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Is the SUS Quick Test reliable? Yes! How do I know if I have AIDS? Test yourself after the Immune Window!

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How Do I Know If I Have AIDS? Is the SUS Exam Trusted? Yes!

sofrimento_8010678664_oThe problem with you is very simple to solve.
Just use common sense and have faith in science.
O examination is reliable. It is the basis of the entire diagnostic chain in the country. Make use of a technology that works on such a sensitive platform (we are talking about human lives) that, being ambiguous would be, at best, a genocidal temerity.
We would have people undiagnosed maintaining the chain of transmission and untreated.

Practically speaking, it is more "cost" treating HIV infection than control the flow of a person hospital with established disease AIDS.

I lived in Hell Without Remedies for two years and during a time when I had none prospect of survival (I predicted six months of survival and I've already outgrown this in 4.400%), I, so as not to stay inside the support house, a crazy place, a permanent focus of tuberculosis - I was using chemoprophylaxis against TB - I was taking medicine against tuberculosis - I stayed at the CRT-A when he was still at Antônio Carlos Street, all possible help was needed and well received.

Listen to what a friend, a Brazilian, who lives in "Zorópa" told me.


So I got involved with people, made friends and lost them in weeks ... there was a period of by one month I went to a funeral a day and at each funeral I wondered when it would be, after all, my ... I am still here ... And I no longer have the worry about how or when I will die, because even to die, it is enough to be alive.

In person, I do not care about healing and this is stated on the siteWith my face and my words.
Maybe I'm interested in healing for my wife; on account of all the others!


I lived and live it all so intensely that I come to fear the loss of my identity and it is quite possible that I do not take these medicines if I am still alive when these medicines appear. This is from me to me (to the crazy all is forgiven ...)

More the immortal terror that you live, doubt, amazes me, because it seems that nobody believes in science and, although everyone shows that HIV exists, no one, or a large majority, does not care. Then comes the neura ... My desire is to write a dirty word, because few educated words can define this line of conduct, where the guiding thread is the senseless pursuit of pleasure at any price while seeking pleasure, which becomes guilt, fear and terror, less than twelve hours after having done the wrong thing (wrong is a euphemism for something that could be done correctly, without taking risks, using protection).

I will paste an excerpt from an article 2010 here for you to read.
I have more than 4000 offline articles because no longer correspond to the truth or because they would be even counterproductive (and real terror would spread these days, unnecessarily).

I dare say that I have the largest database in the hands of an individual, a "lone wolf", the world ...
About 5000 articles in total ....




In 20º anniversary of the death of Cazuza, the prevention of AIDS still leaves to be desired

By Pamela Oliveira

Rio - Exactly 20 years, the death of Cazuza, AIDS victims, shocked Brazilians. The latest pictures of the singer - very thin and weak, to 32 years - marked a generation. Despite the achievements, such as universal provision of cocktail against the disease, prevention still leaves to be desired. Among adolescents, fewer than half use CONDOM in all sexual relations with casual partners. For many, there was the AIDS trivialization.

Deputy Director of the National STD and AIDS Department of the Ministry of Health, Eduardo Barbosa affirms that the challenge today is to make the adolescents do not stop using CAMISINE. "Research shows that the young man uses CONDOM in the first relationship, but from the moment he trusts his partner, he stops using. In a month he already has sex without a T-SHIRT and exposes himself. "

Since then it has only gotten worse. I stumbled on a site that deals with human reproduction and saw dozens and dozens of women (about 5o on a page) seeking temporary sterilization to avoid the risk of getting pregnant when having sex without a condom (!!!!!!!!!). This is a kind of hunting and fishing lower emotions, as I learned hard, will Estuar the madness ...

There are girls of 12 years with AIDS, giving birth to children also HIV positive!
teen pregnancy.
Teenage pregnancy is a scourge of unreasonable proportions. And, what is much worse: Each pregnant girl before the 18 years means at least one unprotected sexual intercourse !.

The implications of this are numerous, as we have, in theory, a "lost generation" and the global labor force will fall increasingly as not to spread CONSCIOUSNESS among you.

I do not want to sound alarmist. I'M BEING alarmist !!!!!!

The medium and long term which will in check will be the solution of continuity of the human species on the planet and it seems to me, only I see it! And strengthening iso saying that every day grows more and more the number of people infected and we know little about what happens regarding this pandemic in the Middle East and Asia, where it seems to run like wildfire in the tundra ...

The exams work yes, and it is good to know that they exist and it is great to know that there are more than 20 different medicines, enabling a large number of therapeutic schemes; but it is extremely important that people take care of themselves. The Berlin patient is a living miracle, and the procedure to which he has been subjected in order to achieve his cure has 80% of possibility of ending in death still in the table of surgery or in the postoperative. I ask you:

If I invite all of you to go with me to an amusement park where each toy offers you a chance to get out alive in his 20% you would?

I would not even ...

Anyway, what we have today is a window period that oscillates between the 30 60 days.
In the 90 decade when I had meningitis, I, as the doctor told me, I screamed, I screamed with headaches (I have no mnemonic record of this) and decided, by good and charity, to induce me to coma .
The induced coma was 30 days. My return came only 60 days ahead and did not live the anguish of waiting, but she was 120 days.

In good, put aside the paranoia with the accuracy of the tests and become unnecessary tests.

AmfAR has produced a video, an overproduction, promising a cure for 2020!
This generated an immediate response from the scientific community and the answer is right here on this site, in this link.
Only now I realized that passes midnight.
I am here for hours, I need rest. My sleep only exists if induced and I'll probably be here until nine tomorrow morning.

Then, my man, take the exams, in the immunological window of thirty and sixty days. And, you see: From now on, she fucks (Mara does not like this word ... Make love ... rs, rs) only with a condom.

Click the expression Oral Sex: What is the risk?

And it will lead you to your other doubt ...

Seek to understand the phenomenon already immunological window and other important aspects regarding this delicate situation in these links:

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Love, trance, clamber.
But not fode

Editor's note: When I received my diagnosis I went through an extremely paranoid period where I felt that anyone could know that I am HIV-positive only with paramim.Senti looks fear, shame, guilt, self-humiliation and I thought yes, a lot, in suicide. A friend of mine, quye did me the favor of notifying my ex, who could, but was not, infected, says that a second later he had regretted holding, because she went into a complete paranoid outbreak and it was difficult to bring her returns to the light of reality. AIDS, the disease, has the gift of driving people crazy when they feel they may have been touched by it. I never saw a single report from a person who received it with serenity, in an extreme case, a friend told me that her brother had AIDS and that, before confirming the diagnosis, she had the "hope that it was leukemia." And she's a psychologist !!! Ended my day

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