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An HIV-positive person came to me for whatsapp and said something like this:

A life é curta para se guardar magoas das pessoas, não abraçar não dizer o quão importante são.

Tomorrow may not come and you didn't say what you wanted…

I started to respond, and when I saw the size of the text, I thought it might, and here it is, "render a render a post (sic).

And I brought the beginning of the answer and continued "the work" as follows below.

It's not just tomorrow that can not come.

We don't know every second if we have another, but the HIV change us and teach us HIV modifies and teaches us humility

Me, who appeared and was “publicly discovered” HIV also showed how many friends I actually didn't have. And this is a sad pain.

Bipolarity and HIV - This Is Me !.

I spent time under treatment for the so-called Bipolar Affective Disorder and, secondly, a very serious second diagnosis, in my opinion: "Borderline Personality Disorder."

The popular short wick. This has generated me a number of enemies and even today, almost 30 years later, I simply still have some people who hate me and I can not say them:

“Excuse me, I had a psychiatric disorder”!

In a perfect world the above phrase would make sense. But in a perfect world there is noin a perfect world there is no psychiatric disorders!

The truth is, “what done is done. What is done is done ”and I know very well what I did and I understand perfectly what they feel because, in the growth of my intimate reform, not yet completed and that I certainly cannot do in this life brought me“ the thing ”that made it possible for you to find me:

“Empathy - It wasn't HIV that gave me that. But it woke her up. ”

We all end up the same
Omni Similis Sumus

It is easy for me to understand what and why people come to me when they are afraid, in fact are terrified (the level of misinformation is very high) and believe that after four weeks they are already subjected (and do not even know if they have HIV) to opportunistic diseases and no matter how hard I try, try, try and try, people can't seem to regain reason simply because they're "terrified."

I'm not going to lie and say that life with HIV is like "a trip to life with HIV is like "a walk to the square".

As a matter of fact, living with HIV is much more like the queues that, now and finally now, have decided to take the yellow fever vaccine. After a lot of “I don't care,” came the panic!

Com o HIV, seja na ponte em que se atravessa lenta e dolorosamente com a dúvida cruel, ó dúvida cruel da window period eterna, ou na sala dos “já e finalmente diagnosticados”, se conjuga o verbo temer (perdão pela má palavra, Catso), o verbo arrepender, o verbo sofrer, o verbo duvidar e o verbo desesperar, dentre outros.

Well, it's like I said ... What is done, is done.

I watch some Netflix series, and I recommend Downton Abbey and "Godless" (the redemption story of a man with whom I pretentiously identified myself, and I sometimes see a character who stops in the face of imminent and looking disaster , through thin thread of memory lamp (Vinicius de Moraes) and look at that moment, where he took, because he wanted or because there was nothing more to do, a certain decision and he thinks, desperately in the eagerness to have the opportunity to go back in time and "warn himself" not to commit "Such a mistake".

This would generate an impossible paradox where the person who comes back an impossible paradox where the person who returns simply to give you who read me a basis for your lessons could not exist because the warning, once followed, would extinguish the precursor of the alarm… (…).

And, I'm sure, it's not feasible for us to go back in time, because only Barry Allen can check Mach 3… And each time he goes there and changes something, once again, and once again he only increases the shit he spreads, trying to “help”…

Anyway, after we contract HIV all that's left is just that:

"Accept your life as it is and seek to improve it with patience" (Emmanuel by Chico Xavier) and, as my brother said, whom I loved so much and stabbed me in the back,stabbed me in the back, told me that we had to play the funeral, in an impressively correct metaphor that burial (I prefer burial) is something that, once started, will have to be touched to the end, no matter how much it bodes on us to bury the person we love so much because we can not "simply throw them to vultures and other butchers "(what a sad sight).

And that's more or less.

There is nothing left but to touch the burial, one day at a time, and in moments of greater anguish, perhaps touch it at a rate of one second at a time, slowly and gradually until all possibilities are exhausted, and we can not foresee or at least imagine how, when or where this ends (if it ends) and even then, to continue living.

Making plans for the Making plans for the future as my already announced desire to see how my beloved city, São Paulo, will complete 475 years, if, among other factors, this crazy: Kim Jong-un, do not press the button he says he has on his desk (keep us from this Lord), and that other FDP, (duck?) Donald Trump, also do not do any more "climbing" than the ones he has systematically done.

Let's live, because it's just like Gonzaguinha:

I get the purity of the children's response, it's beautiful, it's beautiful and it's the purity of the children's response, it's beautiful, it's beautiful and it's beautiful! In the gogo…

That's it. Do not have that sad sadness of being an Eternal Apprentice!

Jesus said to the crowd,

- “You are gods”…

And Saul of Tarsus ratified

- "We are brothers of Christ and, therefore, Coherdeiros do Cristo "


Think a little about it!

I myself do not like PreP within the context in which they are inserted

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