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Carnival 2019 and the Empty Excuses!

Empty Excuses - The Always My Mi-Mi

Is it? ... Is there a grenade, with the pin pulled .... I gave mine myself ...

(those that everyone already knows)

"I was madly in love."

"He drove me crazy."

" I was drunk ".

The Great Stupidity of this is that, drunk or not, he had an erection and, well ...


"I thought she did not have HIV, so I fucked without a condom."

"I lost all the people who approached me and did not want to lose it too.

"It was a risk" calculated.

"It's better without a condom."

I was the idiot who said that zillions of times

"Getting sex with condoms is like sucking bullet with paper."

"Putting the condom on is hot!"

"It's not funny".

I have listened or invented reasons for an unsafe compromise. Countless of them!

And I created mine for that, and in the * end * I ended up with a reactive result in my hands and six months of survival before me.

All I said was shit multiplied or multiplying shit!

And I receive you here, every day, with similar speeches and some other things that border on the personal offense:

"It's not for me! It's for my wife and my daughter! Fuck me! "- Sit in my chair, with Zap open and read it!

What a shit To hear That, right? It's as if they told me: I'm here, almost screwed, but you ....

Claudio, you've already hit the rocks just as the tide went down. You're F ***** and it's a Big FDP

Ises use Imagees more use Imagees dawn and from the table form, I hear new apologies similar to them, mine and, in fact, they all always represent the same thing:

Unconsciousness and irresponsibility. And my finger points first to my nose. This long, pointed and incisive nose, which seems to worsen, as well as the ears, is growing

Unsafe sex remains a common practice among heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals. Many people are being infected with HIV. Many of us are dying for accepting this level of insecurity.

We have to change our response to unsafe sexWe have to change our response to unsafe sex and how we communicate to the other our ideas about sex.

It is our responsibility!

Our responsibility!

As individuals and as a community; we must secure our future as humanity. When you are tempted to have unsafe sex you can make one of two choices: you can say yes or no.

An unprotected, unsafe sex may be very good, but there can be tremendous risks for one or both partnersAn unprotected, unsafe sex may be very good, but there can be tremendous risks for one or both partners. Transiting safely, using condoms, gloves or whatever is needed, you are guaranteed the peace of mind not having to think:

Did I get HIV??

Did I get HIV?

Did I get HIV??

Will be…?!!!

And prevent you from looking up one of the above excuses for yourself or making up new excuses, unconnected speeches in the face of reality that would not really change the damn situation. HIV still can not be destroyed, and despite all the advances in medicine, AIDS is still a disease that can be fatal.

If a friend tells you that he had sex last night without a condom, there are many answers you can give him. Ask yourself what you would like to hear if you were in his place.

Attentive confrontation is one way to demonstrate that he is at risk, that he is loved, and that you care about him; demonstrate that it is risky behavior, which can have irreversible consequences and, above all, be convinced of this.

Maybe the answer is "what the hell did you do?" Maybe it's "you know the risks that went"?

Perhaps this, the so-called "hotline," serves as a clearer, more concise alert. The only improper answer is silence:

Silence. Our silence at this "social" juncture is equal to death.

In addition to our individual responsibility, we have a responsibility as human beings in relation to humanity, in the broadest and most collective sense of the term, to avoid the spread of HIV throughout the world, for little friends and friends in some way, what is in Sheik is the solution of the continuity of the human race on the planet! And every crazy fuck of us that gets HIV becomes a "HIV test tube"!

It will be from you that that new viral strain will emergethat new viral strain capable of transmitting through the air? Am I saying bullshit?



The dengue mosquito was only capable of reproducing in "clean" water. That's not quite the case anymore. Many of us humans do not seem to evolve! And meanwhile, everything, literally and viscerally everything evolves. Even HIV!

The stupid thing: Gay plague!

Did I get AIDS?At the beginning of the epidemic, the gay community was brutally penalized: they were to blamegay community was brutally penalized: they were to blame. They made history by reducing dangerous sexual intercourse as quickly as possible and quickly ceased to be the fastest growing HIV community. And part of their response was to create their own organizations that could help educate, motivate and maintain that success.

But, prevention and fight against AIDS they can not do just this. They can catalyze what we need to do for ourselves. We need to confront what we are doing and the right to seek help if we need it, and to explicitly encourage each other to do the same.

You can go home tonight and spend five minutes thinking about your own level of risk, or if you protect your life while you live it.

Sex demands responsibility and, in times of AIDS and Zika, just to quote, Did I catch AIDS is a thought to be avoided!

And just with the condom, PrEp and PEP, in extreme cases, you can talk to three of your friends to try to know how safe and responsible they are at the time of sex. And being responsible will also live or think,

Did I get AIDS? Will be? It will be, will it? Did I get AIDS? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Did I get AIDS? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you're going to have sex tonight, use a condom. Because I did not do it and now

Well, now I'm here typing these things, trying to keep you from doing the same stupid things I did!

We also have a responsibility to get together and change the way we see sexthe responsibility of getting together and changing the way we see sex. We as human beings accomplish immense successes in many areas of our lives and are timid in confronting each other in our simplest needs.

We need to unite. We need to talk openly. We do not need to go back and reinvent prevention; we need to strengthen this. We need to reorganize ourselves, reflect on our priorities, and most important, reinvent hope.

Hope is what will encourage HIV-positive and HIV-negative men and womenis what will encourage HIV-positive and HIV-negative men and women, heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals to take care of and care for each other, practicing safe sexpracticing safe sex.

Life is worth more than a fuck.

Having safe and responsible sex today, we will be helping not only ourselves but also all of humanity, in building a world without AIDS ...! Yes, im and yes!

A world without AIDS, without discrimination, without prejudice.

Dan Wohlfeiler, Education Director

Translated and adapted from one of the STOP AIDS pages of the 10 decade of the 21st century

My calm state of despair.

He taught me that it is necessary to participate.

A man can not survive prevented from participating

This is a story that few can tell!

Did I get AIDS?
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Did I get AIDS?

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