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I have primary HIV infection! Oh my God! How much madness, fear, and senseless suffering. Pimpy HIV infection is something that does not go beyond six weeks and yet the lack of information, or even counterproductive information, spreads even more chaos!

Well, some will say, and I will echo and chorus with them. I'm not a doctor. But I have a work known, recognized, honored, honored and respected! You can, if you will, kindly see this, or the part of it that I had time to insert, in this link. It opens in another flap !!!

Acute HIV infection - Some people see themselves as such. I just ironed myself, only leftovers for me!
Some people are like that! If they deem it so importunate that God would find a strange way, beyond science, beyond logic, to "punish them!", "Transgressors that are." poutz !!! Get your forcados

What is acute HIV infection?

Primary HIV infection is a very controversial subject. And I see, here in my What's App, the big bitch that is in people's heads and, checking a few pages, including some "health professionals" that remind me the most "slot machines "than with doctors! I dare not say, but my life story has taught me to distrust a thousand and seven hundred times before committing one. For it was trusting that I went to Hell for the first time.

And also for the second, third, fourth ... and so on ....

Misunderstanding and emotional chaos

The problem is that misinformation leads to mistrust, and how I understand it! Well, I did a research on primary HIV infection in December and after reading and re-reading, I chose a text as the best and the most reliable, regarding the description of what it looks like, and for how long it can last and from which time it can not and could not exist!

And when I finished this paragraph I remembered a certain episode (The Bad Side) in a Science Fiction Series, Voyager, in which the "Doctor" recited an excerpt from Hippocrates' oath, of which I put a part in this early text.

I will apply the schemes for the good of the patient according to my power and understanding, never to cause harm or harm to anyone.

I will give no pleasure to anyone, no mortal remedy, no advice to induce loss. In the same way I will not give any woman an abortive substance.

Immaculate will save my life and my art.

I will not practice the carving, even on a confirmed calculus; I will leave this operation to the practitioners who take care of it.

In every house I will go there for the good of the sick, keeping myself from all voluntary harm and seduction, especially from the pleasures of love, with women or with men free or enslaved.

What I have seen or heard in the exercise or out of the exercise of the profession and in society, which I do not need to divulge, I will keep entirely secret.

Primary infection should be treated as shown in this passage from Oath

But there is the "Evil Side" 😢😢😢

A good start

Primary HIV Infection is almost like a wreck
The Impossible Does Not Exist

I told my wife almost twenty years ago when we still did not know each other very well the following joke:

- "Do you know what 500 means lawyers in the bottom of the sea in a shipwreck"?

Innocent of me and my jokes (I still had some good humor in those days) she did not know and I said, laughing:

-"A good start"! (I.e.

I would say something like that, but I would suggest that 500.000 doctors across the planet should be tackled, one by one, in rigorous detection and analysis to fill a few ships and put them to shreds!

It would be good for these health professionals to rethose this oath each morning, before they begin their work, their activities. Notice that I do not blame you for earning a living by practicing medicine. I deplore that it generates misinformation to exploit fear.

And I know that the Vulture's Club would feel extremely offended if I compared such people to them. Let's work on Primary HIV Infection:

Primary HIV infection has a deadline to occur and
Time, time ... It's time for you to wake up and use a condom! Thanos can turn a little button and redo things. I wanted to have this to fix the mistakes that were not mine ... But it does not work !!!!!

How Long Can Primary HIV Infection Occur? And Then, When Is It Unlikely That Primary HIV Infection Occurs?

It was at this point in the text that I caused "species" against me! After all, whether I like it or not, I deal with health, it is often life or death. And a little while ago I followed a "case" (this is not the best word, but I have no other) and I saw the loss of a life! It does not matter if the person is in a bed on my side or 2500KM. I suffer because I have the sad heavy burden of empathy and this evil is everything. But in this way, under the glove of such responsibility I asked the one who was my Second Infectologist, Dr. S. to help me with the revision and, of course, the necessary and appropriate corrections.

