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HIV Immunological Window: 30 Days

Immune Window

Immunological Window, especially the HIV immune window it may seem an unknown quantity. And it can become desperate in the midst of all such controversial information.

Let's talk more about the HIV Immunological Window

I know a girl who disguises herself as Panda, and who lives a personal hell for well over seven hundred and thirty days, wandering back and forth, from one point to another.

As she knows that I am, shall we say, on account of her, the sticker only appears when she wakes up and presses. The other day she came to me and said she was taking an exam, she was fine for "a few hours" and the neura came back.

I have it right here for me, that she must have created an affective support network, because that’s what she needs most and only appears to me when the whole network collapses and, with no visible solution, because there is a suitable solution, and she looks for me.

Today she made me very worried, because, according to her narrative, she just didn't commit a “madness” (brrrr) because “she comes to the blog every day, listens to my audios and takes it.

What worries me is, well, how long? I told her to see a psychiatrist, but she doesn't even answer that. This behavior is that of spiritual blindness and, yes, yes, I know that you, the pandinha, will appear here and, please, look for an ophthalmologist of the soul, cure this myopia and adelante!

You can continue to count on me, but I am not a health professional in any, absolutely no field of medicine and, what I can offer, and, I know, it is little for you, it is some time of attention.

A Immunological window has already made me lose hope for some cases, others disappear. And I had a support for What's App that took me twelve hours a day in the "service", actually conversation, with these people and, no! I was totally and completely wrong to say that…

… The HIV Immune Window, something very simple to solve

Fear and illumination window only comes later
When you are sexually related to a person, known or not, without condoms, it is equivalent to the risk of this photo: A little wind and poft) Then accept the window at 30 days dot!

For, in fact, people receive so much incoherent information that nothing convinces them that the immunological window reduces to the simplicity of 30 days, or a monitoring of up to 90 days for those who have gone through PEP.

And while I know that PEP consistently, always at the same time every day, does not seroconvert but, you have to take into account that PEP is a medical emergency and you need to run! The Bomb is ticking: tic-tic-tic! 72 Hours

The immunological window, dear readers, is 30 days

HIV Immunological Window is a kind of unresolvable “riddle” in people's minds. However, HIV Immunological Window itself is not that! To avoid so much paranoia you should click on the link below and Better understand AIDS

I called Disk AIDS Today, May 16, 2019, anonymously and was very well received by a person, very polite, who asked me quickly what my question was.

(0800 16 25 50)

Well, I, who have seen and heard more than one could believe, I deprecate that every person who calls the disk AIDS if left free, would tell an epic [Do not know what it is, click] with all his suffering, the speeches of this and that doctor etc and such, that already advances by asking the reason of the call.

I explained that it was the immunological window and she replied:

-30 days.

- "That's what I read" ...

"Where do you read?"

On the Internet, it says, you can't trust what you read, she said. My desire was to bring her through the cellular network and show my blog….

So before you create a self-generating hell in your head see what is transmitted and what does not transmit AIDS and keep in mind that this is also true for viral hepatitis, such as Hepatitis C which is also a sexually transmitted infection.


IN ONE PERSON, SIMULTANEOUSLY! Think with me. Infection with
HIV needs five years or more to produce an AIDS case! Because I remember very well that I was seen by an infectious disease doctor who, evident signs of that unfortunate syndrome, which I called “Wrong Deity Syndrome ”about how and when I would see the first signs of AIDS and he said, without looking at the caller, which should seem fair to him, since he is a god, but that I should worry, because What generates AIDS is the loss of such an amount of CD4 cells that would undermine my defense. He also explained to me that I was "halfway" walking, since in general people lose in their CD4 counts an average of 70 to 80 CD4 cells per year!

Yeah, you don't have to dare and take the test that could calculate it.

From the moment you get HIV to “these” symptoms are needed years, years and years.

I will soon recount my personal somatization. It's laughable

If I opened video conferencing with people, I would soon see a sadly frightened look like these… Or worse

There are people who come to me with more than twenty tests of all kinds, telling me that they have "ALL ALL SYMPTOMS of AIDS!

And see, just think a bit: if someone who had all the symptoms of AIDS gathered in him, surely would be in the ICU, intubated, between life and death, with both feet in the grave and the gravedigger drumming on the shovel handle waiting to arrive. close to 17: 00!

The Expedient ends the 18: 00… (…)….

What is HIV? According to the Ministry of Health….

