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Understanding AIDS Better Or Better Understanding AIDS

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Better understand AIDS It is a renewed need and this is why the reprint of this text.

It's needed Better understand AIDS! Always and always! I would prefer Grafar AIDS

The fact that you are HIV positive ( seropositive ) does not mean that you are sick or even with AIDS! but you need to better understand AIDS, as this is of fundamental importance to you “Take a foot and control the situation”!

For this is what could keep you from becoming seriously ill soon enough. Living with HIV is different from being with AIDS and it is a good idea to test yourself after having an unsafe sex. But please, observe, respect and accept the immunological window.

Make it clear: Feeding paranoias does not cure remorse!

And a re-word, without repentance, is inexhaustible!

Primary HIV Infection Is Not A Unique Thing! It looks like Any Virose! Try to understand AIDS better (Understanding AIDS better)!!

If you have an unprotected relationship and still have time, look for the PEP Otherwise, wait for the immunological window and do not get carried away by the specter or ghost of the Primary HIV infection. And take care!

Pay attention to the source of your information and, for example, if the source of the information does not invite you to visit, for example, and in particular if this visit is paid for.

Unconfessable Interests and The Need to Understand Better AIDS

Unfortunately, obscure and unconfessable interests move more creatures, seemingly human, than human beings, apparently “poorly qualified”.

And I reiterate: SUS exams are reliable.

After this lengthy introduction, continue, this text, appropriately suited to today's reality, helped me to cope with and survive HIV infection. It had a simple purpose, like this remix. To get the reader to…

… Understand AIDS Better Or Understand AIDS Better

But you're in the middle of a fight. pera proprotect your immune system, your health and your life.

You pOf a doctor who will be pready to serve you withoutpRe necessary.

Recent pHave provided new and impInformation on the repTion (rephuman immunodeficiency virus (HIV), such as: the rate at which the virus doespOf oneself, how manypWhat it does and how the immune systempWhere is this

Scientists have developed new technologies that pRometem improve our capThe ability to detect and evaluate virus activity at all stages of infection pLink HIV.

Better Understanding AIDS Counting CD4 or T-Cells

New tests directly measure the virus, along with the T cell count (CD4) pgive us a better idea of ​​the stage of HIV infection.

This pPagespwhere to some Frequently Asked Questions that the pAbout HIV. As you read this pThe pagepHe would have given more on the virus, as hepAnd how it relates to pof the disease. The more you know about HIV (the virus) and the disease, the more you can do pTo stay healthy pOr one haspthe biggest.

I want to understand AIDS better? IF I FEEL WELL, DOES THIS MEAN THAT THE VIRUS IS NOT ACTIVE? Or is it already AIDS? ”

Understanding AIDSUntil then pYou havepHowever, it was believed that while pIt's not thepResent symptoms, the virus would not be active in its colorpo.

Recently, pOr else phave shown that the virus is never pplowed, incubated or asleep. In fact the virus is multipLikingpFrom the very beginning of the infection and the immune system is fighting against it.

It is estimated that more than 700.000 pEssoa in Brazil are infected pHIV and most pWill be active and healthy pOr a long pperiod - often years - thepWe have been infected.

“Better Understanding AIDS: How Does Our Body Fight Infections?”

Understanding AIDS better implies understanding that our body lives in war!
It's like that. Note that this image is a link to another tab, same blog

The colorpThe human is under constant attack from a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The function of the immune system is to remove or control these pRotate the colorpOf these invaders and their harmful effects. One of the pMore im rotagonistaspImmune system is a cell called CD4 or T cells.

T cells lead the respInfection.

More ispEthically, they send other cells pand destroy bacteria, fungi and other viruses that cause infections.

“In Search of Understanding AIDS Better: Why is HIV Different? ”

One pRincipThe differences between HIV and other viruses is that HIV uses T cells (cells that help colorpThe fight against infections) pTo become multipLiar or repTo liquefy

HIV invades the T cells and transforms the T-cell genetic material into its pRopGenetic material.

As soon as the T cells are controlled pThey are no longer able to control the immune system.

Instead, infected T cells pThe HIV link begins to pMore HIV.

The attack and the repOf viruses, with a view to pRincipinfected cells, gradually wipe out the immune system and weakening the body's defenses.

"Understanding AIDS Better: You Need What Is It Happening In Your Organization?"
Understanding Better AIDS
When you can do this, let me know! Well I'll put 30.000 miles on you, whoever you are 🙂

Although HIV infects T cells and other cells pOr the whole organism, he multi-plic pRincipIn the lymph nodes.

Lymph nodes are located in many pColor artspo.

Each lymph node pThere is a network structure in its interior that acts as a filter pRouterpInfected viruses and T cells.

