Prayer at the Feast of Mothers

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Divine justice AIDS Chico Xavier

When she misses, the mother is always easy to be judged! "Mine was condemned by the ridiculous figure of the * Home abandonment *"

Lord Jesus, we pray for those Mothers!

Together with the brethren who revere the mothers who love them, to whom we pray for the laurels they deserve, though attentive to the law of cause and effect which the Spiritist doctrine recommends to us, we have also asked for blessings from forgotten mothers, for whom motherhood erected in purgatory of affliction! ...

We ask for these mothers, for each one is a mother as far as God gave them the strength to be

For those who lie in the broadness of the night, holding to the breast the shoots of their own blood, so that they do not die of cold;

by those who stretch their weary hands in the public square, pleading, in the name of compassion, the sustenance that the world owes them to necessity;

by the refugees, in the furnas of nature, accommodating sick children among the faeces of the animals;

the ones that turn trash cans, looking for rotten food that the dogs themselves drive away with disgust;

For those other mothers

Mothersby those who paint their faces, hiding tears, in the unfortunate impulse to sell their own bodies to heartless hearts, mistakenly believing that only in this way will they be able to medicate their children, which the disease threatens with death;

for they have found slander and gall in the mouths which they have nursed;

for which they were despised in difficult times;

by which they became sentinels of the moral agony, next to the beds of ordeal;

by which widowhood has given in to the greed of unconscious creditors;

Mothers above understanding the word mother!

for those who went mad in pain and were locked in asylums and for those others that the old age of the flesh covered with white hair and without anyone who wanted them were welcomed as shadows of the world in the arms of charity!

Have mercy on all mothers!

The cross
The cross as far as the women, mothers and daughters of Jerusalem accompanied their Beloved Master and beloved Son

They are the heroines of the rear, who pay the highest taxes of suffering to the earth... You who have comforted the Samaritan woman and dried up the weeping of the widow of Nain, who restored the balance of Magdalene and raised the girl of Jairus, daughters of Jerusalem who shared in you the agonies of the cross, when they all forsaken You, and have mercy on the woman!


Emmanuel by the medium Chico Xavier.

Divine Justice.

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