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Secular State? And Religious Pressure in campaigns on STD / AIDS and Abortion?

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Youth and AIDS

Religious pressure, in the decisions on campaigns to prevent STD / AIDS and Abortion in Brazil

secularismAs political maneuvers and solutions to dig vacancies in ministries, CPIs and federal commissions, parties have made increasing efforts to place their representatives among the members of these governmental and their representatives among the members of these governmental areas.

In this way, more and more private interests have influenced the direction and objectives of the committees of regulation, investigation and suggestion of improvements and suggestions for improvements, where people who lose more and more are the population.

The Lay State Is Ignored Systematically When we talk about crises in national politics and we think directly about corruption.

However, a fact that has increasingly prevented the advance of significant improvements.

And, therefore, I reinforce: Significant and extremely important with regard to public health.

And this because of the absence of secularism [O French secularism, secularism ou secularism is a political principle that rejects the influence of Church na Public sphere do State,[1] considering that religious matters should belong only to the private sphere of the individual.[2] Differs from anticlericalism, insofar as secularism tolerates the Church, as well as other religious confessions, since they are confined to the private sphere of the citizens. within the framework of national politicization are the leaders who put religious interests first]. source Wikipedia

Failing, thus, with the advancement of benefits to the population.

For example, we can mention the national evangelical group, as the most serious ideological epidemic, within a system that allegedly is said contrary to the "ideological bias ".

And so, today, as always, devastating our current health system.

However, it remains to say, for justice to be done, it is not only the "neopenthocals". I myself saw myself literally and viscerally eroded by "older religious systems"!

rapes but not abort
Unfortunate phrase pronounced by some politicians and even some religious in days of verbal diarrhea

For liturgical issues such as homophobia and anti abortion, for example.

And, not infrequently, we see laws that can deal with social and real problems that are increasingly worrying in the country, being barred, but not based on social grounds, but with a systematically ideological foundation.

The religious concept is an ideological whole and, not being against religions, I quote an apocryphal text:

I have nothing against Christ but, yes, against his priests!

Morgana, the fairy in Mists of Avalon

It is common to see social proposals that have their advance prevented by a religious movement that argues against the logic of a secular state, as Brazil proposes to be.

The issue of AIDS

Especially in the issue of the National Program on awareness, treatment and / or prevention of STD / AIDS and Abortion, there is a lot of religious pressure.

The big problem here isabortion-on-pedophile-si arguments! For, for the truth, they hardly include budgetary or logistical analyzes, only entering into vague merits such as the criminalization of homosexuality! And this doubt is common:

Oral Sex Passes AIDS?

Luckily the Person next to it has already been replaced by a much brighter one. A kind of lighthouse in the fog, warning of reefs!

Or even sex! And because it's just sex!

And such arguments start to have a negative effect in the country:

As a result, the number of gay young people infected in the country has practically doubled in ten years.

Quoting an antico data, from 2012, which came to mind now I report this:

From two thousand to two thousand and eleven, 11mil people had died from complications caused by AIDS! Worth saying that they are on average 1.000 people per year, with a rounded average of 100 per month, 3 per day one every eight hours! Is that little?

Department of Health of the Municipality of São Paulo, with calculations and rounding generated by obvious conclusions elaborated by me! One death every eight hours, caused by a disease that can be prevented, or controlled, if diagnosed in time!

In addition, while other countries advance in discussions on issues related to abortion, for example, Brazil is striding in the face of any mention of it.

The contradiction of the secular state

The religious influence we see in prevention campaigns in a state that is called secular is at least contradictory.

And so, with each unhappy day that passes, new figures controversy gain status as true voices of the religious population.

Delivering contradictory messages to the lay state, prejudiced and often worthy of totalitarian states like Hitler's Germany or North Korea, Kim Jong-Un.

I…. I prefer the good fight

Figures like Marco Feliciano, who, before being a politician, identify himself as a pastor, are extremely harmful in their positions, because they do not open up possibilities for argumentation!

MarcoFelicianoAlanMarquesFolhaOnce all their controversial and prejudiced opinions are legitimized based on religious beliefs and common sense.

The idea is that in treating STDs, for example, we will encourage premarital sex.

As STD / AIDS, a problem of countries still less developed than Brazil, happens to be seen as it was 30 years ago:

  • a disease of homosexuals, that can only be acquired by sexual relations between people of the same sex.

And this is a real setback for a country that should be free from biblical pressures that subjugate people's needs.

However, as long as the politics of the exchange of positions by votes and, above all, the religious influence in the life of the National Congress prosper.

A very important organization, which should take care of everyone's interest.

Without ever being allowed to dominate by religious pressure on such sensitive issues as STD / AIDS and Abortion.

And I fear for a dark horizon, with a possible humanitarian crisis, perfectly avoidable!

This religious pressure, without ideological bias, I dare say, will only bring backsliding, suffering, death and I do not even want to think about it anymore

Life With Aids:
Thirty Percent of Workers in Brazil would refuse to work alongside a person with HIV
Claudio de Souza Santos

Evil in its essence ...

It's all about power and money.

What do men want with money and power? More money and more powers!

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