Seventeen years! A Trip From Those !!!!!

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Yes Yes! The Impossible Also Happens

Today 17 years of life in common and also of "Unusual life" with Mara!

And this is a different date from the ones that are usually celebrated, it's true. But nothing in life next to Mara is customary! Even her bad mood is often funny, even though they have flown some sparks recently.

Time Passes, Time Flies, and even after such Savings Have Flew Over Ares! But we!!!

It is the natural friction of time and also of aging.

I was a fool and a boy when I entered the life of Mara and Mara made me, a Man!

And this is such a work! And I would say: "A quite shot!"

Well, I had a bachelor party that lasted more than a year, because I wanted it to work out right, and in this way I even shook things (Angel ...) because I knew that once I started life for two , I should no longer commit this "kind of mistake", so common to my youth!

For There Of Frequent In Those Times

So common? In fact, waiting and waiting at any moment, why would not I? That passed, stayed behind, although it left an endless list of dead and injured.

I know, Maroca, that the simple disclosure of this nickname will cost me the crucifixion, but here for us, after seventeen years, until I can scratch the march a little bit!

Yeah, I just gave you a Cake.

I wish I had given you a cake! But….

And I would like to give you a star, but where I would put it, inside our house, if there is already one that inhabits it, and which gushes so much light.

Mara, seventeen years! What patience and good will you have!

And how much courage, determination and patience, for here, I am far from being good enough or even adequate to your standards and one of your cousins, and I do not know what goes into the water that is served in the where she lives in the city, said, after attending an interview with ESPM, she said that I am "intelligent" and that explained (This phrase gives way to such things as, "Beautiful you are not.") she has chosen me to live with you:

Well At Least I'm Not Rough! (I.e.

- "... Mara is very intelligent and could not live with someone crude"!

Good, cousin, that you, at least, do not think I'm rough

Anyway, Dona Maricota, seventeen years are not seventeen days.

<3 6209 Days <3

It's 6209 days, mortgaging the leap years and only you, just you, you and you, to bear it, the way I was, and we know how it was! (…)

A Nice Trip

It has been a beautiful, long and beautiful journey and, looking from here to there, with the details and lines that only we both have, what a beautiful journey!

And what a beautiful trip!

If I love you?

Today, more than yesterday!

Tomorrow, less than today.

One day at a time, as Ika, a friend who time robbed me, taught me.

- "One day at a time Claudius, one day at a time!

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." - Carl Jung

A Freudian

And to think that my analyst, the only one who can find the complicated way to the control room where the password is inserted and put as "trustworthy" is Freudian.

Go there if you understand, because even a Lacanian and a "Holistic" I tried.

The best of All Mara, it's been you.

The best wife, best friend, best lover, better, better, better.

And who knows me knows.

I used orthopedic needles, at $ 100,00 the pair, two pairs a night, because (poor thing and Dona Andréa M de G) I did not accept, I do not accept, and I will never accept less than the best! Not that I have to improve myself to get the best for me.

is part of this process of improvement of us, which has been, with all certainty, the guiding thread of this story that is ours and that is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ...

Luv U!


And you know this!

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