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Viral Load Is Critical Factor In HIV Infection

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A viral load indetectável é intransmissível. Mas diria também que eu não me valeria disso para não usar preservativos! Bem, eu diria a você que a bem da verdade, a boa ideia é a de usar preservativo sempre!

For, as this article demonstrates, it is possible to find the presence of HIV semen of a person with an undetectable viral load.

Who loves, cares. And if you don't love, at least like it! 💖💖💖

So if there's one thing I wouldn't do, it would be to go to bed with someone I don't like!

And I never will!

And see, therefore, that don't pass HIV even to an enemy and as far as I can see no one…

… No one really goes to bed with an enemy!…

The study was done in Uganda.

To complicate matters, there is no treatment available. When the study was over, how did the people who got contaminated in one way or another?

Viral Load Is Critical Factor in HIV Heterosexual Transmission

A remark from me. You may think:

- "The text is old".

But not quite! He speaks of a first major study of what is scientifically proven to undetectable equals non-transferable.

OI = I, in Portuguese. Or U = U in English. I have an ethical and moral duty to publish and show the facts. But I also have the right to express my opinion and, see:

If I were alone these days without a person I loved by my side and, as some said, if I was open and towed, nor if Thor and Odin told me that I can use I = I, or U = U, well, I would not use this "resource".

It is my personal position and, as I like to say,

Viral Load Up Is A Guarantee! But I'm Old Fashioned!

This is My Blog. Period. The text below speaks of the study in Uganda and from the beginning there are at least three points where Helsinki was disrespected and the value of human life, especially African, is used as cannon fodder (CATSO).

A study with 415 couples in Uganda confirmed that viral load is the important factor in determining HIV transmission.

. But it is unclear how these findings can be translated into a western setting.

Because in this other scenario people are using antiretroviral drugs, experts warn!

How the study was conducted

415 couples in which one partner was HIV positive were identified in the Rakai district of Uganda. And, I can't say in this case if that was good! Couples were identified by confidential HIV testing.

What's up? Complain about what?

Complain to who?

Yes, and it has, all couples were offered counseling on condom use and the opportunity to know their HIV status at baseline.

And yes, they had access to free condoms during the study.

I have to highlight: During the Study! Pow!

People diagnosed with HIV have been left to decide whether or not to report to their partners, a decision criticized in an accompanying editorial No. New England Journal of Medicine.

Condom = Condom

Treatment of sexually transmitted infections was offered at regular intervals as part of another study for half of the participants. The other half were asked to seek free treatment if they had any symptoms. HIV antibody status and exposure to sexually transmitted infections was tested every 10 months.

The pre-transmission viral load was determined by measuring the viral load of the HIV-positive partner at check-up prior to his partner's seroconversion. To estimate the relative risk, this viral load result was combined with another individual of similar age and gender who did not have seroconversion.

How the results are explained

Every year follow up for an individual in this study counts as a person year. In this study, 415 couples were enrolled and followed for an average of just under two years. This means that the study tracked people for approximately 800 people-year.

Key Findings from HIV Transmissibility and Viral Load Survey
  • Twenty-two percent, and they tell me with that, “Everything went well! Yes, that's right, twenty-two percent of guinea pigs (does anyone have a better name there?) seroconverted during the follow-up period.
  • And yet men were just as likely to be infected as women at any level of viral load.
  • Circumcision seemed to be protective: You see, I had phimosis and I was circumcised at one point. life I don't even remember.
  • This did not deter HIV, although they claim that in this study none of the circumcised male partners in relationship with HIV-positive women were infected, while 40 of the uncircumcised 197 men were infected.
  • Symptomatic sexually transmitted infections did not affect the likelihood of an individual getting HIV, but a history of genital discharge in the HIV-positive partner was associated with an increased risk of HIV infection (p <0,05).
  • Viral load above 50.000 copies in HIV positive The partner was most strongly associated with the risk of transmission at a rate of 23 infections per 100 person-year.
  • 6% of all transmission occurred in couples where the HIV-positive partner had a viral load between 400 and 3.499 copies, indicating that the transmission may take place even from individuals considered to be at very low risk of disease progression. This translates into 2,2 cases by 100 people / year, a risk ten times lower than that observed in couples in which the HIV-positive partner has viral load greater than 50.000 copies.
  • There were no infections in couples where the HIV-positive partner had viral load below 1500 copies.
Cannon meat?

It follows after the story call below

Undetectable Viral Load Is Cure? NOT

Risk of heterosexual transmission correlates with viral load.

A Dr. Marcia Angell, editor of New England Journal of Medicine, stated in an editorial that “the study found that the risk of heterosexual transmission is correlated with viral load.

“But how will this information be used in Uganda?”

It is justified to do the study in Uganda, with the lack of availability of antiretroviral treatment the relevance of the results there. ”

In a second editorial, Dr. Myron Cohen of the University of North Carolina noted that the findings do not necessarily support that reducing viral load with antiretroviral treatment would reduce rates of HIV transmission:

"HIV-1 can still be cultured from the genital secretions of some patients receiving antiretroviral therapy who have undetectable levels of HIV-1 RNA in their blood."

Is this the big undetectable mistake?

Well, this is a discovery that means patients cannot be reassured that they are not contagious.

In fact, if the use of such therapy increased the likelihood of contracting HIV-1, infected patients practiced unsafe sex in the mistaken belief that they could not transmit the virus! that could outweigh the benefit of viral suppression, ”he wrote.

And, as many people ask me, if you go If a person living with HIV or AIDS with undetectable viral load would achieve a nonreactive result, the answer is no.!

Although I missed the direct link, this text was translated by me from an article on Aidsmap written by Keith Alcorn, Keith Alcorn and published on: 05 March 2001!


Quinn CT et al. Viral load and heterosexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1.New England Journal of Medicine 342 (12): 921-929, 2000. Responsibilities of

Angell M. Investigators for human subjects in developing countries. NEJM 342: 13

Cohen M. Preventing Sexual Transmission of HIV - New Ideas from Sub-Saharan Africa. NEJM 342: 13


I myself do not like PreP within the context in which they are inserted

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