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Opportunistic Infections "IO". It's Important to Know What They Are and How to Prevent

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Well, in our bodies, we carry many germs - bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses. At the end of this text a brief reference on these lifestyles or "non-life" drawn from Wikipedia with the links to the full articles.

This Way When our immune system is working, it controls these germs. But when the immune system is weakened by HIV infection, something quite different from AIDS because it does not have immune deficiency, these germs can get out of control and cause health problems.

And that's it: Infections that take advantage of the weakness of immune defenses are called opportunists. The term "opportunistic infection" is often reduced to "IO".

And so, IO rates have dropped dramatically since the introduction of antiretroviral therapies (ART) However, OIs are still a problem, especially for people who have not been tested for HIV. Unfortunately, many people still show up in hospitals with a serious IO, pneumocystis pneumonia often. This is how they learn they have HIV infection.

And, infamously, since December, I'd say I lost three people to Opportunistic Infections.

For, unfortunately, I was not near them fast enough to get to the point of letting them know of their risks. What is worse is that, to one of them, I preached death without knowing that it did!

And, my God, how much it hurts to know that I said those two stupid and careless sentences


Opportunistic infections are all around us.
Yes, indeed, Opportunistic Infections are all around us, and believe and fear, even within us! The fact is that we, as a species, conquer day by day, death after death, crisis after crisis, with what Darwinism calls so well of evolution, the right to live on this planet, even in the face of the "omnipresent evil of Pneumocisty Karenee for example; which is everywhere, even in our lungs, literally besieged. Our immunity is the barrier to their victory, and so HIV needs a lot of work and work to decimate our defenses. believe
Living with HIV there!
Or I would not be here any more.
Opportunistic Illness Can Be Fatal, Or Not! Take care, sanitize your food

And, yes, you can be infected with an IO, and "positive test" for it, even if you do not have the disease.

For example, almost everyone with HIV is positive for HIV. Cytomegalovirus (CMV). You want a confession?

This is the thing I most fear in life! Yes, I fear losing sight!

But it is very rare for CMV disease to develop because, unless The CD4 cell count falls below 50, a sign of serious damage to the immune system. And enter, I'm afraid!

To see if you are infected with an IO, your blood can be tested for antigens (pieces of the germ that causes IO) or for antibodies (proteins produced by the immune system to fight off germs).

If the antigens are found, it means that you are infected. If the antibodies are found, you have been exposed to the infection. You may have been immunized against the infection, or your immune system may have "cleared" the infection or you may be infected. If you are infected with a germ that causes an IO, and if your CD4 cells are low enough to allow IO to develop, your doctor will look for signs of active disease. These are different for different OIs.

OIs and AIDS

People who are not infected with HIV can develop OIs if their immune systems are damaged. For example, many drugs used to treat cancer suppress the immune system. Some people who get cancer treatments can develop OIs.

HIV weakens the immune system so that opportunistic infections can develop. If you are infected with HIV and develop opportunistic infections, you may have AIDS.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is responsible for deciding who has AIDS. The CDC has developed a list of about 24 opportunistic infections. If you have HIV and one or more of these "official" OIs, then you have AIDS.

The list is available at http://www.thebody.com/content/art14002.html


In the early years of the AIDS epidemic, OIs caused many illnesses and deaths. Once people started taking strong antiretroviral therapy (ART), much less people got OIs. It is not clear how many people with HIV will receive a specific IO.

In women, health problems in the vaginal area may be early signs of HIV. These may include pelvic inflammatory disease and bacterial vaginosis, among others. Watch 610 datasheet For more informations.

The most common OIs are listed here, along with the disease they usually cause, and the CD4 cell count when the disease becomes active:

Candidiasis and the Importance of Oral HealthCandidiasis: is a fungal infection of the mouth, throat or vagina. CD4 cell range: Can occur even with reasonably high CD4 cells. see the 501 Information Sheet. Learn a little more here

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a viral infection that causes eye diseases that can lead to blindness. CD4 cell range: below 50. To see Fact Sheet 504. Retinitis

Herpes simplex virus can cause oral herpes (cold sores) or genital herpes. These are very common infections, but if you have HIV, the outbreaks can be much more frequent and more serious. They can occur in any CD4 cell count. Watch Fact Sheet 508.

