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8 March - 2019 - International Women's Day

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A rose is a rose, and a rose is a flower, and as Galileo of Galilee used to say, that is love. (Benjor)

I just realized here, now, at 16: 35, that I was letting something go "unnoticed." Yes, I do not realize that today is International Women's Day.

This is a beautiful age.

I've been looking for "historical references" that would confirm what I know to be the great motivation of this day's creation, and if I could, I might have demolished the site that gave me the references below the way they gave it.

The stories that refer to the creation of International Women's Day feed the imaginary that the date would have arisen from a fire in a New York textile factory in 1911, when about 130 workers died charred. Undoubtedly, the 25 incident of March of that year marked the trajectory of feminist struggles throughout the 20 century, but the events that led to the creation of the date are well before this event.

Well, I have learned from my life that every "legend", or is it a "social imaginary" thing, that I, who do therapy with a Freudian analyst, the only one who got my dilettante weekly participation, without faults, without empty excuses , without self sabotage.

I have tried the Lacanian therapeutic model, and in the end I almost went on the slap with the Lacanian, and who knows the model and me knows that it did not take three sessions ....

The collective unconscious carries within itself "the legend, for it is generally grounded in History, and I believe we are to this truth pointed out above, which is actually a prison within the factory, followed by a criminal arson and omission of help that came next and that is why I say that for you women, maybe today's date would be a date of mourning!

It is not the sun that shines the most !!!

But I read Shogun, and the funeral of a certain character goes beyond beauty, and goes beyond poetry. In this way, celebrate the loss, no, the sacrifice of those hundred women, and as for us men, let us be ashamed. It was "our predecessors," in the accursed phagy of power for power, and the power for what he brings ($$$) that we promote "temporary incarceration, set fire to and deny help to those who, in my modest, short and ill-attended vision, are Martyrs.

And if I seem contradictory when I say "long life to these martyrs," give me the benefit of insanity and think:

- "He's crazy, HIV ate his neurons"!

This is just to establish a point. Of the AIDS Blogs right now, mine is the only one who has received this trophy. The Other, and I tried to reach it but I did not find it, it's Solidariedaids, by Paulo Giacomini. Good…

And that may even be true, but it devoured, and is still devouring, the peripherals and, well, it's like I said.

As long as I have an arm, an eye, and a working Brain, even if I am precarious or in absolute precariousness, I will continue to work.

John Chapter 5, v. 17 to 18!

Until another day, my girls!

After I have published this text, actually scheduled it, for the 20: 55 of 8's Marco 2019 day, I'm going to vote for bed.

Neuropathic pain, Dr. Fernanda, is demonic.

I had to come here and "raise this text".

I spent the day "bedridden" by neuropathic pains and when I woke up, I lay down today and rolled in Amitril, I had a flood of information that I deplored. I tried to prevent the text from being published, but 4 minutes had already passed.

As soon as I woke up Mara told me that two men (...) "brother-in-law and boyfriend" alternated in, the first rape "and the second to burn a woman alive.

In a TV show I saw the salary difference at approximately 21% plus one of violence that reinforces the beginning of this text.

I, in the face of all this, though not at all like this, on the date of home, I am engulfed by being * man *.


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