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Prejudice gives me solitude. Besides Mara, I need friends !!!

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Funny, for a while I stopped working with Skype, Facebook Messenger, and communicators like the ones I've used in the past, such as Microsoft Messenger! If anyone still knows this existed and remembers the fact!

I went to meet with the Whats App, and do you know why?

Because it was so much easier, this way, to avoid those funny people who like to make fun of me!

And in this way I learned a little more about prejudice.

I heard it spinning figuratively, people telling me that I deserve to have HIV and that I must be a great PDP !!!:

- “I'm not worried about me, if I have HIV, I give it to Dane, I deserve it! I am worried about my wife and my daughter!

If I had heard it only once, I might not have warmed my head so much!

It would have been just a person afraid of window period, one more, for the sake of truth! However, not quite. I don't know how many people told me something like that, with some variations, but always with the same essence:

It was a person who spoke to me, Claudio Afonso de Souza who has been HIV for almost a quarter of a century, that I deserved to be HIV!

With three or four of these people I exploded, then I got tired!

The World has so many idiots that sometimes discourages this little thing from helping people. Because let's combine my ear is not potty!

In the worst expression of prejudice I have experienced in this quest to support people emotionally via WhatsApp, the worst of all is what I will narrate now in very few lines:

A few days ago I was looking at the endless list of people that I, one way or another, whether they wanted it or not, I think I helped, and I ended up for the summer of a person who had had a very traumatic experience, and started a very big one. idiot me I risked a contact.

"The Person on the other side" took a while to respond and maybe it was better not to! because what she told me goes beyond stupidity:

- “Look! I'll block you here, because I have no way justify a friendship like yours., I can't have a contact with a person like you!

Before Even if I could block she blocked me! and it made me very sad! After all, what did she mean by a person like me?

She speaks, of course, of a person with HIV, and I would be able to swear that if given to her she wakes up she would say:

- “I can't have contact with aids”!

People are not every day that I have a good mood to hold what I think, the best I would do at that moment would have been to send her to the horse!

But I recognize that would be an insult to the horse!

Well, look. If it is true that the world has thorns, it is also true that it has some flowers!

In these days, after so many bad experiences, after I realized that attending these people I fell ill with the work of the blog, I started to correspond with people through forms and e-mail, as well as through of contacts by the fanpage of the blog on Facebook!

I let the Blog audience fall into a total of 80% !!!

And when I realize that the person I'm talking to really needs to talk to me, well, then that's up to me and I give the Whats App number to them!

A Well of truth very few people have managed to get my cell phone number, and it will get more and more difficult, because this example of nefarious people that I mentioned to you is one in a dozen!

But a few days ago, actually is well over a month, I saw a person I clearly realized that:

1-) She does not trouble me;

2-) She really needed to talk to someone!

Look, I did not fool myself! She no longer needs me so much and she's still here, talking to me, holding up to my chiliques exclamation mark What's true I can not deny, I'm subject to rains and thunderstorms!

And see that for the sake of truth the only person who Can you hold me? and hold on like this indefinitely is the Mara!

And although you look at it and say:

I believe that she is an angel, and that she is incapable of being nervous!

I do not even want to talk about it, laughter.

This friend a few days ago sent me to put on the blog a testimony of her that is all reason I tell this story, I am putting here an audio of this girl so cool so cool and so patient!

Although she told me not to distort her voice with any risk of identification that this could pose at any moment!

The crib kittens, who can not have friends with me, kindly have the goodness of not looking for me anymore, because if you can not talk to me you can not need me!

Because this is so unfair!

And this with which I almost offended the Horse Club, if she disgraced and eventually read me here, please go and graze!

This is the speech of a friend conquered in the blog

To this I subscribe, Cláudio Souza!

I have been keeping this blog, almost without help, since the year 2000! we are at the end of 2019

No one is so poor that they can't help at least once. It's your choice. And God Witnesses Your Options

To Help With $ 10,00 To Help With $ 20,00 To Help With $ 50,00To Help With $ 100.00

What comes after the picture is not for you to think:
"Wow! How he suffered !.
It is for you to get it in your head that you can go through even more than that!
When I write that there is life with HIV is this and much more that I speak !!!

Despite the HIV infection, and even rarely, I can smile!

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