Primary HIV infection is a condition that can develop between two to four weeks after someone contracts HIV and not more!

CD4 cells, the "band generals". The importance of the CD4 cell count count is great!
Representative image of peaceful coexistence between white and red cells.

There is no cure! It is better to prevent than to live this neurosis! Or yet… (…) ….

All the people who come to me for the Whats App come out with obvious somatiations of acute HIV infection far beyond this, scientifically and clinically proven, somatizing symptoms after, in some cases, more than eighteen months after the "incident."

However, acute HIV, which is also known as primary HIV infection.

Or, acute retroviral syndrome, is the early stage of HIV disease. And this picture lasts until the body has created antibodies against the virus.

Awesome Speed ​​Replication! Overwhelming! My First Viral Load:

More Than Three Million! I wanted to have this in Pounds Sterling

Thus, during this early stage, that of acute HIV infection, the virus multiplies rapidly.

Unlike other viruses, which the body's immune system can typically combat, HIV can not be eliminated by the immune system. And even worse, not even through some therapy.

And so, the best option is prevention, and it should start with dialogue (on another tab)

From Primary HIV Infection Towards AIDS

This reminds me PET SHOP BOYS! Iconically, one of the last songs I played, before the final bump in my "meteoric career as a DJ" !. And you, sonsa, heard everything in my lap, believing I thought you were drunk .... I'm glad it was that way. This way you were not harvested by disaster!

For a long time, the virus attacks and destroys the cells of the immune system, leaving the immune system incapable of fighting other diseases.

As well as a sad collection of infections. When this happens, you can lead to the late stage of HIV, known as AIDS or HIV 3 stage.

And it was there that a person, today a friend, came across the loss that I inadvertently pretended!

"What a shame!"

These would be "the bad guys, and the CD4 cells, well, they would not be the sheriffs." But the Marshall
Two bad faces

It was one of the most violent opportunistic diseases that hit that boy!

Many people....

It is better to prevent than cure! Why HIV Infection and AIDS Have Treatment! But it has no cure!

It's Better to Avoid. And if you do not protect yourself, as I did not protect myself, it is practically and statistically impossible for you not to meet him, HIV! If so, test yourself.

And keep in mind that Primary HIV Infection May Not Appear!

And yet, other, less aggressive diseases such as Rotavirus infection or the flu may have the same characteristics!

Actually, this little word symptoms has caused me Ojeriza and malaise! Because it brings me back to human suffering! In another post I'll talk about it, and it's almost certain that I'll be sued. It will be a delicious waltz!

Please note carefully that Acute HIV Infection is the occasion of the highest rate of contagiousness.

And yet, most people with acute HIV infection do not even know they got the virus, because the initial symptoms resolve themselves.

Or, too often, they can be confused with other diseases, like the ones I mentioned above !!!

Let's say Vitamin C and bed is a good idea At the Time of Supposed Primary HIV Infection!

Primary HIV infection is the phase of increased transmission of HIV infection due to very high viral load

It is advisable to treat yourself with resting and good feeding this possible Primary HIV infection and Respect Immunological Window

HIV tests are not always able to detect this stage of HIV because of the Immune Window from 30 days to 45 days and period

The signs!!!!!! (I.e.

What was the letter like ?:

Ripe orange, by the side of the road .... Or is it bitch Zé! Or has a footblow
Brazil Music
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Credits and data on the song are at the end of the article. By clicking on the image you will have access to what, I believe, is the original version. Here, on my phone, Mily Vanily's delicious cheat "girl you know is true

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Acute HIV Infection?

It is important to note:

At this point I am talking to a person who came to the Whats App who started the conversation asking for help and, this is not a complaint, it is the exposure of a psychological / psychiatric picture.

I looked at the time it started, and it was yesterday, the 21: 30. I want to enjoy and demarcate it. I start to work with Whats App and Facebook, in the fanpage of the blog, which https://www.facebook.com/soroorg, maybe 13: 00, when I have no medical appointment.

