Testimony of People Living with HIV

Jackye, the Bee (makes zum, zum) 10 years with HIV

10 years with HIV
working bee
Jackye would have been the woman of my life, if I were writing that she was the woman of my life ... I was not ... And I let her go, if only because nothing could stop her in her quest for fulfillment! ... The fact is that if spent many years until I met the woman of my life and, to be frank, I found. What I most want to MAKE Zum Zum, is that she has found a man unhappy, capable of wanting to change the world, as I try, because it could only meet this girl of curly tresses, as I saw a picture in black and white , she sent me via ICQ at a time when it needed 20 minutes to transfer a photo! I like to think that she is alive, happy with his nephews grown, perhaps with a son or daughter, I do not know, la Patagonia, which is a place she loved so much. But I do not know ... And the pain that hurts the most is the pain of not knowing ...

And ... congratulations on your initiative and your restlessness. Urgh pro complacency. Vivas hope and indignation!

The ability to be indignant at what is crooked, from the unjust, from what is inhuman still is the best instrument to measure the greatness of a human being.

Learn, ClaudiusThat your statement about your career was important to me.

I speak what I read another list that I do not know if you told here that part of its history.

A story that can be of great help for those who may be feeling tired or defeated.

Not in the "self-help book" Cross creed, how I hate those generalizations.

But the story is alive, pulsing of a human being who is here, inteirão, truth, and gives us the chance to share their joys and their indignation.

I remembered now, another statement, a group of people on television, there are 4 years, I think, or thereabouts.

It was the group GIV. I had my exam "reagent" still burning in mãos.Nao there was the cocktail. The future seemed very scary ... or none.

Little hope.

Solitude, my companion dead, fear, immense sadness that I hid and hurt even more.

Well, this group ran a campaign on tv:

Not a prevention campaign, but of hope.

A birthday cake, these people singing the congratulations, a candle with the number ten, 10 years living with HIV.

And in the end, the image of all, beautiful and smiling, with the caption:


I remember how I felt, I do not know, I think how you feel overwhelmed when one is rescued when the fireman opens that hole in the rubble and the poor guy down there to see the sunshine .. can be broken, but it 's alive!

I do not think it was possible, and here I am ...

And I had so much hope from that, those people see me saying:

"Hey .. desistaaaaa not! "

My heart leapt in his chest qdo saw it on TV.

I could live to see my nieces grow up dreaming about the future, feeling for a long time the wind, the sun, the rain on my face ... These privileges who is living here on this planet ...

And these 30 seconds on TV changed the course of things for me.

It was very important.

And then came the cocktail, that whatever it is, is saving an entire generation ...

So tb was, for me, reading the testimony of Claudius.

A super jerk!!

I've been trying and succeeding, slowly, to rescue my career (which went messy) that justice is done to poor HIV, he did his part (doing double myself against me physically sick 'cause I've never been) but the other was the work of FHC and the gang that rules this country.

And tb rescuing my relationship with the world that went through far: I here and the world there ...

And I've had a very good response from life.

It was this response that life gave Claudius, too.

When we look at life, gives her a chance, she always responds very nicely.

And this restlessness of Claudius was contagious.

Now that's contagious!

Sweet contagion ...

Moreover, HIV is not "contagious" is infectious.

And boring, and ugly, and stupid.

Well ... now I'll go read what you guys write here.

I'll spend at least once a week.

But the way the Claudius infected me, you may see more often ...


Editor's Note.

Do zum zum appeared a few times.

Then, well, then she found something, I'm not sure what, what gave her a new impulse to live and moved away from the internet.

I still remember her telling me the time she got a Jeep, without qualification and went to Patagonia, just to see How was it there?...

I like to think that she is alive, happy and well loved, watching her nieces grow and still infected by my dissatisfaction with the world.

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