HIV is a retrovirus, classified in the Lentiviridae subfamily and is a Sexually Transmitted Infection. Those viruses share some common properties, for example:

  • prolonged incubation period before the onset of disease symptoms;
  • infection of blood and nervous system cells;
  • suppression of the immune system.

Having HIV Is Not The Same As Having AIDS

What is AIDS?

However, AIDS is the disease caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. This virus attacks the immune system, which is responsible for defending the body from disease. The most affected cells are mostly the CD4 cells.

That's because HIV, the virus itself, is capable of altering the DNA of this cell and making copies of itself. After multiplying, it breaks the lymphocytes in search of others to continue the infection.

IMPORTANT: The seropositive patients, who have AIDS or not, can transmit the virus to others for unprotected sex, sharing contaminated syringes, or mother to child during pregnancy and breastfeeding when they fail to take appropriate preventive measures. Therefore, it is always important to take the test and protect yourself in all situations.

You see, you don't realize it, but your body reacts daily to attacks by bacteria, viruses, and other microbes through the immune system. And note, too, that this is a very complex matter in the medical field, and I am nothing but a person who lives, yes, it is true, with HIV for a long, long time indeed!

And so, so much to ask and read, because you need to understand what's up with you to fight better, I could eventually learn that this barrier is made up of millions of cells of different types!

What's more, each with different functions, responsible for ensuring the body's defense and keeping the body functioning free of disease.

CD4 + T Lymphocytes

Among the defense cells are T-CD4 + lymphocytes, main targets of HIV, virus that causes AIDS, and HTLV, a virus that causes another type of sexually transmitted disease.

It is these white blood cells that organize and command the response to the aggressors. Produced in the thymus gland, they learn to memorize, recognize and destroy the foreign microorganisms that enter the human body (this is fantastic).

In this way, HIV binds to a membrane component of that cell, the CD4, penetrating inside to multiply. With this, the defense system will gradually lose the ability to respond adequately to these infections, making the body more vulnerable to disease. When the body no longer has the strength to fight these external agents, the person begins to get sick more easily and then it is said that he has AIDS.

IMPORTANT: All people diagnosed with HIV have the right to start antiretroviral treatment immediately, thereby saving their immune system. These drugs (called cocktails) prevent the virus from replicating within T-CD4 + cells.
In this way they prevent immunity from falling and AIDS from appearing.

Thirty (30) days. Regardless of tests with potential detection in smaller windows, since all of us, dealing in the area, we already know the endless dilemma of all, and thus, has set itself based on science and practice the 30 days.

Treatment Should Be Started As Soon As Possible

IMPORTANT: All people diagnosed with HIV have the right to start antiretroviral treatment immediately, thereby saving their immune system. These drugs (cocktail) prevent the virus from replicating within T-CD4 + cells and thus prevent immunity from falling and AIDS from appearing. This was very proven with the Start Study

Thirty days

Thirty (30) days. Regardless of tests with potential detection in smaller windows, since all of us, dealing in the area, we already know the endless dilemma of all, and thus, has set itself based on science and practice the 30 days.

They are good enough for the exams of the public system (rapid tests do not differ in generations) and all that is said above is "excess of zeal" or bad intention.

I do not work for anyone.

Except for you, who reads me this time. And if you want to support, support.

What is immunological window?

Well, immunological window is the time interval between the HIV infection until the first detection of anti-HIV antibodies produced by the body's defense system.

In most cases, the duration of the immune window is 30 days. However, this period may vary depending on the body's reaction to the infection and the type of test (method used and sensitivity).

If an anti-HIV antibody test is performed during the immunological window period, it is possible to generate a non-reactive result even if the person is infected. Therefore, it is recommended that in cases of testing with unreactive results where suspected HIV infection remains, be repeated after 30 days with the collection of a new sample.

Importantly, during the immunological window period, the HIV virus can now be transmitted, even where the test result for anti-HIV antibodies is unreactive.

"The immunological window does not fluctuate according to your sins and guilt complexes."

In this way, your fear and doubt are what generate your Personal Hell.

Remorse and Guilt do not extend this deadline! And I, who live conscious of the presence of HIV in my body, do not feel or believe that I am being punished.

Natural selection? Only idiots would say that!

I just got sick!

I don't remember going through a crisis, one thing I could say:

Yeah, I think "it" was an acute viral infection!

Honestly, I did not go through that.

