Ban Ki-moon said: World Has Stopped and Reversed the AIDS Epidemic

World Has Stopped and Reversed the AIDS Epidemic

While That in the banana republic: retrocesso on retrocesso, and as Benjor says, with the new manager, who is not there very friend ....

"Our new promise is ending AIDS by building a sustainable, just and healthy future for all," he said during the presentation of a report on balance and the UN agency responsible for this matter, UNAIDS estimates.

According to this report, in 2014, HIV still affecting 37 million people in the world while new infections were reduced by 35 and related deaths dropped an 41. New cases especially, declined for an 58, among children, who will soon no longer contract the disease, said Ban Ki-moon.

"Today, 15 million people receiving HIV treatment to save their lives. Rich or poor, the right to health is everything, "said the UN chief.

"Fifteen years ago, there was a conspiracy of silence. AIDS was an 'other' disease and treatment was for the rich.

They were wrong, that today we have 15 millions people in treatment, 15 millions of success stories, "said Michel Sidibé, executive director of UNAIDS.

To achieve eradication up to 2030, you will need to make sure that 95's HIV-positive are aware of your condition, 95% receive treatment and that 95% exclude your viral load.

And for such it will be necessary to mobilize the patient, educate and promote the economic independence of women and adolescents, as well as put an end to discrimination against people's medical research and HIV-positive advancement.

The UN report finds it essential to eliminate mother-to-child transmission, Marco that has already been achieved in Cuba, the first country in the world to be certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) to eliminate the transmission of AIDS and syphilis of the son of a mother .

UN believes that the response to HIV demands a "smarter" global health investment and development pattern that ultimately generates great results for the citizens and economies of all countries.

Have you received your diagnostic reagent and are you scared? Do you think your life is over? Are you having thoughts "of the type clueless"?

You need to get your hopes up!

Understand that my resilience was built one day at a time, one illness after another, one SUSAN AFTER THE OTHER!

Resilience is not something you are born with! You ROW IT! One fall after another. For every fall inevitably follows a new rebound!

In summary:

get up

Shake the dust off!

And Turn Around!

Your doctor, your doctor can do a lot for you!

Your family, if you have any, because there is not one left for me, they can or can not do something for you.

God could do everything for you!

But it's up to you to decide to go ahead or sit on the curb!

Do you think I talk too much? Please read my outdated medical history! 🙂 It may take a little while!

And as for Health, it is a Right of All and a Duty of the State


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