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Claudio Souza

I, Claudio Souza, told a story here.

A history of discrimination and preconception. And she's just one! One among many.

I've lost count of the times I've been denied work

I intended to do another live today, another video.

Do not be a less happy happening today, I would make a second a second video

I Cláudio Souza, reinforcement: There is Life with HIV

I intend to do so as unfolding consequences of this, why not say (?) sad event have their impacts absorbed and become more easily manageable!

If you want to know a little more about me, follow this link: Cláudio Souza. Ex DJ. There is no such thing, "ex" dj

Maybe I'll end up doing the live.

And see: There's a lot of neura over the Immune Window and, well, I tell you, using words from a person who invaded my privacy: It may not be HIV!

And this is A friend's story, a friend that we lost for at least 15 years, I tell this story in a little more detail forward!


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