The Crisis

I remember, yes, I was involved with a girl. And in my head (today I see myself as an asshole) I loved her. And, well, she doesn't! And there was nothing wrong with that, SEE THE STORY HERE

It is your ability to accept or not that changes, when you believe that AIDS is a punishment!

If you do not want to experience it again, simply use condoms in ALL your relationships. Even in the marital relationship. I know many reasons for "advise this,According to account Amaryllis!

CRT-A AIDS Reference and Training Center

The text excerpt below speaks of the HIV Immune Window on HIV and was written by CRT-A healthcare professionals who work in the HIV, syphilis and viral hepatitis testing sector near a Santa Cruz subway station in Sao Paulo City. In the same property is DISK AIDS, whose phone is 0800 16 25 50, which I spoke to today and recorded the conversation. After distorting the voice I'll put it here.

She said: 30 days. And he didn't know who he was talking to, he said:

You can not believe everything you read on the Internet. To believe, or not, in me, is with you!

From this point forward the writing is not mine.

According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of HIV Infection published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in December of 2013:

HIV Immunological Window

The window period is the period between infection with HIV until the first detection of HIV antibodies.

This manual is intended to improve the diagnosis of HIV and there were elaborate flowcharts being 5 2 rapid tests and laboratory 3, based on the classifiação of Fiebig. With the development of new technologies today we have 3ª tests and 4ª generation that allow further reduce the window period.

Third generation tests are the most widely used today, they detect only anti-HIV antibodies and the window is on average 22 to 25 days; Fourth generation tests simultaneously detect P24 antigen and anti-HIV antibodies and the immunological window is approximately 15 days. Learn More Here, in this text about Primary Infection.

And since Carnival is a periodic thing I put for you, these links:

  1. The Carnival is over.
  2. Empty excuses
  3. Symptoms of HIV

About the HIV Immune Window


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis Infections published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in December of 2015:

In 18 manual page describes the incubation period of the different viruses that cause hepatitis and diagnostic window to the tests in Brazil for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis, respectively.

Table 4: incubation period, prevalence of jaundice way and chronicity of infection by different viruses that cause viral hepatitis.

Etiologic agent
Incubation period
Jaundiced form
15 45 the day 5% to 10% in children under 6 years;
70 the 80% in adults
There are no reports of chronic forms
30 180 the day 30% 90% in newborns, 5% to 10% after 5 years
15 150 the day About 20% 70% a 85%
It is similar to hepatitis B, but smaller in superinfection: the 15 56 days Variable Variable
15 60 the days (mean 42 days) Variable Chronicity reports only in immunosuppressed individuals


According to the Technical Manual for Diagnosis of Syphilis published by the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis - Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health in May 2015:

Primary syphilis

The antibodies begin to appear in the bloodstream about the 7 10 days after the appearance of the chancre. So earlier this stage, the immunological tests can not present reactivity. The first immunoassay reagent to become around

10 days of evolution of the chancre and the FTA-Abs, followed by the other treponemal tests and

not treponemic. The treponemal tests are the first to make positive after infection and is common in primary syphilis positive result in a treponemic test (FTA-Abs may become reactive about three weeks after infection).

Secondary syphilis

In secondary syphilis all tests that detect antibodies are reagents. At this stage it is expected to meet senior titles in non-treponemal quantitative tests. The presumptive diagnosis and based on the presence of typical lesions on the skin and mucous membranes that often exuberant that stage. Confirmation occurs through the treponemal and non-treponemal tests.

After the treatment of secondary syphilis, the treponemal test reagents remain throughout the life of the user, and non-treponemal tests may have variable behavior. In some individuals become no reagents, and other reagents remain indefinitely in low titers.

Latent syphilis

Without treatment, after the disappearance of signs and symptoms of infection, syphilis entered the latent period as recent in the first year and later after that period. Latent syphilis shows no clinical manifestation.

At this stage, all the tests that detect antibodies remain reagents, and observed a decrease in securities in non-quantitative treponemal tests.

Tertiary syphilis

At this stage, tests that detect antibodies are usually reagents, especially treponemic tests, and the titles of nontreponemal tests tend to be low.

Assessor - Management Technical Support
STD / AIDS Reference and Training Center
STD / AIDS State Program - São Paulo
R. Santa Cruz, 81. Vila Mariana. Sao Paulo . SP CEP: 04121.000

The somatization thing that leads me to endless headaches

When the mind creates disease

You have ALL SYMPTOMS OF AIDS? CAN NOT BE HIV (you may be somatizing)

If you need to talk and couldn't find me or Beto Volpe, this is a much more balanced option, Beto, you can also send your message. Maybe I can take a while. I check the messages at noon, shortly after, in fact, at 20:00.
It's getting harder and harder for me, this whole thing, to type.
And I end up needing an interval between one paragraph and another.

