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Humility, in the Time of Crisis ...

Humility. I missed that a lot during “my meteoric career” I know, and as I know, that at the moment of crisis, discord, despair, insult it is very, very difficult, to remain calm (a).

Humility, Yes, Humility Is A Rare, Rare Quality

And I dare say that I have learned this costly, from unfortunate opportunity to another happy opportunity. Humility! How difficult it is to maintain it! And, I know, I don't just speak for myself. Perhaps you, who read me now, must be thinking:
It is like!
Yeah, I know! But, as much as I was able to exercise this thing, Humility, the more I see its fruits, as well as its flowers, falling on me. In my youth I went:
  • Frivolous
  • Inconstant
  • Vulgar
  • Cruel
  • Inconsequential
  • Disrespectful
  • Liar
  • Sneaky
  • Coward
  • .........
I would not finish the adjectives. And I invite you to this other video
And it was for this, and not just "only" that, when the diagnosis came, there was no hand that extended to me, with the very rare exception of a person, who had, for me


Rare currency. And, in the face of such goodness, I kept my head bowed in front of her every day and, curiously enough, I only remember her feet and shoes, for I could not look at her face, but I can still remember her voice, her serene speech -"Hi!!! Today I could not help you with more than that, go rest. " And it was with her help that I convalesced, for a week, in a Hotel on Rua Amaral Gurgel that, truly, had, well, well, another purpose, and that was not this, to rest! And after a few days I went to her, thanked her for the help and didn't accept it anymore. And I spent a few days on the streets until I remembered E. Castro, an old friend, whom I turned to and who put me in a support house. And, for better or worse, among madmen and bandits, I recovered and started the gradual and gradual process of uplifting that brought me here, before you, to whom I try to clear the way. And that's how, trying to make some light for you that I can see and gauge how much shadow still inhabits me. In the past, not too distant, I created this session, food for the spirit, and gave it up because there was no demand. But I ended up, last Friday, understanding that little or no audience, it can always be useful to have these texts here, because you never know which soul might appear here and this text made me and makes me reflect always and all the time in this thing, the humility that I Ching recommended for me, only in other words! The "my hexagram" speaks of the foreigner. It also made me and makes me reflect all the time!


All accounts to be redeemed require a direct relationship between creditors and debtors. That is why you often see yourself on Earth, before those to whom you owe something. At home or on the lines that border it, it is easy to recognize them when they deliver disinterest and dedication, gathering harshness and indifference. They often bring dear names to the home, and resemble impassive executioners, holding your heart in the grids of suffering. On many flights of the road, they are friends to whom you give yourself, without reservation, and who drag you into long-distance difficulties. On several occasions, they are people from whom you have wiped your tears, placing them in the intimacy of your own life, and who, unexpectedly, attack your confidence with the stones of contempt. In other circumstances, they are companions of experience that, suddenly, become free adversaries of your path, harassing you, everywhere. However, if faced with similar problems, it is indispensable to provide cities of love and patience, tolerance and serenity, to undo the web of incomprehension. Keep your conscience in the duty loyally fulfilled and, whatever happens, reveal the blows with which they hurt you, offering you the best feeling, the best idea, the best word and the best attitude. Crystal water, pigmented, drop by drop, converts the vinegar pot into a pot of pure water. And if, after all your gestures of fraternity and benevolence, they still persecute or revile you, bless them in prayer and continue on, faithful to yourself, in the certainty that humility, at the time of crisis, is a note of discharge. Emmanuel by the medium Chico Xavier.
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This is a story that few can tell!

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