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The Immunologic HIV Window, something very simple to solve

Fear and illumination window only comes later
When you are sexually related to a person, known or not, without condoms, it is equivalent to the risk of this photo: A little more wind and the cake drops! (😒). So please, and for your sake, accept the window at 30 days dot! I'm not here as a joke. By the way, I even get paid to work!

Yes, the HIV Immunology Window is a sort of unresolvable "puzzle" in people's minds. However, HIV Immunologic Window itself is not that! To avoid so much paranoia you should click on the link below to better understand AIDS.

I called the Disk AIDS (0800 16 25 50) Today, 16 day of May of 2019, anonymously and I was very well received by a person, educated, who asked me quickly what my doubt.

Well, I, who have seen and heard more than one might believe, I understand that every person who calls disk AIDS, if left free, would tell an epic! To such an extent that even Homer would fail, so disastrous, I read so many here, and the driving force of these stories has few variations!

Misinformation, fear, shame and remorse, in general blades are all with their throws of pain and fear! With all her suffering, the words of these doctors, the mismatched information that put her in true “reverse canavalia”! And that doctor who puts the SUS, over 30 years, in the spotlight! And etc, thing and such!

Thus chosen, the people of DISK-AIDS come forward asking the obvious reason for the call.

I explained that it was the immunological window and she replied:

-30 days.


Do not even want to know what I said.


If I opened communication via video conference with people, I would not have to see a sadly frightened look like these ... Or worse

And they say mine is the RESILIENT ORGANISM! These people win even from V. !!!

There are people who come to me with more than twenty tests of all kinds, telling me that they have "ALL ALL SYMPTOMS of AIDS!

Anyone who had all the symptoms of AIDS together would be in the ICU, tubed between life and death, with both feet in the pit and the gravedigger drumming on the handle of the shovel!

What is HIV? According to the Ministry of Health?

HIV is a retrovirus, classified in the subfamily of Lentiviridae and is a Sexually Transmitted Infection. These viruses share some common properties, such as:

  • prolonged incubation period before the onset of disease symptoms;
  • infection of blood and nervous system cells;
  • suppression of the immune system.


What is AIDS? Very different… (…) ….

AIDS is the disease caused by the infection of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV is the acronym in English). This virus attacks the immune system, which is responsible for defending the body from diseases. The most affected cells are

. The virus is able to alter the DNA of that cell and make copies of itself After it multiplies, it breaks the lymphocytes in search of others to continue the infection.

IMPORTANT: The seropositive patients, who have AIDS or not, can transmit the virus to others for unprotected sex, sharing contaminated syringes, or mother to child during pregnancy and breastfeeding when they fail to take appropriate preventive measures. Therefore, it is always important to take the test and protect yourself in all situations.

The body reacts daily to attacks of bacteria, viruses and other microbes, through the immune system. Very complex, this barrier is made up of millions of cells of different types and with different functions, responsible for guaranteeing the defense of the organism and for keeping the body functioning free of diseases.

Among the defense cells are T-CD4 + lymphocytes, main targets of HIV, virus that causes AIDS, and HTLV, a virus that causes another type of sexually transmitted disease. It is these white blood cells that organize and direct the response to the aggressors. Produced in the thymus gland, they learn to memorize, recognize and destroy the foreign microorganisms that enter the human body.

Thirty days

Thirty (30) days. Regardless of tests with potential detection in smaller windows, since all of us, dealing in the area, we already know the endless dilemma of all, and thus, it has been based on science and practice the 30 days.

They are good enough for the exams of the public system (rapid tests do not differ in generations) and all that is said above is "excess of zeal" or bad intention.

I do not work for anyone.

Except for you, who reads me this time. And if you want to support, support.

What is immunological window?

The immunological window is the time interval between the HIV infection until the first detection of anti-HIV antibodies produced by the body's defense system. In most cases, the duration of the immune window is 30 days. However, this period may vary, depending on the reaction of the individual's body to the infection and the type of test (method used and sensitivity).