I had one today and I heard all the explanations were all the ones I dreaded hearing. The worst possible!

I hardly look at the cell phone before that because, with AIDS or not, There Living with HIV and I like to live part of my life for myself and for Mara, with Mara and pelaq Mara! Sound Clear?

Os Damn symptoms of Primary HIV Infection in a Person with More Than Six Months Suffering

And these symptoms, which will be described now, can be somatized!

The person, to whom I gave a link, which is on my page, immunological window, the facts, explains CLEARLY, a "classic" case of somatization and the person did not see it. He saw, in fact, that the person had an illness! She simply ignored the part of the text that tells the truth.

The right side of her body, which is controlled by the left side of the brain, eventually paralyzed the right side of her body. However, the right side of the brain, which she believed to have some problem, controls the left side of the body. In this way, she, who did not know this, ended, silly and somatically, paralyzing the right side.

And, anyway, the person told me:

- "It is not possible to somatize a tongue"! - I confess that I wanted to play the cell phone on the wall of the market! Well, see this, my psychosomatizing friend, and you psychosomatiators, look:

Psychological Pregnancy or Pseudicise

What's more, I went to the father of the Donkeys of the 21st Century in search of arguments and when I began to write, I got this gift:It is the third most frequent search

Somatization of "symptoms" of primary HIV infection is possible and more frequent than I would like to know and witness ...
Google has a FANTASTICOI algorithm and "you know, as soon as you start typing, what you may be needing, this is artificial intelligence and it's not" basic !. And he suggested psychological pregnancy as the third most requested item!

Yes, that's the way, the Primary HIV Infection is GALOPING SCALM!

But let's go back

Acute symptoms of HIV infection are similar to those of influenza and other viral diseases, so people may not suspect they have contracted HIV.

In fact, the CDC estimates that of the more than 1,1 million people in the United States living with HIV, about 15% of them do not know they have the virus. Taking the test is the only way to know. And above all, you need to wait for the immunological window from 30 to 45 days! And, after that, simply A-CEI-TAR the Result and do not think about it! Passed, you did not get HIV!

All you have to do, from now on, is to review your positions, your concepts (preconcepts and prejudices), analyze, from another perspective .... If you receive, at any core of serological testing and post-test counseling, you can be sure, or I would not say,

Yes, the result is valid and, in spite of the "human" slot machines that thrive and champion, SUS has been the foundation of it all.

They are not expensive physicians, or cold laboratories that will treat you. And I've gotten tied up with private doctors at the invitation of my wife. And I invited her to meet me where I treat myself. Do you want to know?

Yes, there was a time when there was not a single medication that would serve her in those days, there for 2002 / 2003.

But the AIDS House had a protocol for such patients and it spent months, months, months, months, months and months taking "Fuseon"! To clarify, it was like this: As there was nothing to do, but to keep the treatment in operation in those days, it was done, with the addition of this injectable medicine, applied twice a day, because it somehow helped, within that context maybe the Bob Volpe Can you explain this better! (I.e.

And it was difficult, because the injection had to be mounted, and I will tell you this in another text, if I remember it.

And let it be said: For the truth, she would not be here, it was not the SUS protocol. And the paspanata paid, a kind of crushed banana, had no idea about what would become the fuseon"!


Symptoms of acute HIV infection may include:

Very common:

  • EPIDERMAL Eruption. The Damn Rash;
  • Fever and / or Chills;
  • Headaches;
  • Fatigue - Syndrome; from Wasting
  • Sore throat;
  • Night Sweating;
  • Loss of Appetite;
  • Ulcers that Appear in the Mouth, Esophagus, or Genitals;
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes;
  • Muscle aches;
  • Diarrhea;
Read below:

In the time of Wagon Plaza, I spoke with Chicão, a great friend, and we talked (see, we knew and we did not care) about AIDS and just the diarrhea! And he said something that, I'm almost sure, that went something like this:

"So the guy goes to the diner right there, or at Planeta's, a restaurant at the beginning of Augusta Street and says,

- "Give me, uneducated to bessa, an orange juice!"