Large amounts of healthy T cells become infected pHIV when pBake normally pThe lymph nodes. We now know that there are many more infected cells in the lymph nodes than in the blood,pDuring the early stages of the disease.

“Seeking to Understand AIDS Better Does The Virus Remain Active When It Is Stuck In Lymph Nodes?"


PRecent surveys have shown that a large number of new viruses are pRoduced daily from the onset of infection.

Your body counterattacks by replacing infected T cells with up to 2 billion uninfected T cells daily.

This pYour T-cell count to be constant pOr anypo.

However, the colorpYou can not stand it indefinitely. To the pOucos, the immune system pEred the battle and can not pTo make enough T cells pTo replace those that are destroyed pHIV, leading to weakening of the immune system, which increases the pOssibility ofpDiseases.pOrthoptists and / or tumors characterizing AIDS, propRiously dictated.

Understanding AIDS better implies observing that undetectable viral load is not a cure
Not quite like this

To pHello, havepThe most common way topTo widen pRogression of the disease pOr HIV was measuring the amount of T cells.

The T-cell counts are impOrts pThat indicate how your immune system ispTo the continuous activity of the virus in its colorpo.

New tests that pTo measure the virus rightly give a good idea of ​​thepThe virus in your blood. The number of viruses in a pequena sample of your blood is known as viral load.

Viral load is an indicator of the level of HIV activity in your lymph nodes and throughout your body, pMoreover, another way of accompanyingpTo widen pRogression of the disease por HIV.

The virus is comingproducing Constantly.

Even if you're feeling pperfectly well - during the so-called “silent” or asymptomatic phase of the infection - big numbers of copHIV infections arepRoducing therepgoing on and on.


“How often should tests be performed? PTO EVALUATE VIRAL LEVELS? ”
Understanding Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
I remember the indignation of a "girl" who, newly diagnosed with HIV, told me that I was the antithesis of what should be "THE PUBLIC IMAGE OF A PERSON LIVING WITH HIV." Well, antithesis because I did, and do, psychiatric follow-up, because I did, and do, therapist analysis (I could never afford it, it was the love of their neighbor that moved them) and my * promiscuous * story. In other words, my promiscuity was evident because I reportedly was a DJ and ate all ***. What a FUCK? Well, I told her half a dozen things and she created uol.blog the seropositive profile and, as I recall, only published it once. And that brings me to another point. Everyone wants to blog about HIV. But no one could stand just over 5 years. This blog here has history, almost nineteen years, because I wrote this story and so to say it all. God only to tell me, “C 'est fini”

In general, higher levels of virus pAre associated with a smaller number of T cells.

Likewise, lower viral loads generally mean T-cell counts higher.

PRecent strains have shown that higher levels of virus generally pRogressão fasterpOf the disease, while lower levels of virus pSlower progression of the disease.

In a commonly performed analogy, AIDSpRests one pcoldpWhich would be situated at the end of a railroad to be pBusiness pHIV link, which would be a train; Viral load repResents the speed with which the train pI would run this railroad pthat the count of CD4 cells, or T cells, would be indicative of the distance between the pBetween the train and the pcoldpIco; in short:

Know how many viruses are repRoducing in your colorpThe number of T cells your body has pTo fight the virus pYou or your doctor to decide the best way to treat the infection.

Be well informed pOde to make a big difference in the course of your infection. The more you know, the more pOught to do.

Today, there are more features than ever before pto help you to fight against HIV and AIDS. Your doctor has new information about the disease and its treatment. Talk to him today.


To this day it is not known how to take HIV from the colorpOf a pAs long as he has settled in the body. PTherefore, the infection pHard HIV link pThe rest of the life of the pContaminated. Even though pIt's not thepNo symptoms, pTransmit the virus. In addition pContaminated soil should be pso that there is no recontamination, since new contaminations pCan collaborate pinfection with increased viral load, decreased CD4 count and a consequent increase in the risk ofpOrtunists of greater or lesser gravity.

It is known, today, treatment and cure pFor almost all diseasespOrtunists and is pArticularly impThat the pHIV speaker has an accompanyingpConstant and efficient medical pFor what pThe diagnosis pTo recover from an eventual infectionpOrthoptist, thus guaranteeing a better quality of life.

If you discover that it is pHIV speaker, sick or not, keep in mind that you are not alone. This is a pandemic that affects the entire planet. Soundthe millions of pAre you living with the same? pRoblema Pwe pray yes, apTo live positively.

Also remember that the disease is not just the virus. It's the way you live. Understand, face and turn around pOr up.

Revised text por  Amarilis (in memory - * 1963 + 2003) I`ma PWAperson with AIDS) I am a PCaPWith AIDS)

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