If a test for detection of anti-HIV antibodies is performed during the period of the immunological window, there is the possibility of generating a non-reactive result, even if the person is infected. Therefore, in the case of tests with non-reactive results in which the suspicion of HIV infection is suspected, it is recommended that testing be repeated after 30 days with the collection of a new sample. This suspicion can not and should not be based on paranoia or neura of yours!

To illustrate, at the beginning of this millennium I was affected not only by a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia.

There was something else.

When I arrived at the hospital walking, talking, as if I were the symbiotic incarnation of Eros & Psiquê, after listening to me the doctor did what had to be done in a First Aid:

He asked for exams!

About two hours later she came back and reported that she had asked for my hospitalization!

The Enzyme "X"

I wanted to know why and she told me, while I swallowed water and two tablets:

"An ischemia!"

What is it?

"A heart attack"

These emoticons are the closest to the indifferent expression with which she told me "a heart attack! "

With this I want to establish a point and for this I quote another example, a person telling me by form:

I left with *** - ... .. I forgot the condom **** - ... .. and now I'm worried because now my immunity is not good!

Based on that, in the name of the six hundred thousand devils, this person knows this 😨😨😳😳😳 ???

I do periodic exams to find out how my CD4 count is going, not my immunity! Unfortunately I am an imbecile with seven stars on the forehead, said this to a person who, 22 seconds and four hundred and 873 thousandths (how would I have measured the time with such precision? With the same skill that another person told me that her immunity, on that day, was it bad?) said to me:


Good…. My point is this:

I wanted to understand the reasons for that intemperate statement and she showed me an exam and explained that "Enzyme X" was 0.02 above normal and this was a sign of a heart attack.

Do I need to draw?

Yes, I know I need to! When a doctor asks for a blood count, the white blood cell count and all the rest is asked to analyze a general picture. The assertion of that imbecial in the Sta Marcel ********* has been misplaced, and has led a person to despair, because it CAN NOT EVALUATE AIDS in counting leucocytes "

But it is better to observe an inaccurate clinical picture where I was "a little tired"! Or, even more importantly, when we have such a sensitive person who can gain immunity.

It is these things and others more or less similar to this that lead to the highlighted phrase:

It is important to note that, in the immunological window period, the HIV virus can already be transmitted, even in cases where the test result detecting anti-HIV antibodies is unreactive.

And not in the face of paranoia, fear and other feelings, too paralyzing the capacity to think rationally, I understand.


Immune window, hers, I accepted it, period. Only that

I know, and I understand.

When I came to believe that I could have transmitted HIV to someone I stupidly started to love, I almost went crazy.

When she did the first examination of it and gave it non-reagent, I perseached myself in thought and thanked God!

Only that!!!!

"The immune window does not oscillate according to your sins and complexes of guilt."

So your fear and doubt, your lack of confidence in science, and the vision of a Vengeful God are the factors that generate your Personal Inferno.

Remorse and Guilt do not extend this deadline! And I, who live aware of the presence of HIV in my body I do not feel or I can believe that I am being punished.

Natural selection? Only idiots would say that!

I just got sick!


Yeah, I think "it" was an acute viral infection!

Honestly, I did not go through that.

The Crisis

I remember, yes, that I was involved with a girl.

And in my head (today I see myself as an asshole) I loved her.

And, well, not her! And there was nothing wrong with that, SEE HISTORY HERE

It is your ability to accept or not that changes, when you believe that AIDS is a punishment!

If you do not want to experience it again, simply use condoms in ALL your relationships. Even in the marital relationship. I know many reasons for "advise this,According to account Amaryllis!

Immunologic Window of HIV and Immune Window of Viral Hepatitis

CRT-A AIDS Reference and Training Center

The following text excerpt from the HIV Immunological HIV Window was written by CRT-A Health professionals working in the HIV, syphilis and viral hepatitis testing field near a Santa Cruz subway station in Sao Paulo City. In the same property is DISK AIDS, whose phone number is 0800 16 25 50, with which I spoke today and recorded the conversation. After distorting the voice I'll put it here.

She said: 30 days. And he did not know who he was talking to, he said:

You can not believe everything you read on the Internet. To believe, or not, in me, is with you!



According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of HIV Infection published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in December of 2013:

HIV Immunologic Window

The immunological window is the period that goes from HIV infection to the first detection of HIV antibodies.