The clerk, Pissed off of life, choose the worst oranges and express to the juice.

The next day, he continued the Chicão, the guy gets up, he's listening to Bom Dia, Brazil, he is, the Devil, you would know the reasons why, talking about AIDS. The guy, who lives alone, leaves the toilet with the door open, hears the reporter say that the diarrhea is one of the symptoms and the orange juice and last night provoked a revolt and, with the revolt, an insure! And the waterfall was present, noisy and noisy !!!

Panic is established! Even because the guy in this tale does not remember when it was the last time he used condoms and this gap ends, once and for all, establishing panic, anguish, fear and everything!

To make a session of greater terror, at times the immune window was 90 days and the result takes at least a month, maybe more. And the impression was, in those days, quite powerful, and if an examination came with an "indeterminate" result.


Needless to say, this conversation lasted a little more than three minutes, but another ten waiters and the "Second DJ", Lico, who, I remember, never had aspirations to become the first. It was really smart ... it was also there, and we fell, tones, in huge laughter.

I believe I've seen eight or ten VP people on CRT-A when he was still at Antonio Carlos! Well, yes, it is!


Not all symptoms can be present, and many people with acute HIV infection do not have or have any signs or symptoms!

So it was with me, and when I finally got into a Hospital in Bairro da Liberdade I was already "By the seven ball"!

Well, as Dr. Dráuzio varella says very well, those who were lucky had a Kaposi's Sarcoma!

However, if a person experiences symptoms, note:

"They can last for a few days or up to four weeks and disappear without treatment. After this phase there is no, there has never been and there will ever be a primary HIV infection!

I and I REAFFIRM because, as Bentinho taught, there are concepts that must be instilled in the mind of the reader anyway, at any price even if by force of the meal!

And After This Period Up To 4 Weeks, The Primary Infection Per Hiv Disappears And Does Not Surge More!

Acute HIV infection occurs most often within two to four weeks of initial exposure to the virus. HIV is transmitted through:

  • Blood Transfusions Contaminated, Usually Before 1992;
  • Sharing Syringes Or Needles With Someone Living With HIV;
  • Contact with Blood, Semen, Vaginal Fluids, or Anal Secretions Containing HIV;
  • Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding If Mother Has HIV;

HIV Is Not Transmitted Through Casual Physical Contact, How to Embrace, Kiss, Hold Hands or Share Food Utensils.

"Saliva does not transmit HIV"! And understand, therefore, the kiss does not transmit HIV

And yet, genital (vaginal and pre-seminal) fluids also contain the virus, not just the semen. I want to put it more clearly. Vaginal fluid contains HIV if a woman is infected with HIV! It's a honey that can end up indigestible .... (I.e.

Who is at risk for acute HIV infection?

HIV can affect people of all ages, races, sexual orientation, social positions, political opinions, professions.


How is acute HIV infection diagnosed?

A health professional will conduct a series of tests to check if the virus is suspected. An HIV standard does not necessarily detect an acute HIV infection Immune window and the facts about her in herself.

Many HIV testing antibodies against HIV and not the virus itself. Antibodies are proteins that recognize and destroy harmful substances, such as viruses and bacteria. And viral load testing is not the best idea about HIV research. Here's why:

This point was the Holy Grail of my works! I mistakenly advocated viral load testing for people with unclear questions and sought relief from the suffering of these people. This is in my text, worked largely with health and control professionals and epidemiological care. All the technical part of this text, which will appear here, in this link that leads to immunological window.

Well, unfortunately I was wrong *. And it is beyond my power to repair the emotional damage that I may have begotten, and thus all that I am and say and affirm that I am painfully constricted and that I ask for your forgiveness.XXXX

Anyway, but not finally I show what I was explained, via text, by Dr. S. on Immunological window

Wait for the window time, take the test and if it, fortunately, come unreactive, after 30 days, thank God and accept this result.

