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What you need to know about HIV.

Being diagnosed with HIV can be a traumatic experience - both mentally and physically, and can leave you feeling confused, angry and sad.

After your initial diagnosis and shock, you may have several questions in your head. Here at seropositivo.org we hear your concerns and we come to ten questions that you may have at this time.

There is much more to learn about being HIV positive, but this information may be a good start ...

Here are 10 things you should know about HIV / AIDS:

  1. Can the result be wrong?

It may take a while for HIV to be detected in your bloodstream, so when you are tested for the first time and are HIV positive, there is a second test done to make sure the initial result is correct. The second test is usually performed after one month and is known as the immunological window period.

I will die?

Yes! Everyone will die one day!

But if you treat yourself, taking your medication correctly, in a Spartan way it is very likely that you will not die from the complications of HIV.

I have a friend, actually two, who play, saying they are HIV-negative, one of them is the Beatriz Pacheco! The other is the Sandra Paiva!

Both have aged with HIV, and live their lives to the fullest extent and, I well know, with all they could say about the difficulties of living, they are certainly much better people than much "teenager "!

Finding yourself HIV can be sad and seem like the end
That is, when you discover that you have become HUV bearer this seems the end.
To be honest, this is a kind of "legacy"! that hypocritical religious, many of them have sex with children and say that AIDS is God's punishment, and it is also the legacy of a media that is not committed to facts, as I have already said.
None of them writes:
We were wrong.
And the result of this, of this "inaction," is fear.

This is a huge fear for many people. But when it comes to HIV, the most important thing is to get the right treatment as soon as possible.

Once you have HIV, you have a commitment to your health and a medical clinic, for the rest of your life, and taking medication, exercising regularly and watching what you eat will help you maintain good health and allow you to live a long and full life.!

Is there a cure for HIV or AIDS?

Despite the reports, there are currently no recognized cures for HIV, with the exception of "Patient of Berlin"; and also the still very premature cure of "Patient in London" which seems to be in "long-term remission!

Scientists around the world are seeking a cure, but for now the research continues. Medicine advances all the time and HIV treatment has gone from potentiation to potentiation and today the treatment can be even with one pill per day (instead of ten or twenty-nine, How did I take it?), and this is a good way to keep you in shape.

Will I infect another person with HIV?

HIV is not transmitted by day-to-day activities or by contact with objects, food, or clothing. That means you can hug, shake hands, share toilet seats and use the same cutlery without infecting the nearest and dear ones.

Can I still have sex?

As long as you use a condom and take the necessary precautions you can have a safe and busy sex life. If you are in a relationship with someone who has a negative status, he or she may consider using PrEP.

Clarify About PrEP! PrEP Is Not Beauty

Sad man sitting at the bar counter, alcohol addiction. Male person in pub, alcoholism

But explain to this person that using PrEP is the same thing as treating HIV infection without HAVING HIV INFECTION. I, Claudius, think it's too much to ask of someone you love. But this is my way of seeing things because the condom prevents HIV contamination.

And that's all because PReP, well PrEP helps reducedr the risk of a partner contracting HIV.

But nothing is clear when it comes to an HPV infection.

Do you that the overwhelming majority of women get their first relationship with a man? That should be a warning to men too!

Think of the sad consequences of a penile cancer!

This is something that makes me tremble at the base and pillars of my whole structure, as a man! Although it is not the penis that makes me a man, it is part of it, my "Cláudião!

And yet PrEP does not prevent unplanned pregnancy, and if you get a girl of seventeen pregnant, well, I do not even want to talk about it very much.

Teen Pregnancy Is One Of The Greatest Tragedies I Know

But, notice, most of them leave school once and for all during pregnancy and if there is a human tragedy greater than this, related to sex, I believe you have to tell me what it is!

Will I lose your job because of HIV?

In many countries, it is illegal for your boss to fire you because you have HIV. Taking a test before being hired or having to tell your boss that you are positive are things of the past. You are not required to tell your boss or co-workers that you have HIV, and can only let them know if you want.

Dilma Rousseff sanctioned a law that protects against this the discriminatory dismissal, given that a third of the "Brazilians" would not work alongside someone like you or me. Let's see what Minion Master will do!

As if they fucked, EVERYONE, with a condom, damn horde, and hears a clown, on another blogf, who said there is no such thing as "social death, that everything is normal"! (I.e.

Leave him, he does not have HIV, just take "a pill" The suit of this face makes me angry! As he speaks, I propose to him that I stay a year without medication, and that he surrenders to me, it causes disgust, but, let's see later, if it's just a pill! (I.e.

I had to leave it here and, until today, the paspanata did not advance in "sue me".

