More than 90% would report if they were victims of domestic violence

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domestic violence
Eu não me sinto bem ao fazer "alguma apologia à violência, mesmo porque o exemplo vem de cima (né?) se vocês e permitem o eufemismo. Mas eu entenderia perfeitamete se uma mulher, cansada de ser espancada, abusada e batida, bem como humilhada, exposta e maltratada, resolvesse, diante da enormidade de falhas do sistema, viesse a responder ao ogo com fogo. pois, na minha triste esperi~encia nesta senda que parece estar se aproximando da curva que leva à "reta oposta", eu TIVE de aprender que o fogo, muitas vezes, só pode ser combatido com AINDA MAIS FOGO; Diabos

Victims of Domestic Violence

The Corumba Courier informs that 90% would report if it was a victim of domestic violence. You can read the story, very good, in this link (link opens in another tab of your browser).

This is strange, since, in truth, most cases of violence against women are treated silently, especially in high-income families who seek to "disguise the scandal (SIC)"

Cases of female violence against men are treated as "ridiculous events" and the man in this position hardly has the courage to expose himself, and expose his alleged masculine superiority to other men or, worse, to another woman. writing and I have particular respect for delegates <3).


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