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People Living With HIV and Right to Secrecy

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Passed the bill that better protects People Living with HIV and the Right to Confidentiality!

Talking about people living with HIV and the right to secrecy should not be something I would write about at the pleasure of the one who won the war, climbed and wandered from the mountain, went down to the field and gathered the potatoes! But…!

And, unfortunately, it seems to me that people living with HIV still need this protection!

And this news shows that they have been remembered again and may come to be better protected!

And I repeat, persist and insist: it is a pity that I need to write about the need for protection.

The Manchete that leads me to this Sunday publication and the introductory text is this:

CCJ approves rules to ensure confidentiality of HIV carriers

Luis Macedo / Chamber of Deputies, Tribute to the National Day of Public Advocacy. Dep. Erika Kokay (PT-DF) Kokay: The project embodies the fundamental right to intimacy

Professional secrecy can only be broken for just cause or if the person wants to identify himself. The project is now for Plenary review.

The Senate Constitution and Justice and Citizenship Committee approved the 27 / 7658 Bill of the Federal Senate on Wednesday (14). This PL, PL prohibits the dissemination of information that allows the identification of the HIV status of the HIV virus in various areas, including in legal proceedings.

According to the text, hospitals, schools, workplaces, public services, security and justice bodies and the media will not be able to disclose information that would allow the identification of a person's HIV status. CCJ approves rules to ensure confidentiality HIV

Professional secrecy can only be broken for just cause or if the person wants to identify himself. The project is now for Plenary review!

The Senate's Constitution and Justice and Citizenship Commission approved the Senate's 27 / 7658 bill, which prohibits the disclosure of information that allows the identification of the virus carrier status AIDS, HIV, in various areas, including in legal proceedings.

According to the text, hospitals, schools, workplaces, public service, security and justice bodies and the media will not be able to disclose information that allows the identification of a person's HIV status.

But we People Living with HIV need a lot of this protection that is basic: "Our medical confidentiality"!

The Guarantee Fund for Employees (FGTS) was instituted in 1966 is currently regulated by Law No. 8.036 / 90 and Decree 99.684 / 90. This is a set of funds raised from the private sector (businesses in general) and managed by the Federal Savings Bank with the primary purpose of supporting workers in some cases closing the employment relationship in situations of serious illness and even in moments natural disasters, and is also intended for investments in housing, sanitation and infrastructure.

ASHOKA Social EntrepreneursASHOKA Social Entrepreneurs

I believe it was between 2002 and 2003 that I've been a first event in Ashoka with the new members of the Fellowship, which, because of my mistakes and inadequacies, I do not play anymore.

I failed them

And yet, I am proud of being able to be in their ranks when I explained something I had in mind regarding the creation of a bank of hours to compensate for hours of absence, the exemption of labor charges for seropositive professionals hired by these companies.

I wanted you, Claire, to get to these pages and find out that they did! Yes, I can rescue the image of your face and all your commitment and cheer for me.

Claire. I messed up and I forgive you!


People Living with HIV and the Right to Secrecy
The Message here is for anyone who has just discovered HIV, or even a person living with AIDS. Theoretically it is at midnight that the darkness becomes denser. And it is at this moment that the dawn begins!

I aimed to find the sympathy of Serious Legislators who would make the "transit of the source of these uncollected resources"To the state - and I can even hear the buzz when I write this in 2019 under the" New Direction ".

However, as I explained the idea itself, one of the people I heard understood me badly.

And I ended up believing that somehow I was proposing to lose these rights and, surprised by the lack of understanding, I ended up with a "new lamp lit in hippocampus"

People living with HIV need protection in their lives and, like the others, have the natural right, hell, right to medical confidentiality! Catso

And I reinforce during the sad wording below, which enters from the text itself, that this is the unhappy, crude and nefarious reality is that people living with HIV need legal protection and legal protection not only around medical secrets, although this seems absurd, since even the right to work is undermined by us, people living with HIV and, well note:

I've never seen anyone have their medical secrecy devastated and destroyed because they had measles!

And I told her something like this:

Dear friend! I did not mention the loss of these rights, I treat the source change of the due values. And I continued.

Most of Time, Seropositive.Org Had Just Our Financial Support

Even if it were, think with me. I am here and, apart from the support of Ashoka, which I had for 18 months unmercifully, since I did not present any positive results afterwards, and I, as amended, could not continue to maintain the Site. It was not Blog, this did not exist.

But look. If me and others people with HIV could work, and I do not talk about physical fitness, unfortunately I do not have it any more!

I spoke of social possibilities and, with that presented to me, 15 years ago, a little more, I would cease to depend on the State and "its benefits".

The Kindnesses Of The State, I Would Say, Are Ambiguous And Doubtful

I could have salary, dignity, self-confidence, happiness, consume and with that, even * indirectly * collect taxes, self-finance a portion of their pension in the future, as well as produce, return to be a useful and productive member within society and in this way, almost as if by magic, help to defray the treatment itself in having to insert values ​​directly within the context!

Later stupefaction and silence spoke for a thousand images, and an image speaks for a thousand words!

And, given the obvious fact that there is obvious prejudice and discrimination in planetary society, and I am not exaggerating in saying this, research shows that 33% of people of productive age claim, verbatim that they would not work alongside a person living with HIV yet there are, sadly, people capable of saying blunders like "there is no such thing and social death" and, to screw up the baleful expression:

Just one pill a day. My Boyfriend can (because of him I warn) delay medication when we go to the Ballad! Today his health is better than before! In my opinion, he is more of a bastard than has no references. I put a reference here: 

7658 PL / 2014

People do not seem to think while writing and publishing! We deal with human lives and some seem to say

Lack Of Emotional References

See this, please

I have been keeping this blog, almost without help, since the year 2000! we are at the end of 2019

No one is so poor that they can't help at least once. It's your choice. And God Witnesses Your Options

To Help With $ 10,00 To Help With $ 20,00 To Help With $ 50,00To Help With $ 100.00

What comes after the picture is not for you to think:
"Wow! How he suffered !.
It is for you to get it in your head that you can go through even more than that!
When I write that there is life with HIV is this and much more that I speak !!!
Despite the HIV infection, and even rarely, I can smile!
I know! The shirt is awful. I tried this same smile with another t-shirt. But the reason for the smile was no longer around! 🙂 It really is. Yeah, that smile on me is rare

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