This manual intends to improve the diagnosis of HIV and in it 5 flowcharts were elaborated being 2 of rapid tests and 3 laboratory, based on the classification of Fiebig. With the development of new technologies we now have tests of 3ª and 4ª generation that allow to diminish still more the immunological window.

The third generation tests are the most used today, they detect only anti-HIV antibodies and the window is on average from 22 to 25 days; while the fourth-generation tests simultaneously detect the P24 antigen and the anti-HIV antibodies and the immunological window is approximately 15 days.

Learn More Here, in this text on Primary Infection.

And as the Carnival is a periodical thing I put to you, these links:

  1. The Carnival is over.
  2. Empty excuses
  3. Symptoms of HIV

HIV Immunologic Window


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis Infections published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in December of 2015:

The incubation period of the different viruses that cause hepatitis and the diagnostic window for the tests available in Brazil for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis, respectively, are described in the 18 page of the manual.

Table 4: Incubation period, prevalence of icteric form and chronification of the infection by the different viruses that cause viral hepatitis.

Etiological agent
Incubation period
Icteric form
15 45 the day 5% to 10% in children under 6 years;

70 the 80% in adults

There are no reports of chronic forms
30 180 the day 30% 90% in newborns, 5% to 10% after 5 years
15 150 the day About 20% 70% a 85%
It is similar to hepatitis B, but lower in superinfection: 15 to 56 days Variable Variable
15 to 60 days (42 average days) Variable Chronification reports only in immunosuppressed individuals
Syphilis HIV Immunology Window

According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Syphilis published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in May of 2015:

Primary Syphilis And Its Immune Virus

Antibodies begin to appear in the bloodstream around 7 to 10 days after the onset of hard cancer. Therefore, at the beginning of this stage, immunological tests may not present reactivity. The first immunological test to become reagent around

10 days of hard cancer progression and FTA-Abs, followed by other treponemal and

not treponemics. The treponemal tests are the first to be positive post infection, being common in primary syphilis reagent result in an treponemal test (FTA-Abs can become reactive approximately three weeks after infection).

The Secondary Syphilis HIV Immunology Window

In secondary syphilis, all tests that detect antibodies are reagents. At this stage it is expected to find high titers in non-treponemal quantitative tests. The presumptive diagnosis is based on the presence of typical lesions on the skin and mucous membranes that are usually exuberant at this stage. Confirmation occurs through treponemic and non-treponemic tests.

After the treatment of secondary syphilis, treponemal tests remain reactant throughout the life of the user, and non-treponemal tests can have variable behavior. In some individuals they become unreactive, and in others they remain indefinitely reactive in low titers.

Latent syphilis

If there is no treatment, after the disappearance of signs and symptoms of infection, syphilis will enter the latent period, considered recent in the first year and late after this period. Latent syphilis does not present any clinical manifestation.

At this stage, all the tests that detect antibodies remain reagent, and a decrease of the titers in the quantitative non-treponemal tests is observed.

Tertiary syphilis

At this stage, tests that detect antibodies are usually reactive, especially treponemal tests, and non-treponemal test titers tend to be low.

Advisor - Management of Technical Support

STD / AIDS Reference and Training Center

STD / AIDS State Program - São Paulo

  1. Santa Cruz, 81. Vila Mariana. Sao Paulo . SP CEP: 04121.000

The somatization thing, which both leads to endless headaches

When the mind creates the disease

You have ALL SYMPTOMS OF AIDS? CAN NOT BE HIV (you may be somatizing)


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Good afternoon my friend Claudio wants to say that 30 days are already definitive? I still have not forgotten my episode even with a quick test after 121 days

Claudio Souza 20/04/2019 at 23:38

Ricardo. You must give yourself the freedom to accept science. I just spoke to one person and explained that in 2003, maybe 2004, the window was 90 days and the test results took 15 days to leave! This problem is over. Follow your life. Or as Jesus would say, "Now go".

Ricardo gomes 21/04/2019 at 08:04

Good morning my friend and a happy Easter to you and all your family, Once again thank you very much for everything

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Thank you Ricardo, I thank you for your votes. And I call you in the light of reason.
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