It was not something like that. I know "it hurts," I have it. It was a live wound on his face. But not even the best willingness to help, other than Christ's, could forgive what she, in all her pain, tried to do: Transmit all that suffering to me. With all my heart, I wished her there and now, Hell!
Support House Brenda Lee

Yeah, this herpes thing brought me a souvenir. I lived in the support house Brenda Lee. A lot of Transvestites and, forgive me the sane ones, some of you are bad. But I think this is all over the place. In one of these my routines of taking the Waldir, I had to take a second trip. Precisely not to expose the battered Waldir. A transvestite, in terrible suffering. Overnight and, I swear I never saw anything like this afterwards, but night to day transvestite worsened dramatically herpes cold sore for herpes facial! And, of course, she was in pain.

The Evil My God, Evil

Although I did not yet have the knowledge of all the malice that AIDS generated, the nurse who bothered me, she treated me well and instructed me:

"Relieve her pain, but protect yourself."

Said and done, twice she, the transvestite, tried to take that pair of acrylic glasses and sniff in my eyes! (...).

Unsuccessfully. She was treated and healed. He wanted to talk to me.

Just not. I may want to help, but I am not holy, the space between Earth and Mars is small compared to what I put between me and her, because what she tried, yes, I repeat the speech of a friend.


Malaria is common in the developing world. It is more common and more serious in people with HIV infection.

The Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC or MAI) is a bacterial infection that can cause recurrent fevers, feelings of general illness (an infernal malaise, as someone told me, who was waking up from sleeping pills), digestion problems, and severe weight loss. CD4 cell range: below 50. To see Fact sheet 514. THE

Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) is a fungal infection that can cause fatal pneumonia. CD4 cell range: below 200. To see Fact Sheet 515. Unfortunately, this is still quite common in people who have not been tested or treated for HIV.

Toxoplasmosis (Toxo) is a protozoan infection of the brain. CD4 cell range: below 100. To see 517 fact sheet. THE

Tuberculose (TB) is a bacterial infection that attacks the lungs and can cause meningitis. CD4 cell range: All HIV positive test TB patients should be treated. Watch Fact Sheet 518.


Most of the germs that cause OIs are quite common, and you may already be carrying several of these infections. You can reduce the risk of new infections by staying clean and avoiding known sources of germs that cause IOs.

Even if you are infected with some OIs, you can take medications that will prevent the development of active diseases. This is called prophylaxis. The best way to prevent OIs is to take strong ART. Watch 403 fact sheet for more information on ART.

The leaflets of each IO contain more information on how to avoid infection or prevent the development of active diseases.


For each IO, there are specific drugs, or combinations of drugs, that seem to work best. See the brochures for each IO to learn more about how they are treated. Complete US guidelines for treatment and prevention of OIs can be found at http://www.aidsinfo.nih.gov/Guidelines/ and by choosing "Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections."

Opportunistic Infections May Be Some of the Problems of Harvesting
Not always the harvest is so, so easy!

The Most Important Thing Is That You Do not Let Yourself Be Surprised By An Opportunistic Infection. I could write that if you were to discover your positive HIV serology through an Opportunistic Infection, you would then be in the hands of God!

But the great truth is that we are, yes, always, in the hands of God! But he grants us free will!

And if we do the stupid thing, we contract HIV for not loving ourselves enough to take care of ourselves, something so simple! It's imperative that we take care of ourselves when we run the risk of suffering the consequences of our own Stupid actions!

So if you have had unprotected intercourse, whichever is the least you are expected to do a test for antibodies to HIV!

Especially now that we have almost 40 years of pandemi historyThe! I could say that I am innocent, that I was misinformed, that nobody told me anything! But the great truth is that I saw, heard, knew and did not care!

And He comes here now 21 May day 2019 just over 20 minutes past midnight, ending that text in the desperate quest that you see it and wake up! make your test accept your results especially if it is not reagent and take care careful attention to your body!

Because He is your most dearest and His health must be what you have to aim for as the primary goal of your existence!

I believe, that I could live much better without an arm since I did not have HIV!

But this is something I can not prove to anyone!

This is so, and I can not prove what I say, all this is the result of the dreaded equation that I have learned: All is as God desires, for the sowing, yes, it is free:

But the harvest, laughter, is mandatory!

Strong antiretroviral drugs can allow a damaged immune system to recover and do a better job of fighting IOs. The 481 Data Sheet on Immunological Restoration has more information on this topic.

I have been keeping this blog, almost without help, since the year 2000! we are at the end of 2019

No one is so poor that they can't help at least once. It's your choice. And God Witnesses Your Options

To Help With $ 10,00 To Help With $ 20,00 To Help With $ 50,00To Help With $ 100.00

What comes after the picture is not for you to think:
"Wow! How he suffered !.
It is for you to get it in your head that you can go through even more than that!
When I write that there is life with HIV is this and much more that I speak !!!

Despite the HIV infection, and even rarely, I can smile!

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