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Life with HIV? My idyll with time is not over yet! There's Life With HIV!

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My life with HIV, a little moment

My idyll with time is not over yet! There's Life With HIV!

Living with HIV
Time is always the master of reason

Well, I was here reviewing a text when I realized it's midnight, and yes, it's fair and fitting that I publish a video of me, recorded by me, on my blog!

And see, especially why, I believe that finally I could be honest with many people and yet and especially with me!

So this is why doing this video is a document is a necessity, because God alone can predict when I will have so much lucidity about myself, my way of life, and I could make a list of lenient, but the truth is that the points that would bring me leniency do not deserve a second glance, especially on my part, since they no longer support themselves and, I believe, they never sustained themselves.

Like It Or Not, My Free Will Has Been Restituted

Ex-homeless, victim of a certain system of perversities between the little 15 and just under eighteen, at the moment I saw myself "free of tyrants," I had my free will restored and I actually I used And I used it the hard way. By the way, yes, the SUS exam is reliable!

Six Months of Life With HIV? No, almost a Quarter Century

25 years of life with HIV
25 years. A calendar counting 25 years is something to think about. You're about 25 years old. Be that as it may, take this time frame, and look at it in your life. Think of everything I gouve and imagine these my 25 years 🙂

But I used it in the worst way, and yes, it was imperative for God, in the effort to avoid an even higher fall, a disaster of secular proportions, which I receive from a face almost "laughable" the news that I was, , just another six months of life! And I'm here, almost a quarter of a almost a quarter of a century ago. with HIV and, as much as I care about you, or just for that, I'm cautious about publishing the cure of HIV infection!

And it's almost twenty-five years already

And that was almost a quarter of a century ago. And since the treatment finally came out it just got better!the treatment finally came out it just got better!

I confessed I followed the chronicles of this person's life from a healthy distance, but with a good visual acuity, and yes, some time agosome time ago I saved about 50 meters away from his funereal rite.

And think about it. If you contract, it's already broadcast!

IAZUL! Everything passes

You passed, my friend, and before me, despite your jocosity.

AND! Cheer up. Six months or thirty years, what does it matter?

One day, I will have passed I will have passed too

Only I do not know when!

And this is a video which I highly recommend

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