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Newly diagnosed? Reagent? HIV Positive?

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Start your life by living with HIV, HIV Positive, Reagent or AIDS with these thoughts:

Being HIV-positive or being a person with AIDS these days is not the end of the world.

Is there something in this image that concombe abnormality? Does it look like I'm a reagent? Yeah. There is life with HIV
Is there something in this image that concombe abnormality? Does it look like I'm a reagent? Yeah. Is there life with HIV Do I look different or sad? Am I the one that "deserves"? (...) We'll talk about it!
Hello, you might be reading this page because it has just been diagnosed as HIV positive or "reagent", which is the same thing.

I know it's a bar, that if you still live with your parents it's going to be a brave wave to surf, if you're married or married you're afraid of your partner's reaction, and in the midst of all this you, like me, almost twenty-four years ago, I felt scared and without ground.

I know it's a bar and even that your best friend seems difficult to talk to them about.

But you need to talk to someone, even because, even in these health centers, with rare and honorable exceptions, there is a lot of institutional prejudice.

And what's worse, it's a veiled prejudice, against which you can not do anything because they're going to say you're freaking out on the potato.

For starters, you now need to take the exam to learn what your viral load and what their CD4 count and, above all, require treatment.

It is law, once diagnosed reagent, immediately treated.

You will have to take an exam called Viral Load, To assess the amount of HIV in your blood and one that is called cell count CD4, To assess how your immune system is.

You will probably have a tuberculin test to see if you have the koch bacillus, the horrible creature that causes tuberculosis.

If you do, you will begin treatment for tuberculosis, not because you have tuberculosis, but rather to prevent it from developing.

This is called chemoprophylaxis. If your CD4 count falls below a certain threshold, you may be at risk of developing opportunistic diseases.

To avoid this, you will receive some medications, which you must follow the prescription in a draconian way!

Respect doses and schedules, no matter what you are doing right away, stop and take the medicine.

Even if it means not saying or doing something important, or not, because nothing is more important than your health and well-being! Especially now, if you have received a reagent... (...) ...

If you follow these guidelines, and especially those that come from the doctors, you will soon be recovered from the point of view of physical health.

There are many NGOs and it has a group called "In my home"

It is an initiative of Roseli Tardelli, whose website is agenciaaids.com.br where we, HIV-positive people, can train and prevent things like Lipodystrophy affect your physical and emotional health.

I am this from the picture up there and, you may not believe, I already live with HIV ha 24 years and I'm going very well, thank you!

My viral load has been undetectable for just over ten years and my CD4, the last time I remembered taking the exam, was 1025!

I have a secret for this and I will tell you right here for you. The best way to face the positive HIV diagnosis is to have a positive attitude to life.

You will need to oversee your thoughts, and maintain an attitude that preserves your Mental Health!

I met a girl, 24 years ago, who found herself HIV-positive, locked herself in her apartment and simply died!

Depression... And there was nothing, no clinical manifestation that could "justify his death" ...

So, connect, the body is yours and not the virus and it's you who dictates the rules!

Take good care of yourself and your body will respond well to anything that threatens you.

And above all, do not be afraid, because fear is one of the most destructive feelings that exists, because it paralyzes us.

And we, when paralyzed, become victimized by everything we fear being victimized. No matter the situation, courage is the password !!!

Mental health it's very important!

If you can not do this, if you are in São Paulo, look for the National Network of People Living with HIV or AIDS, whose link is http://www.rnpvha.org.br

You can say that it was me, Claudio, that I indicated, that will not facilitate anything, but at least they will have a basis on how they are found; And still in São Paulo, you can look for the Life Incentive Group, which is located in http://www.giv.org.br .

There you will receive help and even legal support if someone has harmed you or screwed you in any way. Do not passively accept any of this and react with the same intensity and use the law against them, because some people, companies, or institutions only walk right when Justice scales and draws the sword. Unfortunately it is so.

In case you are gay, transvestite, bisexual, female homosexual you should look for the Center of reference to Diversity, www.crd.org.br, which is connected to by the Vidda here of São Paulo.

The address of their site is this: http://www.aids.org.br

And from link to link, you can also search the government website at www.aids.gov.br because there are always new things coming in there, and finally, you can look for me in my zap at + 551199p649941 as long as you understand these things that will follow:

If you are in a state other than São Paulo, I have no information on any governmental or non-governmental organization that can help you, but these NGOs that I mentioned, may have this information.

If you ask yourself what I have to offer you, I respond that it is a time for talking, talking time passes, and as we speak, I can clarify some of your doubts, as long as you always take into account that I do not I am a doctor, I am not a nurse, I am not a health professional and all I have is a high school and a semester of college, in the matter of letters / French, which I gave up because my health does not handle day, but in the next enem I will enroll and pass again.

I live with HIV for 22 years. My wife 28 years, and we make plans for the future. One day, it will still to Patagonia because it is a place we want to know, and life expectancy for a person who is diagnosed and entering treatment accurately and persistently, has a life expectancy of 70 years.

I do not tell you that living with AIDS is a walk to the square, because it is not.

The other thing I can offer you my friendship. But see to be my friend is be willing to listen truths that people do not normally say to other people.

I'm friend. And friend who is friend pulls the other's ear to the ground, if necessary, so that he understands a fact. Being my friend sucks !!!!!! Hard to put up with !!!


Claudio Souza

After reading this text, do not miss the video below click this link, Leading to a text that is a little outdated, but that brings interesting aspects about the disease

The effects of AIDS are reversible, test yourself, treat yourself and live!

                        <figure> </ div> <div> a> <figcaption> This photo, from the beginning of the 2017 years, shows "how things were for those who discovered AIDS." I, myself, ignored this photo and went ahead, playing Russian roulette. "bang" </ figcaption> </ figure>
I have been keeping this blog, almost without help, since the year 2000! we are at the end of 2019

No one is so poor that they can't help at least once. It's your choice. And God Witnesses Your Options

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What comes after the picture is not for you to think:
"Wow! How he suffered !.
It is for you to get it in your head that you can go through even more than that!
When I write that there is life with HIV is this and much more that I speak !!!
Despite the HIV infection, and even rarely, I can smile!
I know! The shirt is awful. I tried this same smile with another t-shirt. But the reason for the smile was no longer around! 🙂 It really is. Yeah, that smile on me is rare

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