I wrote so that the people who reach these writings put two things in the head.

Use condoms. Although there Treatment (Forgive me those who already live in this condition, I seek here, a much larger) HIV infection is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disease with a different pattern from patient to patient.

Yes, I live there 22 years with HIV and I'm alive. And, what is more! I do an hour track with inclination of up to 14% and an hour of weight training twice a week. And ... anyway, it was meningitis "The lucky bid which provided me the diagnosis"Left something planted in me and already have three or four years I've been living with peripheral neuropathy and everything that you read here, just been typed with the index fingers of each hand, because the nerves that controlled the other fingers are not yet dead, but no longer lead the nerve stimuli in the right way and I can sign documents ...

The other thing is, "Test yourself". The sooner you are diagnosed, the better the odds of survival and hardly anyone will develop peripheral neuropathy or AIDS to maintain a safe sex routine and yet (why not) do this test once a year, I do not know ....
As for your question, William, ten seconds would not matter, but keep in mind that the transmission of HIV depends on many factors and among them are where the disease tried to enter, that amount of virus you were exposed and for how long you were exposed.

Finding the cure for HIV is much more difficult than it may seem and avoiding it is simple: Condom in all sexual relations!


Well, I would not live quiet alone with this because there is no way, once contaminated / there is no cure for HIV.

And I, the "paspanata here," could not live with this remorse, with such a selfish gesture on my part. And this is from me to me. If you do not agree, click here, although there is another lanve, here! For in there is a failure in PrEP, the way forward is this, right here and to better understand what all this is, and although it is not the end of the world, you need Better understand AIDS and keep in mind that the HIV / AIDS epidemic is not coming to an end, nor in the best of your dreams! (I.e.

"I think of PrEP as a second layer of protection and the condom is imperative because we are in 11 / 2018 with the sixth failure in PrEP already reported and after passing" the head ", the rest goes easy!

Symbol of the fight against AIDS that, in Brazil, is only remembered in the carnival and December 1ºIt seems a bit difficult to get HIV, Is not it? And in the meantime, more than 30 million people have already lost their lives and it is estimated that there are now thirty-five million people infected in regions where the World Health Organization can measure HIV and, in the meantime, in the Middle East and Asia. spreads like a fire under the tundra, if you can understand me, and I fear very much for the very serious humanitarian crisis that this planet will attend if nothing is done to prevent this, putting aside religious, moral and political issues, acting only with humanism and ethics, but not the right ethics "ethics committees"Who are bountiful and bouncers all over the Planet.

Gaia this very angry with us

A final annotation in 01 / 11 / 2018

My intention was to just add "one image" and I ended up getting in the editing, reprint, as you like, for almost 90 minutes and it's time!

Are 02: 34 in 1 / 11 / 2018

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Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED


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