Undetectable Viral Load Gives Negative Test?

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undetectable viral load give negative test?

Undetectable Viral Load Gives Test Negative or non-reactive?

This question about viral load appears a lot to me! And I understand the anguish it generates, for it may be much easier to conduct oneself in the emotional and sexual life if things were so, but it is not.

Undetectable viral load does not result in a "negative" or "unreactive" HIV test. What you need to understand, quite rightly, is that this is, in short, the other side of the immune window problem; once the period has passed and seroconversion has arrived, the antibodies against HIV will emerge and will not disappear any more.

And see this article on viral load, treatment and PrEP.

At least as long as there is HIV in the body. If you think about the way vaccines work, chances are this will never go away. There is something called immune memory. When we are "invaded" by an aggressive agent, form defenses against this and never fails to manufacture the antibodies!

Search Is For Antibodies

CD4 cells, the "band generals". The importance of the CD4 cell count count is great!
Representative image of peaceful coexistence between white and red cells. HIV infection is NOT AN AUTOIMUNE DISEASE

When we want, and I well know that for some this quest to know if the undetectable viral load gives negative test shows, in you, the great doubt about being worthy or worthy of being loved / loved.

And see, make sure you are, yes, and very dignified or worthy of being object (not sexual only) | but object, aim, focus of love of another person. Because we all are! Even a stranger / stranger, passing you on a street, can see you, feel you, and love you for ten seconds ....

What happens in the viral load is undetectable, is that you have a lot of viruses, it is quite interesting to explain that they are "copies of the virus", in such a small amount, that the HIV detection tests, or their copies, are not able to detect them!

This does not mean that the virus is not there, it is, but in quantities as I said very low. our body maintains the "state of alert" continues to keep antibodies in the body.

And the tests for HIV serology do not seek, the presence of the virus, they look for the existence of antibodies! For if you cool your head, re-center your mind and look at it all head-on, fearlessly, refusing to accept that "a simple virus" takes over the helm of your life, and that may well be occurring in your Frightened head, you'll see that in front of someone who loves you TRULY, IT WILL BE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY INDIFFERENT IF a undetectable viral load do not give a negative test or not! For if a person is stupid enough to see it as a problem .... WELL, SHE DOES NOT LOVE YOU. AND IF YOU LOVE, YOU DO NOT KNOW LOVE.

Love is unconditional, or it is not love.

There was, once, a summer!

I lived on a street in the center of sampa, and in front of all the buildings on one side of the street there was only one wall, one wall low!ris left me there. AND I do not know if it was scratched before I got into the building at dawn and I did not see it, or it was scratched afterwards.

What I remember is that, more or less for 15: 00, after a shower and a sex round with another PERSON (I AM A DAMN) I left the building and, straight from the front, it was written like this:

DJ! For being love, invade and end!

I love you, and I love to feel it!


And I felt the last albino hippopotamus of Venus 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Vera, you know how much this kiss cost ;-)
Close-up of young people kissing against the sun

And this is the first of the reasons that I find to explain to you, second of my way of seeing, a reason, quite sinister, for the exams to continue giving reagent.

So, and as far as I know, and I know how far I've read and heard, but also, based on everything I've talked to doctors and medical friends of mine or not, this reactant result does not change after we've been infected!

If you have any questions about this, leave the comments and I will answer!

I may take a while, but I always respond. And see, Viral Load Undetectable Gives Negative Testing?

Not! No, it is not! Undetectable viral load does not give negative test. But if your doubt is because of emotional life, I ask you,

The person for whom you would have to lie this way is worth it, this your feeling?

I do not think so!

Since I am not a doctor or a scientist, I write only on the basis of what I have learned, in what I read, and in what God allows me to imagine, with the intelligence that He gave me, which, I well know, is not the greatest!

But it is far from being "limited".

The point is that the person with HIV seems to be ashamed of their condition. And what's even worse: I have friends who are ashamed of my condition and hide it, hiding me, even from people who could have a closer look "Interested in my work! I need help, understand that! "

From time to time, for one reason or another, in some conversation, or very specific, someone tells me, leaving me perplexed, astonished and desolate:


One image, a thousand words.

Did I get AIDS?
Why does it have to be this way? A price for "almost" everything?

And you have kept me literally a watertight compartment, excluding myself from the contact of the people with whom he relates because he knows that I am not ashamed of my HIV status.

He knows that I will quickly imply that I am HIV positive and that I have a job that is a blog that is the one you are now, Soropositivo.Org. This blog, website, I do not know, is the only truly good and decent thing I've done and, so forgive me, I'm proud of it!

But in this text, I look for something:

I wanted to and God knows how much I want is to make you understand that having HIV is no reason for shame. No one "deserves to be sick," and there is not a single reason why you should be ashamed. Even because I, you who read me, and the person in the other device, and each one of them, reading this text we are not so, so damn, and in my case, neither am I so p

First Symptoms of HIV -

This sentence is built in the wrong way!

The correct way to express yourself is:

First symptoms of HIV.

And it is important to stress: The "HIV" virus does not exist! HIV is a virus. It is the "AIDS!" Virus (acronym for Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome - AIDS).

All this to inform that I am translating, and of course I need a revision, for a text whose title will be:

The First Symptoms of HIV Infection

I've been trying to post four to five times a week, but this is hard to do with

This is my "pitaco"!

Read the text below, entitled:


Open it on this flap, I warn. But it helps to lighten up the ideas.



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