Everything is easy for him, because it is only speech!

How do I tell my friends and family about HIV in My Life?

Everyone has their own way. All situations are different.

There are people you can talk to and ask for help to tell your family. Your local clinic can guide you to support groups in which people.

And they can share their experience (s) of coping with HIV and find out how others have told their families.

In the good, I tell you that, for me, that moment was terrible! And my father, God bless him, still reproached me for letting my stepmother and stepdaughter sister know as well.

Thing of the old man.

However, they are all unique and only you can really know the best way to explain your status.

If I have children, will my baby also be HIV positive?

ARVs can help keep your viral load low, which means that gestations, births and even breastfeeding can be perfectly safe for a new baby. There is less than 3% chance of passing HIV from a pregnant mother to the child if the correct medication is taken. In the last update I received on this, saints had been four years without an HIV-positive unborn child, with the exception of one whose mother refused to treat herself.

E Cuba was the first country to be certified by WHO as a country to eradicate the birth of seropositive children!

Before you think of sending me there, think carefully about the answer I'm going to give you, because you'll come out asking why you did this stupid thing!

Can I travel abroad and live in another country?

Most countries are fairly legal and do not prevent people with HIV from coming to explore and live in their countries.

However, not all are in the same vibe, and some states may not allow people with HIV to settle in their countries. Most places, including the US, nowadays will welcome you as the free-spirited traveler you are, so do not worry about the few fearful and ignorant ones who are less welcoming. It's the loss of them and, for truth's sake, they do not deserve your interest, your resources and you know what I want them to put in their ****!

How will my life change?

Life changes when people discover they are HIV positive. But, you see, Cazuza said, "Time does not stop," and for both you and me, the data is still rolling. And I bet everything on "Snake Eyes "

So life, however, does not stop!

Life with HIV looks different than it could have before, but that does not mean you can not follow the dreams you had earlier. Your Life, with V so CAPITAL continues and in a short time, as I said, three years ago to a friend, life is still the same!

Exercising, clean food, less alcohol and daily medication are some of the ways in which your life will change. Making these changes can help keep the virus in the blood almost undetectable and help keep it healthy.

A Quarter Century - Amore Escusa me

You know, a quarter of a century ago, I could not have imagined that I would be here now, mending this translation with my words. They designed for me a six-month survival.

In the madness of those days, the thing I thought about most was whether I would have committed the damn bitch to contaminate someone who, totally, I believed I loved and feared as a scourge of death, I'll tell you something new.

As my result had come in a month of November, I decided I would let her spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in peace, which would warn her after these dates.

But I could not, and two weeks later, on a Wednesday night, someone in the support house, with a little drum, accidentally left the music,

Sergio Endrigo: "Amore Scusa me" If I'm piangendo, amore, scudame ".

Love, forgive me, if I'm crying, love, forgive me ...

And finally I fell apart

There was nowhere else to draw strength, fear, pain in consciousness, her Italian ascendancy, the lyrics of music, everything was catalyzed around that point:

Remorse! And vejka, it was a silly remorse! Well, it's quite true! I was fucking crazy. But she was also, and the love of sex in the public square, by all risks, including those in jail, were more her choices than mine! But in my head, the PDF was me! Because? Here's another great question!

I burst into tears. I repeat, along with shame, sadness, longing, unrequited love, solitude!

I started to cry and called the nurse, who knew what it was, hugged me, asked for calm and, after I had cried more than I knew I could, she gave me a diazepam.

See, I was a virgin of these things and in seconds I slept.

It was a Wednesday.

Not that Saturday, the next, I went to Toninho's house, the great friend of my life!

And he told me that I might get pissed off, but in the end, I would see that it had been better, he had warned Simone about me.

And he said that a second after he had spoken, he was sorry. And that he had to use harshness to remind her that she was at work and calm down!

The Explosive Reaction

And she said she was not going to treat herself, damn it, and what tests she was going to do.

He spoke to her and she took the exam.

Not reactive!

And then I burst into tears. It was a Saturday afternoon and I cried.

I cried all afternoon and neither he nor Simone even tried to stop me ....

They knew, it was almost February, almost four months of pain and suffering, fear and anguish.

I just stopped crying when I could fall asleep and there was, between me and Simone, a brief exchange of letters.

But the truth is I wanted to see her.

But she did not come and I sent her a letter which, in the end, was very harsh and then it was over.

It was over, apparently, I would never see her again.

But I prayed to God, and this is one thing I tell in another post.

When speaking with God, choose each word

The only thing I say to you is that when you ask God for something, choose words well, for he gives you, yes.

But the way you asked!

Without taking, nor putting.


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