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What Are AIDS-Related Opportunistic Diseases?

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AIDS Opportunistic diseases ?! Immune Window

To Begin: Flu Is Not In "Catalog of Opportunistic Diseases

Pain, pain and more pain

Opportunistic diseases, influenza, I need to clarify is not one of them, and therefore it is not necessary to fear it; opportunistic diseases are related and / or related or defined diseases of AIDS, which in Portuguese or Spanish should be treated as AIDS, "Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Two or three weeks ago when there was a fascinating event! This is after the five hours I spent in the basement of a hospital were finished, being examined by scintigraphy. It should be said that this is nuclear medicine, and this justifies being in the fourth basement.

Well, it was after all this that, slowly coming back I captured it, because that is my very nature of this fragment of a telephone conversation (or camera, I do not even know).

This fragment contained this expression:

"Dude, man, you gotta do it. take this exam and take care. Or the Fucking flu will kill you."!

NIt was not difficult for me, and I believe that for those who read me. The "bid could, if it was a conversation between someone on the other side, terrified, afraid of taking the HIV test. It is not uncommon and I had the desire to call and clarify them. And in the meantime, I could take a "get over there." It would have been disconcerting. And it has just occurred to me that I have a quarrel with you; PrEP.

The fact is that a lot of people are looking for the Whats App and declaring that they are ALL SYMPTOMS. And if that were true, they would be in the twenty seventh basement, or dead I realized that this page was poorly worked and I decided to go back.

Once this pom pom is established, u start with the following:

HIV, Opportunistic Diseases, AIDS on one side and Influenza on the other, There's Nothing In Common!

opportunistic diseases caused by AIDS
Opportunistic diseases do not react to things like diarrhea, or the flu, for example

Opportunistic diseases are also known as "AIDS defining diseases". There are many doubts and innumerable mistakes when people think, act and talk about opportunistic diseases.

Myself, when I found myself HIV positive, I imagined that "An influenza would send me into space."And the few remaining friends felt uneasy when they saw that I was flirting and I, already accommodated to the new situation, walked quietly even without umbrellas or cloak or anything that could prevent me from" getting the flu and died! " I still remember saying to one of them, certainly the most important of them all: HHei man, I do not dismantle with water

Eh Eh! It is nothing like that and, although some of them may cause a lot of damage, and here ends my good mood about it, and even kill, causing a lot of physical and spiritual suffering on the people directly or indirectly affected by these diseases.

I was thinking about it and answering questions from the followers of the site, who can always ask questions on the topic of HIV and AIDS that I asked the now great friend, Rodrigo Pellegrini Sgobbi (who translated these texts from English to Portuguese) that he brought to our language.

Opportunistic Diseases. How can they manifest?

TB. Look. Anyone diagnosed with tuberculosis needs to be tested for HIV.

Listen: I have already tyred the misfortune of living in a Supportive Home that was a focus of tuberculosis and so I was forced to take medication against Tuberculosis because I had contracted tuberculosis and it was latent.

I will follow the same system as the site where this section originated and I will similarly list them on this page starting today, Wednesday, Sept. 17th from 2018.

As I post items this page will be edited and you will get a new link to the post in question.

Opportunistic Diseases
As soon as I discovered my serology, I realized that I might be blind, with cytomegalovirus retinitis. Fear settled in me.

Below is the list of the most common opportunistic diseases - Inactive links refer to texts still under review or content not yet found

The list is this! And see: Kiss in the mouth does not transmit HIV

It can be seen that influenza, a common and rarely fatal disease, is not included as an opportunistic disease!

This way, here's the list!

Bacterial Infections

Malignancies (cancers)

Viral infections

Fungal Infections

Protozoan Infections

Neurological Conditions

  • Dementia / Complex Related to AIDS (ARC)
  • Peripheral neuropathy

Other Conditions and Complications

  • Canker sores and oral
  • Thrombocytopenia (low placetas)
  • Síndrome de Wasting
You've seen a fairly long list of Opportunistic Diseases, and believe me: The flu is not among them!
Ape is not a disease that defines AIDS
Do not panic. Flu is not such an evil, so serious. "Pesste Suina at the beginning of the 20th century killed millions. But the story was quite another

In short, influenza does not imply in fatality related to low immunity (AIDS). The flu can kill, but it does not relate to AIDS, I'm suggesting you read this text that helps Better understand AIDS.

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If you need the text for a job, please let us know by the contact form and we will send you a PDF.

And behold, My Ancient Infectologist, irreplaceable, inspired me this text on HIV, AIDS and Life Expectancy


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