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Chronic pain is a huge problem among people with HIV or AIDS

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The undetectable viral load does not minimize the chronic pain caused by peripheral neuropathy by HIV is a complex problem that seems to me without solution, and has been the factor of imbalance in this fight, which I no longer know if it is a struggle for life, or a struggle for sanity. Last night the pain came during sleep and spawned a horrible nightmare! Sad, somber and sullen, I woke up, very close to tears and the baleful phrase in my mind:

It's just "wandering your hand in that half-dozen extra tablets and there's toxic hepatitis on one side, a cardio-respiratory arrest on the other, and not even God can save you from yourself ....

But I think of Mara, the unspeakable pain of her, and of away thought and idea. This fight, the fight against mm, goes far still! but I admit that I need you, the people who read me, more than you need me!

Make no mistake, with the little light that I try to make for your path, I see all the darkness that still dwells in me!

Chronic Pain Is A Huge Problem And Little Recognized By Health Professionals In Treating People With HIV Or AIDS

Can Chronic Pain Be a Disorder? Yes!

Here, as I type, I have just learned one more creative toss of neuropathic tortures, from the dung of chronic pain.

Some people forget facts people forget about little facts


I've been warned by my body that maybe, and it's just a maybe, I might be losing, little by little, mobility. Many struggle for undetectable viral load in the quest to have a new "non-reagent" HIV test. Undetectable Viral Load contradicting also the pulhas, filibusters, fascinators and swindlers on duty, charging tolls to cross the entrance to paradise, is not cure !!!!!

Undetectable Viral Load Does Not Represent Cure And, So:

Padlock thousand, to avoid delivery of the deed of home. undetectable viral load is not a cure
Undetectable viral load is not a cure

Stop being stupid and silly, keep the deed of the house in a safe, safe deposit in seven other safes, each with seven locks, each padlock with seven keys

Do not you ever learn that?

But as it is only a maybe, a damn maybe and, even if it was a certainty, I could not, not now and not even complain about the flaws of a simple muscle of the right leg, the outer muscle of the thigh stays dormant and the touch of the fabric of the shorts on the skin leads to the skin.

When I scratch ....When I scratch ....


Life is a Dolby Surround, with six channels, because one of them is subwoofer. You do not hear the subgraves, you feel them.

Chronic pain from peripheral HIV neuropathy will surely steal ...
Chronic pain from peripheral HIV neuropathy will undoubtedly steal your peace. This way, back off, because it's not worth it! USE THE MALDITA T-SHIRT

Because, what is invalid, for me, is self pity: <iframe src = "https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/6yHvyWS54rs4Kmwfocx0W4" width = "300" height = "380" frameborder = "0" allowtransparency = "true" allow = "encrypted-media"> </ iframe>

Chronic Pain Destroys My Quality of Life And I've Been Thinking of Suicide Too

Coexistence with chronic pain not only decreases quality of life, but is also related to lower health outcomes related to HIV.

For the first fifteen years of the HIV epidemic, pure survival was the main focus among researchers, physicians and people living with the virus evenly.

How to stop not only mortality. It was also a question of halting the death, the insane caravan of deaths that even I, ignorant and insensitive to everything and all the warnings, watched, like manuel, DJ, and his wife, as well as baby, less than two years, dead, all of sudden, in a spasm of 147 days!

Death Was, Always, The Great Inevitability. But That Is Not A Big Difference! Or is it?

And his life did not go very far.

I still remember, idiot I was, to have asked him how "parties" were.

He replied taciturnly,

We celebrated with rice and chicken wings ....

And I remembered days when if I had rice and chicken at the same time, I'd split them up with more 5 people, maybe more.

Even there and then, I could not stand victimhood. Just as I knew the existence of AIDS and did not give a damn, so he did and, whether or not like me, he threw the ball to the roulette wheel and the number did not hit!

But The Perversity Of Night And Night People

The indifference of many is very much like the indifference of one. There are those who told me: If there is anyone I want to help ...

The Pain of Receiving A Dagger in the Back is Far Far Worse Than Peripheral Neuropathy
If you DO need something ...

Not to mention the carelessness of human beings at the mouth of Luxury (rubbish? I do not know ...) who saw people falling apart in liquids at the entrance of the portentous bank branch flanked by COPAN with absolute indifference, which included and included my personal and institutional indifference, because the only time I tried, failed, and failed (surprised?) I gave up!

Survival at Any Cost, That's What We Were Looking For, Surviving

And this was the goal of the medical staff of each hospital center:

Keep people with HIV and AIDS alive!

The Cyclic Effort of Keeping Alive Ignored, For There Was No Time, The Timing of Pain

This was the first and overwhelming, almost cyclical step in the effort to care for HIV-positive individuals. The AIDECTICS, with due respect.

