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Symptoms of HIV infection are similar to those of a virus! Yes, I know, I've said it countless times! And yet, it has not resolved, and to reinforce this I quote:

"Certain concepts have to be instilled in the mind of the reader by force of repetition"!

Machado de Assis - (Dom Casmurro)

Yes! Symptoms of HIV Infection Similar to Viral Infection

People Living With HIV
This family "is real". David Kirby is real. Or it was, unfortunately I do not see how he could have reached this stage ... of the disease, before the 90 decade and still survived to 1996 / 1997. I do not judge the characters. In those days I was a frequent visitor to one of these stores and, after this photo, while I had the economic standard I had one day, never, NEVER AGAIN I entered one of its stores!

Hi guys good night. This text should have been posted "online" yesterday, Monday, April 2nd. It's not easy for me to keep up. It is not lack of courage. It's gas shortage.

Look good! I'm a person who does not even look at the sky, I just thank you! You know, when I got my diagnosis, everything was a lot, but a lot more complicated. COMPLICATED!

In the set of bad news, the worst of all was the six months of survival that I was for which I thought I was happy or happy, as they say here.

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And yet the most dantesque aspects of my peripheral neuropathy are "lights ", in the face of those I saw, a few months ago, in a person who was about to take the same exam I did, the electroneuromiography (word of the devils).

Just to register, the last one I did, actually * lived *, made me stop counting when I had received a little more 400 stings ....

And ... Look. If I told you that yesterday I spoke with the three hundred-plus person plus 30 testing for the presence of HIV that does not accept the unreactive result, after months, in some cases more than a year, and in other cases more than years and years, I'm sure some of you would believe because, I believe, and I come close to daring to bet that there are a few dozen people, here ... even in the Fan Page of the Blog, that they are experiencing similar, similar, similar or exponential situations ad infinitum.

Well, this is another text on the subject!

Immunologic Window, If SUS Tests Are Confidence and Symptoms (...)

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And I looked for it, to republish and enlarge, because most of the people who come to me speak of symptoms. I say: Somatization.

They say: Somatize lymphocyte decline? And the monocytes?

They speak as doctors and doctors, when it suits them, and when you are close to "killing their will to carry HIV," they close their arguments and say,

- "My symptoms (word millions of times damn) tell me otherwise! And I just want to know so you can treat me! "

In this way I put this back, with some updates and other links, that say it's all in your head, accept your non-reagent, since all I wanted was exactly to have the chance to change it, to be able to enter a laboratory and receive a unreactive result.

Yes! Yes! Any Virose

And as I know this does not make sense, going back in time calls for high amounts of energy and a truck of tachyions. I want you to understand, once and for all that the Symptoms of HIV infection are similar to those of a virus like the flu.

And I repeat myself, because although I almost get tired of saying, there are people who seem to need this phrase in their routines.

Madness among the madness, some people told me they USE AUDIO THAT I SENT TO THEM, TO HEAR ME BEFORE SLEEPING!


Audios that say, in one way or another, almost always the same which is written below:

Symptoms of HIV Infection

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Symptoms of HIV Infection
People do not see the obvious howling. Our family has an extra zeal for us. Me and Mara. When a person in the family falls ill, we are informed and we do not visit them. Maybe it's really overzealous. I know. What I try to establish with this "speech" is that it is quite acceptable that people can exhibit similar symptoms. It may be a pathology, which means VIROSE! Catso! Or pure and simple mimicry. Decades ago I lived with a woman and her son and on a certain night I was with Dayse, a family friend, in the sound booth of SKY & Perepepês "and when I left the Sound Booth and went to the dressing rooms for a last minute adjustment I found her laughing in the back hurrying me: - "you walk the same as Pedrinho"! The truth is just the opposite and this is mimicry

With regard to symptoms of HIV infection I heard the narrative of a friend who does a job just like mine, but in another country, who told me about an individual who sought him telling a story that bordered on insanity!

As he described:

A "sequence of breathtaking events!"

And it made me angry. That's why I put it here.

A damn blood count

"... on the basis of this leukocyte count, the doctor said, this person needs to be hospitalized, as this can be an AIDS picture...! "That's what the doctor said at that Bananagua hospital."

His partner maintained unprotected extra-marital relationships and the first thing he felt was a mixture of fear, remorse, and despair.

eThe first person was tested against HIV and gave non-reagent. And another blood count showed a "normal" white blood cell count ...

But there are people, unfortunately, who consider themselves capable of Evaluating a Hemogram based on Knowing the Good at What.

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Because people infected with HIV often have some symptoms and signs of seroconversion disease, with such often non-specific markers, this is a poor form for early detection of HIV infection in clinics, MedPage reported today.

Accept Your Non-Reagent Result. The Symptoms of HIV Infection are the same as those of a virus !!!

A Doctor needs to EVALUATE THE DARK exam!

And the damn exam needs to be done after the immunological window!

An individual is acutely infected with HIV when he or she responds "positive" (reagent) to HIV RNA or p24 antigen (each of which shows the presence of HIV in the body before antibodies to the virus have been generated).

But with negative (non-reagent) results for antibodies.

A total of 261 members of the HIV positive RNA test cohort, and 112 or 3,4 per cent of the cohort, had their HIV Infection Serological Status confirmed.

Of that group, 50 people gave two or more blood samples they tested positive for HIV RNA before presenting antibody reagent results as well. The analysis of the study focused on this group.

The mean peak viral load between the groups was 5 million, occurring 13 days after the first positive HIV RNA test.

After the first RNA Reagent result, an average of 14 days passed before individuals presented reactive results!

This brings the implication that anyone judges able to interpret a CBC or its "own symptoms" must see that it is VISCERLY IMPOSSIBLE to experience an immune window of 12 monthswith a thousand devils!

For antibodies specific to HIV. After reaching a peak of viral load dropped to a low of 20.000, which is a result of 25.000's "basic" viral count.

More commonly, physical symptoms of the acute phase of HIV, also known as seroconversion disease, took place around the time of peak viral load. The most frequently reported symptoms were fevers, headache and malaise. The most frequent signs that doctors observed were high heart rate and lymphadenopathy. Participants reported a mean of a symptom of acute infection on an average of two visits during the study. Doctors observed a sign of acute infection on an average of three visits.

The researchers concluded:

  • Nonspecific symptoms and signs [acute HIV infection] were more common.
  • Severe manifestations were not observed.
  • Volunteers reported symptoms at only 29 percent of visits.
  • And on any day of visit the probability of observing a symptom or signal was only 50%.

Translated by Cláudio Souza from the original in Acute HIV 'Difficult' to Detect in Clinic. The immediately preceding Link opens in this browser tab, taking you off the site.

Oral Sex, Immune System, HIV

This theme is one of the most read in the blog

You only understand what it is, when you experience the problem very closely.


Drugs in general suck.

But the crack. Pq Me P!

About HIV and Sorology I say this: If you are today as I went, one day, your path will surely end up in the same dead end where I ended up seeing myself.

HIV Reagent Without Knowing.

This, after it has occurred, CAN NOT BE CHANGED.

Stop the madness.

Immediately do a test for HIV Detection. You can and should do this exam in the SUS.

The exams are reliable and you will not receive, alone, a sealed envelope on an innox steel tray (in the past it would have been silver).

No Reagent, great.

Wait for the immune window since the last unprotected intercourse.

Do not react again! Great. Consider yourself a person who owes much to God!


Well, it is not good to God that you should raise curses. Yes, it is on your account that this is so. And as far as I know, and where scientists know, this is not going to change.

Then you can start here, trying to better understand what happens to you

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