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Bill & Melinda Gates Donated US $ 750 in Search for AIDS Vaccine

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AIDS In Search of a Cure Against AIDS AIDS Vaccine

Vaccine against AIDS It is one of the focuses of this page. But she counts a lot more !!!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Went In With $ 750 mi In Search Of AIDS Vaccine (This Time)

Initially, a personal tragedy, for illustration

AIDS vaccine
They are vaccine jars and, in fact, I chose this image precisely because it gives me this impression. Bullets, or their cartridge, not yet "perforated." Ready to be fired and exterminated to offending agents that harm us. And not to us

I worked in one of these nightclubs of the Ancient, Finished and extinct mouth of luxury, which in its agony turned into garbage when something occurred. After 9 months without vacations, I took vacations at any cost and gave me vacations.

I initially got my temporary replacement into a good pro. And I tell you that knowing how to mix 390 beats does not produce a good professional. Generates a good mixer.

And a "friend" came to me, saying that the values ​​he earned from his work, making my vacation, he, the rascal (you know it didn't end well), could take a necessary course to join the list of professionals from a particular career and I, forgetting previous rogues (I loved this guy) talked to the other guy, the decent guy and he said that "being for a good cause he saw no problem".

AIDS Vaccine It is something that is in this text, a little lower

If you do not want to read my context history, click AIDS vaccine and follow to the point.

Bill Gatas Supports the fight against AIDS
He made personal computing possible. It was the beginning, somewhat groping, full of * .VXD exceptions and "unknown" errors. But it was a start!

I should have seen it. I will not narrate the filth, the filthiness of his attitudes, but he pulled my rug! Yes, yes and yes, I was no longer irreplaceable, as it had been in the past, and I lost the job for this Aparecido dos Diabos!

If you went through the link and you are here, I thank you, the topic will be very concise regarding the vaccine, the search for the vaccine against AIDS, but this "intro" can help you understand how tragic the lack of a single vaccine can be!

I spent two very difficult weeks, but I got another job, where I started earning very little, because Aparecido, knocking me down, also ignored that I lived in a hotel and that I had given him that opportunity because he had and has children, that he needed to feed and this, per se, OPEN A LONG PARAGRAPH! But I know, you want the dthe search for an AIDS vaccine!

The World treats well that if it expresses itself better

The fact is that I lived in a hotel and for a week they left me there, in that room, peacefully, but only a week!

Then I went to Rua da Amargura. You know, rascal, what's worse? You can not do anything against it without having to confess your ignominy! Remember? The world rata well who dresses well, according to you. And our master, “The Eternal Black Protector”. You gave me the creeps for me:

-The world treats better who expresses itself better!

And I spent a week, one more, of my life, in the streets. But I got a job at a house of savvy, which wasn't Sky & Perepepes yet.

I did not imagine, in those days, although I knew the risks, that to live with AIDS. He believed that contracting AIDS was simply dying!

What an idiot I was! This even explains having trusted you!

Without Vaccines Ana Cláudia Finished Being Captured by Polio

AIDS VaccineThis is a house that I will keep your name a secret. But there I met a girl, Ana Cláudia (yes, my life was sprinkled by Claudias!) The first one, my cousin, she did not know at the 50 house now, to give me an authentic value. stupidity and gave no value to my attempt at compromise.

Ana Claudia was a victim of polio and when I met her I saw a beautiful face, and a shining spirit. And I fell in love with her. And we were in a teeming passion when she warned me that she would visit her mother, somewhere (I can not remember the name) in Mato Grosso do Sul.

It wasn't the Seven Hour Train, nor the Last of the Wilderness, but….

And she marked her return to the next Saturday.

On the train, in the Light Station; but did not arrive. Not on that Saturday.

And nowhere else!

And i stayed very sad, was, I thought, a bad tide!

One more that left me talking.

And, I thought, it was well done! Well I was a big bastard with women!

I did not respect the feelings of many!

In fact, I had trampled them and now "the change"! (This is how I saw, lived and felt things in those days and for a long time!).

A Sad DJ, A Sad Night Club!

I, DJ and Radialist on 1990
This was me in 1990 on Radio Broadcast ABC. It is not at all unlikely that I already had HIV. What I assure you is that I did not know and had no idea about it

As the hours passed the sadness widened and that was a weekend with A sad DJ. In those days cell phone did not exist here in Brazil and, to have a telephone. Huuuuummmmmm. Dear Bessa, and so I received messages at the bakery next door, where they called me to wait for a phone call.

And the call came, and it was Ana Claudia's mother who, when speaking, made clear her difficulty in “dealing with a telephone, and badly she told me that Claudia had suffered a relapse (these were not the words) and asked "For help."

Help how? I thought….

