I Ask For Support To Maintain Seropositive.Org

I need support to keep seropositivo.org
I need this support, sooner or later, maybe early, I might not be able to keep this up and, in fact, there are other people working and I should retire. But without that, my life is without purpose

I Need Support To Maintain Seropositive.Org

And do not think it's easy to write it and expose me like that. This is Hell and, you know, I "bad-and-bad", an old Italian expression I realize typing three or four lines.

A damn peripheral neuropathy left nothing in my hands other than typing with index fingers, but fortunately she was kind enough to wait for me to dictate the text.

But think about dictating a text to someone with an 65 IQ and you'll see that sometimes it's better to write.

I will not lie about support for Soropositivo.Org

Having written to this point has already left me in pain, it was they who woke me up an hour ago and I'm needing a "five-minute break to proceed.

I already received support to keep Seropositive.Org, today I need more than before!

I'm not going to lie. I had 18 months of help institutionalized by the ASHOKA Non-Governmental Organization to carry out a project of replacement in the labor market and, after 18 months, not having carried out absolutely nothing from what I was offered, I had the profit cut off

Remembering José Wilker (in memory): "It is just, very just, just!"

This Blog is maintained by me, Cláudio Souza, with much personal sacrifice. Soropositivo.org is not composed of chlorophyll and does not "live by light".

I Need Support To Keep Seropositive.Org

I give up "things" that I need have, that I would like to have and that, I well know, I can never have, because I need to maintain a minimum of quality here and, this thing, quality, requires "cash".

Each Photo Costs $ 1,00 in Depositphotos (the link opens in another tab).

I'm not quite sure how you guys will interpret this, but I believe that after keeping the blog "out of my pocket" for almost 19 years, I have some right to ask for support for Soropositivo.Org

Although Three Buttons with Fixed Values ​​You Can Choose the Amount for the Support to Seropositive.Org

In the frame to the right you can choose any values ​​and, keep in mind, the seemingly little, done with less than if consumed in a can re soda, would do a big difference here.

Thank you

Help R $ 10,00 once only!

Help with 20,00 once only!

Help with 50,00 1 instead only!

Choose how much to support One or more times

Have you received your diagnostic reagent and are you scared? Do you think your life is over? Are you having thoughts "of the type clueless"?

You need to get your hopes up!

Understand that my resilience was built one day at a time, one illness after another, one SUSAN AFTER THE OTHER!

Resilience is not something you are born with! You ROW IT! One fall after another. For every fall inevitably follows a new rebound!

In summary:

get up

Shake the dust off!

And Turn Around!

Your doctor, your doctor can do a lot for you!

Your family, if you have any, because there is not one left for me, they can or can not do something for you.

God could do everything for you!

But it's up to you to decide to go ahead or sit on the curb!

Do you think I talk too much? Please read my outdated medical history! 🙂 It may take a little while!

And as for Health, it is a Right of All and a Duty of the State


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