But be sure of one thing I learned:

Time and patience solve just about everything!

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Juan March 22, 2020 at 11:57:44 pm

Hello I did two quick tests 60 days after an exposure and a laboratory test in a known laboratory 90 days after a risk relationship in that period of time the positive test?

And here we have this answer
Claudio Souza March 22, 2020 at 14:27:28 pm

If you are trying to find out if your test results are correct, if you want to have the peace of mind of feeling “safe” yes, you can rest assured! The immune window is thirty days. Do not worry. And I'm sorry for taking so long to answer. I was forced to do maintenance on the note. But is all right now. and you, Juan, can rest easy. The source of the technical part of this text is composed of four nurses specialized in testing for tests against the presence of HIV. Stay calm and look for me if you really need it!

And here we have this answer
Claudio Souza April 3, 2020 at 00:59:35 pm

Hello good day! It's 00:20 here.

I am not sure if I answered this message. I have memory problems and I also suffer from sleepwalking.

Since 2012, at least, the immune window has been 30 days. Take it easy and forgive me for the negligence, please

And here we have this answer
Anonymous November 16, 2019 at 18:24:03

In addition to the 6 tests I have 2 complete blood cells all normal, I think it's just my psychological, I just know I never thought to be so hard to forget all that. Ah I had no risk exposure after the exams.God God my friend

And here we have this answer
Claudio Souza November 17, 2019 at 08:02:18

Look: you say

I think it's just my psychological, I just know I never thought it was so hard to forget all this

You already know the solution to your problem.
I come forward apologizing for the dolly on the blog. I lost the right to use some 200 images, I don't even know right. But resolving this will cost u time. Read the texts on the link below, please.ógica

And here we have this answer
Anonymous November 16, 2019 at 18:20:42

I live in the interior of Paraíba, amazingly there seems to be no infectologist, I'm trying to take my life more every day I remember this, I know I have to trust the exams because they are 6 and if still positive they serve no purpose, I'll following my life always grateful for your help my friend

And here we have this answer
Claudio Souza November 17, 2019 at 05:36:44

Hi! I don't know if I remember you. Especially with that eloquent name. I'll tell you some things here. I gave up today, just now, to keep trying to resolve a certain person's doubts because it's been at least 18 months and, in fact, I think it's more. And it seems incredible to me that there is no infectious disease in the interior of Paraíba. Here in Sampa there is a neighborhood called Pantanal and believe it, because the place itself does honor to the name! I'm going to take a look at the blog to see what I can give you as a reading suggestion, if you haven't read them!

And here we have this answer
Anonymous November 15, 2019 at 15:00:18

I know my friend, But I think I'll have to go through therapy because it doesn't go out of my head, 6 are quick tests the last with 10 months all negative, now my wife wants to get pregnant and I'm terrified again, the fact is that I come here on the blog every day for me

And here we have this answer
Claudio Souza November 15, 2019 at 22:13:13

Look. If you took no risk after those exams there is nothing to fear. Go to an infectologist just to talk to him about the immunological window and show me the page I deal with. What city do you live in? If it's Sampa, maybe I can try to help you a little better.

And here we have this answer
Leonardo Campos de britto December 5, 2018 at 18:55:18 pm

Oii I did a test with 45 and another 65 days after the risk exposure and gave negative. Is this window reliable?

And here we have this answer
Cláudius of Macedo December 6, 2018 at 01:34:55 pm

Hello Leo! Good night. It took me a while to answer. Sorry. Yes. 30 days is the immunological window term that is enough. Maybe you can find some text of mine by saying something different, and I'll ask you to show me the links, please! It's me who does everything here. From translation to purchase of photos, and everything. And the blog has almost 700 publications and, it is not difficult to have some outdated publication. But you can move on. I sometimes jest, saying that if I were Jesus I would say, "Now go and sin no more" ... And the idea is more or less this. (I do not judge here, see my position in life!) I live with HIV But I think it's almost suicide attempt It's serious, see, it's getting harder to cure gonorrhea. that she does not kill.I do not know if she kills or not.It is always a disease.EW, even if she does not kill.Well, did she have gonorrhea?

And here we have this answer
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