And then, with the advent of highly effective combination antiretroviral therapy (ART) in 1996, HIV became a manageable infection and life expectancy among those with the virus began their long, gradual and gradual march toward normality (...).

Once Survived, So Have The True Problems Of Living With HIV Or AIDS

And so over the past two decades, HIV researchers and clinicians have broadened and shifted their focus to encompassing what is known as comorbidities (second stage): other serious and coexisting common health conditions among people with HIV, including cardiovascular disease .Disease and non-AIDS-defining cancers.

From the outset, people with HIV have been struggling with chronic pain - widely considered a concern for quality of life, or the third step in helping people with HIV live a long, healthy and happy life. It is estimated that 54 to 83% of the HIV-infected population is overburdened with this critical burden. Interestingly, these high rates of pain apparently remained stable between pre-and post-1996 times of the epidemic.

The Search For Better Treatments

Despite the prevalence of chronic pain among people with HIV, the research community still has a long way to go when it comes to investigating effective causes and treatments, especially non-pharmacological therapies, for chronic pain among people with HIV.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, living with chronic pain among those people with HIV who did not take long-term therapy with opioids was associated with an almost 50% higher likelihood of adhering poorly to ARVs and to a double chance of experiencing a virological failure, in which the virus of an individual recovers despite the fact that he has received treatment for HIV.

"Behold, the third step, the quality of life step, really affects health," says lead author of the study, Jessica S. Merlin, MD, PhD, an associate professor of internal medicine and infectious diseases at the University. Department of Medicine, Pittsburgh. "There is a research that suggests that chronic pain significantly impairs the physical and emotional function of people living with HIV and is associated with worse HIV outcomes. "

Chronic Pain And Behavioral Therapy

Following a successful pilot study, Merlin recently received a donation of $ 3 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to evaluate a behavioral therapy program as a form of treatment for chronic pain among HIV-positive individuals. After seeking information from members of this population, Merlin viewed the program as a peer support component in the Alcoholics Anonymous model, in part to help mitigate the social isolation that people with chronic pain often experience.
Jessica MerlinJordan Beckham / UPMC

The Scope of Chronic Pain Problem

About 42 to 66 percent of the HIV-infected population experiences what is known as peripheral sensory neuropathy, and about half to three-quarters of these individuals experience neuropathic pain - nerve damage related pain - a result. The condition may be caused by older ARVs - Zerit (stavudine or d4T), Videx (didanosine or ddI) and Hivid (zalcitabine or ddC) - which are no longer commonly used, as well as the virus itself.

There is evidence that widespread chronic pain in people with HIV may put some risk of developing another chronic condition: opioid dependence, also known as opioid use disorder. A Recent study of 4.600 adults on treatment for the virus at four US urban clinics between 2006 and 2010 found that 39 percent had received at least one prescription for opioid medications; these subjects received a median of two of these prescriptions per year. The researchers concluded that many of these people with HIV were probably at high risk of developing drug dependence.

The Immunological window makes you suffer so much makes me very angry

Look at it! I have PAIN. And they DO NOT PASS. I take the damn methadone along with Amitril and it goes away! Okay, I'll "cap" and sleep for about two hours. Or not, I am here, as now, between the two worlds. And I read shit like this I read in the top paragraph! If I take AAS does not solve anything. Would you like to stay in my chair? Think of a pain that seems to start in your soul, circulate through your neirónio and then go back to the soul and restart the Looping! Would you stay with AAS and Cibalena?

Betrayal of a Friend Neither Hurts So Much! I attest and I give faith! Peripheral Neuropathy Equals Caustic Soda

Whitney Scott, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow in health psychology at King's College London and lead author of a new HIV-related meta-analysis published in Pain magazine, published in Pain magazine for the study of pain. She and her colleagues reviewed 37 studies, most of them from the United States, which included about 13.000 individuals in an effort to better understand the psychosocial factors associated with persistent pain among individuals HIV-positive individuals

"We know that pain is much more than just a physical sensation in the body," says Scott.

This I confirm. THE impression that death would alleviate (it's just a silly impression) it's an invitation. The ticking of the clock telling him, now it's really missing for the result to pass! What's up? Are you on methadone or gabapentin? Why do not you take both and, you see, double the dose of both, it "does not kill anyone"! And still have the below:

"Psychosocial factors such as a person's thoughts, mood, and behavior patterns are part of the pain experience and can influence the impact that pain has on a person's life."

Seems like such a shit to live on? Because Do not think it just seems!

And people need to understand that love is a beautiful feeling, but condoms are necessary!

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