But one of the members of the house where I worked had his connections there and I left in an ambulance as soon as possible, but we arrived very late and to tell you everything, I did not stay to attend the funeral.

Today, In spite of Internet, Space for Lying has grown!

The mother of Ana Claudia was, or is, I can hardly believe it, a person without culture, I would say ignorant if it was someone else but, I believe, she had not received instruction and the droplet fault error, in her case, I think it's forgivable.

Cláudio Souza, DJ and Radialist
The red light, in this case, does not represent, in this case, that I am in a "house of tolerance. Actually I was "in the air"

She could not have predicted.

These idiots today, bridge that fell, they spread these lies, this filth and tease, these dogs, this kind of tragedy because they are a damn and a thousand times they are damned and damn, because it is not difficult for other "Ana Claudia" to end having similar or even worse endings.

No one is using vaccines to create autistic or eliminate human lives.

I lived in a time when the great difficulty was a child being born and not die before age five!

How much has changed with "progress."

Piped water, basic sanitation, vaccination, progress.

I know, and I even understand that you who are thirty years old or less can not believe that I say easily, but that is because you did not have the unfortunate opportunity to see polio victims in profusion and I will not do a search for these images . And, for example, it can be quite complicated to believe that the risk of infant mortality was maternal surveillance until the age of five!

Dehydration. I think I've been through at least three. And the fever, the malaise, was horrible!

So before you start the part of the text that deals with what the subject calls you to read, you have gained so many words and paragraphs more and now you gain an image:

Bill Gates

Well, I was listening to a video (really listening because I'm working on revising another one) when I heard, for the umpteenth time that Bill Gates, his Wife, through his foundation aims to “extinguish most of the human race”!

Yes, it is, because it is! (so said Chiquinha)!

They donate 90% of everything they have, periodically, in resources to save human lives, to mitigate human suffering and, with this:

With this, unoccupied anarchists say these nonsense about it!

This is one of the most scathing reasonings I have ever heard in my life.

Sweep Humanity From The Face Of The Earth With Vaccines

Would not it be much cheaper and more practical to encourage conflict?

I wonder if they, Bill and Melinda Gates would like to exterminate part of the human population simply to have “a village the size of Belgium (RS) where they came to live!

The thought is bizarre, I recognize, even because he might actually wish for “a village the size of the Iberian Peninsula, plus France and a boat route… to England, a sort of safe house where they would conserve food.

Food for Bill and Melinda Gates Enjoy! But!!! Produced By Who? Hell!!!

This text, I inform you, was offline because I needed a revision that is not the best thing I am able to do, and yes, I am trying to revise and republish, while there is another text there on the next tab….

That by the time I'm dealing with this, about 20: 00 of 27's June 2019 day, you'll have to stay for tomorrow morning! And I'll play there until midnight. But I like!!!

AIDS vaccine

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, co-president of the foundation that bears his name and his wife Melinda, announced on Thursday in Davos a $ 750 million contribution to the Global Fund against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, whose chief executive has resigned two days.

"These are economically hard times, but it's no excuse to cut aid to the world's poor," the billionaire said at a news conference called to announce his new donation.

Gates, who participates in the World Economic Forum of D'Avos, praised the work of the fund, which will complete ten years. “This is one of the most effective ways we invest our money each year,” he said.

One Vaccine Against AIDS, Another Against Malaria and Best Treatments Against Tough Tuberculosis Are Important Spotlights

Previously, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses its donations on health-related activities, has supported the Global Fund against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis with $ 650 million.

The AIDS Vaccine is one of the Priorities! It's important, I know, but it can not be the only one! Treatments against Opportunistic Infections, I think, should be supported too!

The American made clear his support for the initiative by highlighting that through the contribution announced on this Thursday also gives the institution "the flexibility and authority to distribute funds efficiently, depending on immediate needs."

AIDS Vaccine, A Dream For Many

The statement is significant as this week the chief executive of the fund, Michel Kazatchkine, announced that he will step down in mid-March, a decision that is attributed to the board's decision that directs the fund to create the post of director- general, for which he elected the Colombian-Brazilian Gabriel Jaramillo.

This change in the organization's structure was justified by the need to have a supervisor oversee a series of changes introduced in its operation to ensure transparency in the use of resources after a series of irregularities detected in 2011.

The organization is an entity with public and private participation that in recent years has received great financial support from governments of industrialized countries, but the current financial and economic crisis indicates that it will have fewer funds for its activities in the future.

Ten Billion Dollars In A Malaria Vaccine, Best Treatments Against Tuberculosis And An AIDS Vaccine

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis should distribute $ 10 billion in the 2011-2013 period for the three diseases but warned that will not be able to increase its funding because some countries have already announced that they will have to reduce their donations.

This is a project that you, who live in São Paulo, should know:

The "Project At Home ”!!!

And this thing of PEP, do not abuse!

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