Do not think of HIV infection as a punishment and do not judge yourself, do not be ruthless to yourself, or to the member of your family who "showed up" in your life !!!

The presence of certain antibodies usually indicates a current infection. However, it may take several weeks after an initial transmission for the antibodies to appear.

How is acute HIV infection treated?

Proper treatment is crucial for people diagnosed with HIV. Health professionals and scientists agree that early treatment should be used for all people with HIV who are ready to start taking a daily medication.

Early treatment with antiretroviral drugs may minimize the effects of the virus on the immune system.
However, antiretroviral drugs can have serious side effects when used in long-term treatments. It is important to discuss all treatment options and potential side effects with your doctor to determine the right time to start and continue treatment for HIV.
Improve Life

In addition to medical treatment, health care providers may suggest certain lifestyle adjustments to a healthy way, including:

A healthy and balanced diet to help strengthen the immune system by engaging in sex with condoms to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others and contracting sexually transmitted infections (STDs).

Drug Use and the Serious Risks of HIV Infection or Crack addiction

If you use injecting drugs, use unused needles. But stop and think: Damn sucks! It is the final straw. And every drug ends up leading to the consumption of a heavier drug and this always ends up in crack. I've had a daughter fighting crack for almost two decades. This is hell!

Use healthy, stress-reducing therapies and practices, such as Yoga, as stress can also weaken the immune system.

Practice safe sex, avoiding exposure for people with infections and viruses, since people with HIV may have a more difficult time fighting disease and maintaining a constant treatment on a regular basis, remaining active and living without social isolation and avoid the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs and, if possible, stop smoking! Difficult, I know, because I can not! And you see, Dr. Dráuzio Varella stated that the nicotine is the only DRUG what causes Abstinence Syndrome after ten minutes! Worst chemical dependency and the most enslaving

What is the perspective for someone with acute HIV infection?

There is no cure for HIV, but people living with HIV can still live a long and healthy life with treatment. The prospect is best for people who start treatment before HIV has damaged the immune system. Early diagnosis and correct treatment reduces the chance of the 3 stage of HIV. Successful treatment improves both life expectancy and the quality of life with HIV.

In most cases, HIV can be manageable in the long term and considered a chronic condition.

Treatment can also help someone living with HIV achieve an undetectable viral load, at which point it will make him statistically incapable of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner.

How can acute HIV infection be prevented?

Acute HIV infection can be avoided by avoiding exposure to HIV of infected blood, semen, anal secretions, and vaginal fluid. Ways to reduce the risk of contracting HIV include:

Reduce exposure before, during and after sex. A variety of prevention methods are available, including preservatives (male or female), pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), treatment as prevention and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

  • Avoid sharing needles.
  • Never share or reuse needles when injecting drugs or getting a tattoo.
  • Many cities have needle exchange programs that provide sterile needles.
  • Take precautions to deal with blood. Wear latex gloves and other barriers if you handle blood.
  • Get tested for HIV and other STDs. Taking the test is the only way a person can know if they have HIV or other STIs.
  • People with a "Reagent (Positive)" outcome may then seek treatment that may possibly eliminate the risk of transmitting HIV to their sexual partners.
  • Being tested and receiving treatment for STIs reduces the risk of transmitting them to a sexual partner.
  • CRTs recommend annual testing for people who use drugs or who are sexually active.
Where to Find Support If You Get a Reagent Result

Getting an HIV diagnosis can seem emotionally devastating, so it's important to find a strong support network to help deal with any resulting stress and anxiety.

There are many organizations and individuals (I am here) dedicated to supporting people living with HIV, as well as many local and online communities who can offer support.

Talking with a counselor or joining a support group allows people with HIV to discuss their concerns with others who may relate to what they are going through.

Acute infection (symptomatic or not) and the early stages of infection are believed to be responsible for 38 to 50% of transmissions.

And that in the early stages the transmissibility is 10 to 26% higher.

The credits for "Mature Orange" as promised:

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