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Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org

I, Cláudio Souza do Seropositivo.Org, I'm Not a Celebrity. But I forget about it with ease

That was in 2014, when we won the Top Blog award, personal, in the health field by the Academic Jury. It is among the greatest honesty that this blog received

Well the text that I'll put here on this page is actually almost like a reinsertion. This is due to the fact that my point of view regarding the history of this video has changed a lot since those days, so I would dare to say that somehow, I matured, not only in emotional and intellectual terms, but also in the interpretation of facts of that time.

The origin of all this was a school work, students of ESPM, superior school of propaganda and marketing.

They asked me if I would give the interview and I did not think twice, and I said yes.

Was not unconditional This interview of Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org Damn Shit

The only condition I expressed was that my face should not be hidden, and not even my name will be changed. And, unfortunately, these two conditions, somehow, ended up not being met.

And who knows me knows I was furious at this! And, knowing me well, you know that I, furious, do not think straight!

I, Cláudio souza do Seropositivo.Org, do not always think about law

If so, at some point in my life I think straight!

The result of this was a very serious and very serious text, challenging an entire institution, based on the mistake of two people!

And as I saw that this did not let loose the result I got in touch with the institution, the superior school of propaganda and marketing, the ESPM.

Rare Happiness to Meet Elisabeth

And I had the good fortune to meet Elizabeth the school principal, who did more than correct that mistake, understood my position, and offered me a chance to participate in an interview in a program called linked in the area!

Watch me, Cláudio Souza do Seropositivo.Org, saying some nonsense 😉

Beth is a friend today. But I remember the sadness in her voice, when I, after I deleted everything about it, but in truth there was still a story pointing "to that," and she told me that "not yet."

The Spirit Of A Monkey Habits The Body Of Cláudio Souza do Seropositivo.Org

Oh God, why did you make me in the spirit of a monkey?

And I've forgotten the basics for all those years, since that interview was granted and posted online.

I just got something very serious, and here it goes:

Elizabeth: I'm sorry to accept my apologies and thank you very much.

Now I believe that I have finally aligned things correctly and you can watch the video.



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